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Press Release: Acting Governor McGeachin Works to Uncover Underlying Incentives for Healthcare Providers who are imposing Vaccine Mandates on Staff

By • July 22, 2021

Idaho Acting Governor Janice McGeachin has sent a formal inquiry to Idaho Department of Health and Welfare Director Dave Jeppesen, requesting additional information on what incentives may exist for Idaho healthcare providers to impose vaccine mandates on their employees. This request follows McGeachin’s discussion with Gov. Little last week, in which she asked the governor directly what factors might be driving these mandate impositions. The governor replied that it is “not a state issue.”

In a press conference held by McGeachin last week on vaccine mandates, she posed the question publicly, asking what drove the sudden move from all three of Idaho’s major healthcare providers to mandate these vaccines concurrently. “Their policies seem to be written in conjunction,” McGeachin said. “All three are not only forcing their employees to be vaccinated but also imposing such mandates on all of their contractors and vendors.”

A proposed 721-page federal rule from the Biden administration, published in the Federal Register on May 10, 2021, calls for adopting “the COVID–19 Vaccination Coverage Among Healthcare Personnel measure beginning with the FY 2023 program year,” and calls for publicly reporting the vaccination rates of healthcare providers.

Of the proposed rule McGeachin said, “Could this new federal policy be the underlying incentive driving Idaho’s healthcare providers to mandate vaccines and intrude upon the personal health choices of their employees, contractors, and vendors?”

Of additional concern is how the Biden administration would track the vaccination rates of healthcare personnel as called for in the proposed federal rule.

Idaho is operating under an Executive Order that says, “No department, agency, board, commission, or other executive branch entity or official of the State of Idaho shall … Provide information of an individual’s COVID-19 vaccine status to any person, company, or government entity for inclusion in a COVID-19 vaccine passport program.”

“I am very concerned that the Biden administration is encouraging employers who violate the self-determination of their employees,” said McGeachin. “I am also troubled that the administration is tracking or intends to track the vaccination status of Idahoans. We must take steps to protect our personal privacy and state sovereignty from such intrusion.”

Today’s actions follow McGeachin’s press conference on vaccine mandates held on July 15 as well as large anti-mandate rallies held both that day and Monday July 19, each attended by hundreds of participants including many healthcare workers.

Once again, McGeachin is calling on Saint Alphonsus Health System, St. Luke’s Health System, and Primary Health Medical Group to suspend their soon-to-be-implemented vaccine mandates and encouraging them to sit down at the table with stakeholders to discuss the matter.

“Today, as acting Governor of the State of Idaho, I am reiterating my call for Idaho healthcare providers to suspend their vaccine mandates, come to the table, and have a good-faith discussion with stakeholders including their own employees and the executive and legislative branches of Idaho government,” McGeachin said. “While some have encouraged me to take more direct action today, I am providing time for the healthcare providers to reconsider their mandates and accept my invitation. I encourage them to use this time wisely.”

“This issue isn’t going away and the people of Idaho need their leaders to act quickly on the matter,” said McGeachin. “In as little as six weeks, we could see hundreds or even thousands of Idaho healthcare workers lose their jobs at a time when we are already facing a shortage of these critical frontline workers.”

McGeachin said she is willing to work with stakeholders and assist in facilitating productive dialog. “First, the mandates need to be suspended,” she said. “We can’t have meaningful discourse as long as these employers are threatening to terminate employees for their personal, private medical decisions.”


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16 thoughts on “Press Release: Acting Governor McGeachin Works to Uncover Underlying Incentives for Healthcare Providers who are imposing Vaccine Mandates on Staff

  1. McGeachin is our Governor ….. DoLittle should resign immediately, he just seems to be in the way most of the time.

    1. Gobvernor is the boss of the politician and government employee crime gang he is doing a great job. The Unionized teachers are destroying the children they have during the day.

  2. Way to go McGeachin. Covid vaccine mandates are the number one issue Idahoans are facing right now. No doubt about it in my mind.

  3. What’s the significance of compliance by mid September? I recently read an article on titled, “French hospital goes on INDEFINITE strike to protest Covid-19 vaccination mandate.” This hospital in France has a deadline for their staff to comply by mid September — similar to the current deadline for hospital staff locally. I kind of wonder if the push is because October is the end of the fiscal year…

    1. May have something to do with FDA approval and liability. Right now it is experimental treatment. No liability to employer or drug company. FDA approval could change that liability. Just a guess.

  4. These are experimental treatments with no long term studies on the health of a person getting spike proteins injected into their bodies. There are no long term clinical trials. We are seeing break-through cases everywhere, and people who are fully vaxxed are still getting the so called variant. Look at VAERS… thousands of cases of adverse advents and death reported over the last 6 months. This experimental injection does not work! It has just made billions of dollars for all those invested in Moderna and Pfizer, inc. Gates and Fauci. We moved to ID for medical freedom…please keep our rights to our bodies sovereign!

