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Press Release: Attorney General Labrador and 42 Other States Reach Landmark $700 Million Settlement Against Johnson & Johnson Over Misleading Safety Claims

By • June 18, 2024

The following press release was sent out by the Office of Attorney General Raúl Labrador. Press releases do not necessarily reflect the views and opinions of those at the Idaho Dispatch.

[BOISE] – Idaho Attorney General Raúl Labrador and 42 other attorneys general reached a $700 million nationwide settlement to resolve allegations related to the marketing of Johnson & Johnson’s baby powder and body powder products containing talc.

“We have reached a landmark settlement with Johnson & Johnson ensuring the company will take effective steps to protect consumers from potentially hazardous ingredients,” said Attorney General Labrador. “Standing up for consumers in Idaho is a priority for my office and I’m proud of the attorneys in our Consumer Protection Division that worked hard to see this case successfully resolved.”

The consent judgment filed in this lawsuit addresses allegations that Johnson & Johnson deceptively promoted and misled consumers in advertisements related to the safety of its talc powder products. As part of the lawsuit, Johnson & Johnson has agreed to stop the manufacture and sale of its products that contain talc in the United States.

Johnson & Johnson sold such products for over a hundred years. After the coalition of states began investigating, the company stopped distributing and selling these products in the United States and more recently ended global sales. While this lawsuit targeted the deceptive marketing of these products, numerous other lawsuits filed by private plaintiffs in class actions raised allegations that talc causes serious health issues including mesothelioma and ovarian cancer.

As part of the settlement, Idaho will receive $5,765,502. which will go into the Consumer Protection Fund. This settlement is pending judicial approval.

This is the seventh major settlement won by the Idaho Attorney General’s Office since 2023. Those settlements include direct-to-Idaho payments of a $74 million settlement with the tobacco industry, a $2 million settlement with Tempoe LLC, an advertising leasing company, a $1.6 million settlement with Publicis Health for opioid marketing, a $76 million settlement with Walgreen’s and others for opioid distribution, a $892,000 settlement with TurboTax (direct to Idaho consumers), and a $920,000 settlement with Indivior, the manufacturer of Suboxone.

To read the Johnson & Johnson settlement, click here.

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5 thoughts on “Press Release: Attorney General Labrador and 42 Other States Reach Landmark $700 Million Settlement Against Johnson & Johnson Over Misleading Safety Claims

  1. So a company was bilked in order to fund more corrupt governments?
    It would seem those injured would get the funds directly.
    This is sick, we must throttle government!

    1. More general fund/slush funds to be spent by the elected elite pandering for that next election vote and special interest.

  2. First where is the composition for those who were injured for life or died from the jabs? This seems like such a low priority compared to the jabs. More people die everyday from them. Most Pharma are guilty of harming humans.
    People need to stop being sheep when it comes to getting jabbed. Don’t let them tell you you need this death shot.
    The next planneddemic is on its way. Right before the elections they will pull it out to stop the elections.

  3. Labrador was a decent Congressman. As AG he is in over his head. All he does is sign on to other states suits. I can’t think of a single item Idaho spearheaded to fend off this weaponized administration. When an administration goes after its opponent it hurts every citizen supporting that opponent. Why hasn’t Lab gone after the feds for election interference? Why hasn’t he initiated going after the fake vaccine mfg.s for the thousands of Idahoans that were injured or killed by the vaxxes? And yes I read that Idaho may sign on to a suit raised by another state against Pfizer. Once again, leading from behind.

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