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Press Release: 26 Attorneys General Demand Congress Grant State Officials Power to Perform Immigration Functions

By • November 19, 2023

The following press release was sent out by the Office of Idaho Attorney General Raúl Labrador. Press releases do not necessarily reflect the views and opinions of those at the Idaho Dispatch.

BOISE, ID – Idaho Attorney General Raul Labrador joined Florida Attorney General Ashley Moody and 24 other attorneys general in pushing Congress to grant state officials the power to perform immigration functions when the Biden administration refuses—as is happening right now at the nation’s border with Mexico. The Southwest border continues to see record-breaking numbers of undocumented immigrants – over seven million since the beginning of the Biden Administration. The most recent statistics released by U.S. Customs and Border Patrol show 269,735 encounters in September 2023 alone.

“The growing problem on our Southern border is both a national security crisis and a humanitarian crisis,” said Attorney General Labrador. “Idaho, like every other state, is neither blind nor immune to the problems that open borders are causing in our communities. We have millions of illegal immigrants that have walked across our wide-open borders. We have drug cartels and human traffickers exploiting those open borders and profiting from misery, addiction and desperation. Lastly, we have documented terrorists crossing into our country. We cannot afford continued delays and finger-pointing when addressing this critical issue. Our national security, the health of our communities, and the lives of profoundly vulnerable people are at risk from this inaction.”

The letter lays out an urgent request for Congress to pass the Immigration Enforcement Partnership Act of 2023, or H.R. 1337. The letter states:

“Had Congress acted sooner, the U.S. might not be setting yet another record for CBP encounters at the border. We will never know, but if we take action now to give states the authority to do the job Biden and Mayorkas refuse to do, we could prevent another record next year.”

The Immigration Enforcement Partnership Act,

“…authorizes a state attorney general to request in writing that the Department of Homeland Security adequately fulfill certain duties related to immigration enforcement. Within 30 days of receiving such a request, DHS must ensure that such duties are adequately fulfilled by DHS officers and employees or authorize that state’s officials to fulfill such duties. The state attorney general may sue DHS for failure to meet this bill’s requirements.”

Read the full letter here.


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4 thoughts on “Press Release: 26 Attorneys General Demand Congress Grant State Officials Power to Perform Immigration Functions

  1. Thank you, Mr. Labrador…hopefully this ends up with you receiving 100% autonomy to accomplish what needs to happen in our state. Well done, sir!

  2. Why don’t the Representatives of the great state of Idaho do something for a change and pass Idaho laws against it, or even better yet make a logical and cost effective means for people to do so legally and with a purpose of being here.

  3. Authorize bounties and the problem would quickly be solved. mandatory deportation from the state to follow. The bounties can be paid from sources used to shelter and feed the illegals. Add asset forfeiture to offset the governments costs. Announce the program 2 weeks before implementation.

  4. This is a major problem that is only getting worse. While conservative politicians talk about closing or getting control of the border, a necessary first step, no one is tackling the hard issue. Once sanity is restored, and the border isn’t open to anyone to illegally cross into the US, what is to be done with the 7 million and counting that got in? The immediate shutting off of all services, government money ($2,200 per month) unless you can prove you are a citizen or green card holder. No welfare, no state medical insurance coverage, no food stamps, no school. How many employers, many taking advantage of these people with low wages, would continue to hold these jobs as an inviting carrot to would-be aliens if they paid stiff fines for violating existing laws? These measures should effectively “self-deport” a great many. Assistance in getting them to their home counties could be given to any stepping forward to self deport.
    Removing non-citizens from the possibility of voting, as has always been election law, would prevent the vote riggers from incentivising illegal mass migration to keep the vote frauders in power.

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