  5. If they continue to require the vaccine, make them fire you. Don’t quit and also who are they going to replace you with. There is such a shortage all over. They are cutting their nose off to spite their face!

  6. Lt Governor McGeachin is 100% correct. The declining national vaccination rate cannot be tolerated. Gov Little’s comment that this is “not a state issue” confirms that the the Feds are not backing off of their draconian vaccination policies. The Federal government gives BILLIONS of dollars a year to the major healthcare systems across the country. With this new Federal Rule, they are attempting to leverage their “benefactor” relationship with the major healthcare providers to boost lagging public vaccination compliance.

    The “deep state” used the Covid-19 pandemic to produced the perfect storm of fear and public panic. The American people were lied to and artfully manipulated into giving up their freedom and liberty in the name of public health and safety. Whole states were locked down. Millions of businesses were forced to close costing our economy millions of jobs. Social and family relationships were shattered. Millions of children were forced to sacrifice vital learning and important friendships when their schools were closed.
    Federal and state government mishandling of the Covid-19 pandemic cost the US thousands of precious American lives, trillions of dollars of lost productivity and the safety and security we all expect in our daily lives.

    Instead of backing off as the pandemic subsided, the federal government is doubling down. They cannot afford to loose this new level of control they have over our lives. The mandatory vaccination of healthcare employees, contractors and vendors is a clear violation of their civil liberties. Let your voices be heard and support Lt Governor McGeachin in her effort to bring everyone to the table and work this out. This is a battle for liberty and freedom we cannot afford to loose.

    1. Spot on !!!!!! The American front line doctors had a white coat summit july 27. It was posted on It did take long for it to be taken down. I did see it on GAB and Bitchute yesterday. I watched all of it and all I can tell you between the feds and CDC we the people are being lied too big time. Also CDC is paying each state, the health insurance industry, hospitals, doctors, AND the MEDIA to push their one sided agenda. The Front line doctors spell it ALL out. We need leaders right now not followers for the people of Idaho. Our state rino politicians are being told what to do. Being a bunch of sheep is what CDC wants. Since this covid mess started the front line doctors have been up front only to be shut down over and over again but they are still there for the people. Why is there only one narrative ? Why is there only one medicine ( the shot) ? The American people deserve the truth.


    Why is it that the women of the Republican party have bigger “cajones” than the men of the Republican party do?

  8. Calling all Patriots to take a stand for liberty..fight for freedom! Doolittle, Bedke and Winder must be removed! Patriots must go door to door, place notice on every car in every parking lot showing their criminal records against the citizens of Idaho! Remove Dolittle, Bedke and Winder!

  9. I suggest that we need to seriously consider that soon the bank accounts of those not injected with these dangerous mRNA products will be frozen. If the federal government and industry are willing to cut people off from their jobs and paychecks, why wouldn’t the government dictate that as well? So, hypothetically, in order to protect themselves people take most or all of the cash out of their bank account. But it is important that they know that their activities are being monitored, observed through their computers, cell phones (there are cameras behind the screens) and other devices (including wearables) and security cameras. There would, no doubt, be willing paid operatives that would break into peoples’ homes and remove the hidden funds. 

    It is also worthy of consideration that many political, industry, military and academic leaders are being neuro manipulated by technology. There are technologies that can input thoughts and emotions, thus behavior, into persons’ minds that are not their own. The targeted individual will not know the difference. This is a real possibility and how this is accomplished was explained to me by an  AI neuro computer programmer. These mind control technologies use pulse EMFs that likely are emitted by computer and phone screens and TV and do not require implants.

    Civil wars and other forms of violence (people are getting that angry) would not only further contribute to our self destruction, but entertain the NWO as they safely watch the mayhem live on their giant screens from their comfortable and secure hideouts. These are not natural, empathetic human beings. I consider it quite possible that they have access to ‘special’ pharmaceuticals that override their capacity for empathy, heighten their self-confidence and stimulate feelings of euphoria. As well, some may be transhumanized which may be apparent, I speculate, by repetitive statements, loss of concentration and dull conversation while increasing utilitarian, computational function (along with their dismantled empathy, mirror neural systems).

    There’s got to be a better way and better people to address the world’s considerable problems rather than the killing off of billions, and rather sadistically so. Our choice is to be homeless, starve even, or as a result of the mRNA injections die or grow increasingly seriously ill and die prematurely. To weaken and destroy health care professionals, law enforcement and military personnel, those who can heal and protect the public, is likely the intent behind dictating that they get these dangerous injections. 

    We are being attacked by something far more lethal and widespread than an atomic bomb. It is not the virus, which is nothing, but rather the dangerous and potentially deadly injections which work hand in hand with our wireless devices, particularly cell phones, and (hypnotizing) TV programs and becoming ever increasingly lethal and controlling with the deployment of 5G. Much of this infrastructure is present in our homes and outdoors. It’s time we pulled our heads out of the sand and dismantled most or all of it. 

    I don’t have children but I care so very much about the children of the world and their families and above all things I want them to have a chance, a shot at this life just as I have.

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