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Press Release: Attorney General Labrador Defeats Satan

By • February 4, 2024

The following press release was sent out by the Office of Attorney General Raúl Labrador. Press releases do not necessarily reflect the views and opinions of those at the Idaho Dispatch.

Boise, ID – Last week, the Attorney General’s office successfully defeated The Satanic Temple’s challenge to Idaho’s Defense of Life Act. The Satanic Temple claimed a constitutionally protected right for its female members to ceremonially abort their babies as part of a Satanic ritual that involves the eerie invocation: “By my body, my blood, by my will, it is done.” A federal court dismissed The Satanic Temple’s entire lawsuit with prejudice and without leave to amend—a resounding defeat for the Satanists.

“The district court rejected every claim The Satanic Temple asserted and dismissed the case with prejudice. The court held that each claim lacked merit, even describing one of The Satanic Temple’s positions as producing a “blatantly absurd” result,” said Attorney General Labrador. “My office will continue to defend the lives of the unborn at every turn.”

Following the Supreme Court’s decision overturning Roe v. Wade, the State of Idaho enacted the Defense of Life Act to protect the unborn. Shortly after the law took effect, The Satanic Temple sued Attorney General Raúl Labrador and the Ada County Prosecutor, Jan Bennetts. The Satanic Temple also claimed that Idaho’s law unconstitutionally interfered with its New Mexico abortion clinic, which does business as “The Sam Alito’s Mom’s Satanic Abortion Clinic.”


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10 thoughts on “Press Release: Attorney General Labrador Defeats Satan

  1. Whimpy evil Losers. Maybe the adult satanic temple losers should abort themselves instead of babies, that would be cool. And it would also self eradicate idiots. Or they could just pack up move to Portland, Oregon. Where the brainless thrive.

    Thank you Raul ! Great job man.

  2. I recall about thirty years or so ago, Rush Limbaugh, of blessed memory, coining the term “Feminazi”, much to the outrage of liberals of all shades, and suggesting that abortion was their “sacrament.” As it turns out, he wasn’t far off.

  3. How few realize what abortion really is, and it is the Satanists that are educating the ignorant on the issue. Let’s face it, abortion does more than just kill an innocent life. It is a sacrificial offering to Satan. This is a widespread practice in practically all pagan cultures in antiquity, ended with the ascendance of Christianity. With the re-paganization of today, it makes a comeback.

  4. Satanists pushing abortion…, that’s a “good” look! NOT

    And on that note…..let this optical disaster serve as a reminder that the Left has equated itself with ol’ Baal!

  5. Thank you, Labrador

    Like one person noted, They will eliminate themselves given time. All the collage idiots won’t be giving birth so that will be helpful.

    The puritans died out due to lack of breeding.

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