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Press Release: Ada County Republicans Endorse Krista Hasler and Greg Woodard for Boise School District Trustee in Race #1 – Vote September 6

By • September 5, 2022

The following press release was sent out by the Ada County Republican Party. Press releases do not necessarily reflect the views and opinions of those at the Idaho Dispatch.

The Ada County Republican Party is endorsing Krista Hasler and Greg Woodard for the Boise School District Board of Trustee Race #1. 

We believe that the Boise School District (BSD) Board of Trustees needs a change in leadership.  Beth Oppenheimer, the BSD Trustee’s Chairman has already served six years and David Wagers, the BSD Trustee’s President, has already served 7 ½ years.  It is obvious the Board needs a new perspective.

We believe Krista Hasler and Greg Woodard would make important philosophical changes as members of the Board of Trustees.  Their goal is simple: The Boise School system should create students ready to be fully engaged citizens armed with the life skills to make them fully productive, contributing members of society.

Supporting Students:  We truly believe that Krista and Greg would put students first while ardently protecting the district.  The BSD’s students reflect every aspect of our modern culture and new Trustees are needed to truly champion and discern what is best for each child to thrive. Krista and Greg believe the basics – reading, writing, arithmetic and civics, are a key to a students’ success.  Nothing more.  Krista and Greg support providing more advanced credits and dual credits for students, like West Ada does.  And Krista and Greg support teaching life skills – emotional intelligence – reinforcing value-based learning that is taught in the home) so that students can thrive.  All this effort is focused on improving the environment for, and success of students.

Supporting Parents: Krista and Greg were founders of the Boise Parents’ Association, which having started from scratch two years ago, now boasts nearly 1,000 members.  BPA was formed as a reaction to the lack of transparency, communication, input and notice for the BSD Board of Trustees.  Important policies are being considered with little or no input from parents.  Additionally, Krista and Greg want to move BSD Trustee elections to November. Current leadership had the opportunity to change elections and decided not to – Krista and Greg feel voter turnout of 1.5% to 6.5% to be completely unacceptable but indicative of current leadership’s apathy to real input from the public. 

Supporting Teachers and Staff:  Krista and Greg are completely committed to supporting teachers in the classroom.  Teachers need to know they can teach in an environment conducive to creating the most productive teaching environment responsible.  Give teachers authority in their classrooms – advance civility, respect and honor  – for the student relative to the teacher.  There is no more honorable profession than teaching. Krista and Greg also believe in supporting the important role of guidance counsellors.  And support BSD school staff to allow them to execute on behalf of students and their faculty. 

Support Fiscal Transparency:  Krista and Greg believe that fiscal transparency is desperately needed.  BDS gets 63% more funding than West Ada School District does with worse results.  Why does BSD conduct its own elections and spend $50,000 to $100,000 doing so when they could be harmonized into West Ada’s November elections?  Why did the district recently spend $500,000 on a marketing campaign to attract people back to BSD schools? 

It’s time for a change. Current leadership has been at the helm long enough.  Please support Krista Hasler and Greg Woodard’s efforts to become new members of the Boise School District Board of Trustees election in Race #1 on September 6.

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3 thoughts on “Press Release: Ada County Republicans Endorse Krista Hasler and Greg Woodard for Boise School District Trustee in Race #1 – Vote September 6

  1. We wish them luck, yet until there is True Competition by way of School Choice and Education funding that actually follows the child, legitimate and meaningful change will not happen.
    The socialist teachers unions control the schools and politicians, these Unions must be banned from Idaho and the politicians replaced.

    1. That’s a very accurate comments. Meaningful change appears a long way off.
      My hope is that with enough support from the parents to override the teachers union, but I’m not holding my breath.

  2. And while you’re at it::CWI Trustees>Zone 1-Alisha Hickman. Zone 2-Ryan Spoon. Zone 3-Jan Zara Zone 4-Thad Butterworth. Flip the Board!!

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