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Press Release: Ammon Bundy’s Statement on Debates

By • October 23, 2021

The following Press Release was sent out by the Ammon Bundy campaign. Note: Press Releases sent out by candidates do not necessarily reflect the views and opinions of those at the Idaho Dispatch.

From the beginning of my campaign, I have made it clear that my goal is to advance the cause of freedom and liberty and to put an end to the socialist tyrannical government that is currently controlling Idaho. This tyranny is nothing short of a liberal, RINO cabal led by Governor Brad Little who has repeatedly violated the Constitution, infringed upon Idahoans most basic rights, completely disregarded Idaho law, acted like a complete despot, and has done irreparable harm to thousands of Idahoans.

The surest way to defeat Brad Little in the Primary election and restore liberty and prosperity to Idaho, is to unify the Conservative electorate to get behind ONE Constitutional candidate, though right now there are multiple candidates posing in the race.

It has been proposed to have a series of debates between the most prominent candidates, specifically Lt. Governor Janice McGeachin, Ed Humphreys and myself—with an invitation made to Governor Brad Little, as well. I am in full support of such an idea and will gladly attend any debates between us.

It has come to my attention that Ed Humphreys is likewise willing to participate in these debates but Lt. Governor Janice McGeachin is refusing to attend unless Brad Little is also present. Since everyone knows that Brad Little will NEVER expose himself by participating in such a debate, Janice McGeachin’s condition requiring the participation of Brad Little is tantamount to an outright refusal to debate both Ed Humphreys and I.

I strongly urge Lt. Governor Janice McGeachin to engage in a fruitful and productive debate with both Ed Humphreys and myself so Idaho voters can understand the difference between the candidates and can make the most informed decision as to who they choose to support in the primary election. This is true representative government in action, and I humbly request that Mrs. McGeachin participate.

Ammon Bundy

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21 thoughts on “Press Release: Ammon Bundy’s Statement on Debates

  1. 1) Is it possible to get Janice McGeachin’s response to this?
    2) If Ammon Bundy really believed in uniting behind a single strong candidate, he wouldn’t be running at all.

    1. Bundy is the strong candidate. He isn’t smooth and showy like Lt. McGeachin. McGeachin is a politician and frankly I’ve had my fill of politicians.

    2. My thoughts as well. I think more of Ammon than Ed, but consider both of them unelectable and merely spoilers. It would be wonderful to see little in an honest debate, but I doubt he will participate. From where he sits, the division in the rino party is completely to his advantage and exactly what his backers want.

    3. Disagree. Let the process take place. A unified Constitutional-oriented party needs to compare ideas and views, and finally unite behind a single candidate. Discussion is part of a free country.

  2. If all four participated in, a non-biased media, debate and were allowed to actually verbalize their individual visions, this would be healthy and welcomed.

  3. Debate issue please

    Idaho Lt. Gov. Janice McGeachin accepted $314,727 under the Paycheck Protection Program, a federal coronavirus relief program, records show.

    Three months later, she wrote an op-ed published in newspapers across the state criticizing those “who advocate socialized medicine, unearned income, and other handouts … that foster dependency.”

  4. I would strongly encourage Lt.Gov. McGeachin to participate in a debate with Mr. Bundy and Mr. Humphries. This would really put pressure on Governor Little to participate and give the voters much needed information as we vote! I hope she understands she’s running against more candidates than the current Governor.

  5. I too would welcome the debate. Of course I would love to get Littlevout of office, but I am confused as to whether to back McGeachin or Bundy With my time, dollars etc.

    1. I am unsure of who I will vote for so a debate would be very welcome to me. I hope all candidates agree to this. If Brad Little refuses, he will not get my vote. If Janice McGeachin refuses she will not get my vote.

      Refusing to debate is a deal breaker for me.

  6. People may not want a politician like McGeachin but Representative Scott has said that conservatives are in the minority in our house and senate so the last thing we need is an inexperienced governor who doesn’t know how to work with our legislature and is already hated by them. Bundy already ruined that relationship before he started.

    1. So we need to get rid of rinos (good ol’ boys club happens when in too long-2 terms is plenty before corrupted) Bedke, Winder, Denny etc. Humphreys says all the right things, very knowledgeable but kind of showed up out of the blue. I prefer a short track record for such a big job. Yea, declining debate loses my vote too.

      1. She wants to debate Gov Little more than debating with spoiler candidates who will at most make it a closer call for Little if not another win. If we can’t debate the current Governor what’s the point? Aside from him they all have the same goals so it’s nothing more than a debate on who can do it better. If those two really wanted Little out they’d support her and run for legislative seats where things can actually get done with enough numbers.

  7. Ammun Bundy is just another Stewart Rhodes ( Oath Keepers fedboi) that’s baiting idiots to follow him. People that have followed him have been procecuted, have rolled over on co-followers, and even been killed. But ole’ Ammun just never seems to get convicted, if even charged. Run, don’t walk away from this phony fed informant.

  8. I voted for Little on the last election based on what I heard on the debate, especially about training high schoolers to be job ready after graduation. Covid wasn’t a issue then.

  9. Little is a sheep herder who is herding the sheep in his current role. He will never get my vote. Idaho is not leading when it should be. Our kids are still masked at school and many of us are still on the chopping block for refusing the commie vaxx.
    By the way Idahoans, i still work for a major treasure valley outfit and this thing is killing people. Heart attacks, strokes and new heart failure. I see it every working day. Little continues to encourage it. Bedke, Winder… they all say they will allow business to serve fascist dictates and control people’s bodies. The intent of private business is to ensure private capital gains, not to stake ownership in human bodies- slavery is illegal.
    We cannot talk about liberty without speaking of bodily autonomy. I want the candidate who will end the emergency and the nonsense, get people at risk early covid treatement and leave the rest of us alone. This is inconsequntial for most.
    No more damn baby boomers running my life. It’s time to retire. Your fear and security does not eclipse my family’s liberty.

  10. Have the Idaho PBS Gubernatorial debates gone to the wayside?
    Now candidates picking and choosing participation in dialogue from the seriousness of the electability of their running mates.
    Janice is proving to be just as chicken as Chicken Little.

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