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Press Release: Ammon Bundy Put in Jail

By • April 7, 2022

The following Press Release was sent out by the Ammon Bundy for Governor campaign. Note: Press Releases sent out by candidates do not necessarily reflect the views and opinions of those at the Idaho Dispatch.

On Behalf of Ammon Bundy:

The Idaho court system has again put on display for the whole world to see its absurd level of corruption, incompetence, and malpractice, as Ammon Bundy was actually taken to jail today on charges of contempt.

Last year, Ammon was wrongfully convicted of trespassing at the Idaho State Capitol—a conviction which is currently being appealed as it is ludicrous to convict a man of “trespassing” in a public building, during public hours, while it is open and fully occupied by the public.

Nevertheless, Ammon was ordered to pay a fine and serve 5 days in jail. However, he was given the option of performing 40 hours of “public service” in lieu of jail time. Ammon accepted the terms and went above and beyond by reporting over 1,000 hours of public service performed on the campaign trail, where he traversed the state several times over, educating Idahoans on their rights, the U.S. Constitution, the historical founding of our nation, the rule of law, and proper jurisprudence, among a host of other valuable bits of knowledge. If this not-for-profit act isn’t considered a “service” to the public, we don’t know what is.

So, he is now being subjected to a total of 10-days in jail (with no bail option) and a $3,000 fine. If ever there was a demonstration of abuse of power and systemic corruption of our legal system—you are witnessing it right now. And if you don’t think this matters to all Idahoans, what will you do when they come for you next?

22 thoughts on “Press Release: Ammon Bundy Put in Jail

  1. Idaho has witless leadership in the executive, house and senate. Couple this with blue state judges and prosecutors and the result is this type of stupidity.
    All Idahoans best vote for freedom in the upcoming primaries or this state will continue to quickly dissolve into a sickening socialist soup.
    VOTE OUT: Little, Winder, Bedke and the many corrupt judges now!

  2. This is how tyrants take out their opposition when they feel threatened. Those of us who are paying attention can see right through this.

  3. Vote out all the RINOs ! Unfortunately that would be almost all of the politicians in Idaho. My vote will be for Ed Humphreys this year. I hope others will give him a chance. He is the only one that is not a politician running.

  4. Ammon Bundy is a courageous and humble man. It will be a blessing for him to be elected as our Governor. Thank you Ammon Bundy and may the Lord bless you and your family.

    1. We love Ammon too. He is a truly good man. Not many around. The pencil pushers and toads are afraid of Ammon. They are RHINOS to the core led by the Little man.

    2. Ammon Bundy would be for Idaho like DJT was/is for the USA.
      There is no one better than Ammon Bundy. He has ethics, integrity, great intelligence, common sense and he cares
      deeply for people and our country. He walks his talk and stands tall.

  5. Ammon Bundy is a very prayerful man of GOD and the establishment cannot stand being around someone of his goodness and mercy for others… It is time to remove the Rhino’s of Idaho and Vote for positive change for the citizens of Idaho and the State…

  6. It’s interesting, though I despise today’s democrat, I have this odd level of respect for these lib-tards because at least they have the guts to put a “d” after their names.
    Contrast this with the many RINOs who are actually democrats, but are morally corrupt enough to understand that they can get elected as long as they show the “R”.
    We see this everyday with Bedke, Agenbroad, Winder, and Little, et al.
    Most native Idahoans are not politically-savvy enough to recognize what these people are doing…and continue to blindly cast their vote for the Incumbent.
    ie. Little and the rest.
    I love California but HATE its politics. Unfortunately, the place I left for a better life here in Idaho, is becoming an extension of the “not-so-golden-state”.
    Idaho voters need to wake the hell up and think about the consequences of their vote before it really is too late.

  7. Yes, we have MANY ex-California residents here in Idaho now, they couldn’t/wouldn’t clean up their own state so they left it — to come here. Very unfortunately for the people of Idaho we’re now faced with the same situation- too damn many liberals and RINOS, and now we have a similar mess. Politicians set to make us “ just like California”. Do your homework, identify the culprits, and vote them to hell out of office. This especially true of those mentioned in previous posts, and in your local politics. You have to remember that all judges were (at one time) a lawyer, and ALL lawyers are corrupt liberals. Use your Imagination on those my fellow patriots. Bottom line – I think Bundy got screwed. They want to shut up all of us, so they started with the more visible- Mr. Bundy. You or I may be next.

  8. How do we wake the average Idahoan up to all the corruption that has gone on and obviously, still is? All the facts that Ammon exposed about Little, Wasden, and Bedke, Needs to be shown on a grand scale to all of Idaho.

  9. When the fight for freedom began long ago, the British Rulers reacted as such……..

    The Intolerable Acts (passed/Royal assent March 31–June 22, 1774) were punitive laws passed by the British Parliament in 1774 after the Boston Tea Party. The laws were meant to punish the Massachusetts colonists for their defiance in the Tea Party protest in reaction to changes in taxation by the British Government. In Great Britain, these laws were referred to as the Coercive Acts.

    Ammon Bundy would no doubt have been charged with the Intolerable Acts law. We are right back where we started…but with RINOs enforcing the Intolerable Acts laws.

    Figure it out.

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