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Poll: Who Would You Vote for in Governor’s Race if the Election Was Today?

By • August 20, 2022

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34 thoughts on “Poll: Who Would You Vote for in Governor’s Race if the Election Was Today?

  1. On the poll, I chose Chantyrose. After seeing the results of the poll, my wife and I will be voting for Ammon Bundy. We have to pool our votes to keep the Rhino out, as the enemy gains success from splitting the vote.

    1. Nice ! But wouldn’t people viewing Idaho Dispatch have a different thought process than a TV watchers being brainwashed by the evening news?

  2. It is extremely important that Brad Little is DEFEATED in the upcoming election.
    Look at his gestapo covid past actions. Look at his giving our rights away for the greed of obtaining federal dollars and now his plan to call a special session to added absurd amounts of Taxpayer’s Dollars in order to further fund Idaho’s Marxist school system.

    If you, the Citizen of Idaho, want your freedom make sure that Brad Little is voted out!

    Ammon Bundy has the momentum to win, the rest should fall in place with him to replace Little.

    Vote Bundy!

  3. My concern is that the vote will be split between Bundy and Chicken Litttle and we end up with a Democrat as Governor.

    1. Your concern is noted, but we don’t get better government by keeping Little. Remember, we still have a Republican Legislature to keep a Democratic governor in check – especially now that Bedke is running for Lt Gov. I agree with others here: Little needs to go and Bundy is the best chance for that.

      1. Make sure to “Write In Priscilla Giddings for Lt. Governor” so that Vindictive, Kangaroo Court Bedke is eliminated from Idaho Politics Permanently!

        1. She has to agree to be a write in for that vote to count. Not sure what the cut-off date is for that.

    2. We need to rally all unaffiliated which is approx 62% in Idaho and the rest of the constitutionals, Libertarians and the people that moved here over to Bundy.
      Talk to your friends and family spread the word.
      Tell them to go to and READ for themselves about Ammon not

  4. Republicans such as Little, outside of a few key positions, are simply a slower version of the Democrat demise. I am voting for Bundy and wont be dissuaded by the split-vote dem-wins fear. May we be blessed with peace and liberty.

  5. I’m voting for Bundy but as long as we have the machines I’m not holding my breath. I will cross my fingers and hope for the best.

    1. correct, none of it matters till we remove the machines by force.
      thats how we got in this mess to begin with.
      Everyone is in serious denial

    2. Go to your county and demand the “CAST VOTE RECORD” if everyone would go to their county and do this we have a chance in taking down the MACHINES

  6. RINOs must all go to the trashheap (they can hang out with libtards there). You have to vote for Bundy, do you really have any other choice if you love this state and want the best future here. Chicken little is just a slow death for this state.

    Vote Bundy

  7. They’re all stalking horses for the republican candidate.
    The democrat has no stalking horse.
    Brad Little has no business being governor but he’s the target.

  8. Ammon Bundy, a Mormon, stood with baby Cyrus being returned home. Unfortunately, he is for legalizing all drugs in Idaho which would turn us into another Seattle and LA with drug addicts moving here to erect their tents, leaving their needles, feces, etc. He did lie to me in a comment section on YouTube where he appeared to have proper and innocent motives for legalizing drugs. Crazy, of course! Well, I told him I noted in his rally video that the first speaker was all about using pot and had thrown in her hat for Bundy as he would legalize drugs. He would not respond back after I exposed this. Of course, he certainly has other red flags about him including a shady business where he is the only one employed, and the business is named after some wild Mormon mythological woman. “The company’s name appears to be a nod to Abish, a figure in the Book of Mormon who encounters the missionary Ammon. Husbondi is an Old Norse word said to mean master of the house.” It is completely wild. His first name is in honor of some Mormon patriarch.

    1. Ammon is a good and honest man. He will be our next Governor.
      The disrespectful and slanderous lies folks speak will not stop the good folks in Idaho from taking back our state from Deep State Little.
      Liberty is a vote away.
      Ammon Bundy 4 Idaho

    2. You bigoted and unproven comments are more about being anti Latter Day Saint than anything else.

      Be gone with you.

  9. Quit reading and publishing all the crap and lies about Ammon Bundy. He is the one hope that we have to keep this state from going south and becoming a liberal hellhole. Read his whole plan. Brad Little is a disgrace; he and his henchmen are dyed in the wool democrats. Little has, and would continue to do their bidding with all Idahoans paying the costly price. Many small business owners have paid the costly price. Think out of the box.

  10. As much as I support Ammon Bundy 100% I would still like this to be a better representation of the polls of voters . It would be nice if there was a way to go back and check this without having to vote again. i’m wondering if that affects the count? It would be great to see a Poll go out to the general public with the main top three or four candidates. Thank you

  11. There were several comments about machines in this subject, and I fully agree that the machines should be outlawed. Mike Lindell proved it. The documentary 1000 mules proved that the election was a fraud. There are MANY instances where it was proven that the voting process was rigged, (Michigan, Wisconsin, Pennsylvania etc) but they ALL need to be fixed. Eliminating the machines is only one step in the process of having HONEST election voting. Until we have all of those things fixed I go directly to the election office in my area and cast my vote, which Is hand counted (and witnesses by poll watchers) for the candidates that I choose, not switched by some damn machine. Oh, and no one covers windows or has extra boxes of ballots to sneak into the system. Works for me so it will work for everyone.

  12. I have never heard that Bundy is pro-drugs, seems to be something that he would actually be deadset against. Can anyone clarify on the topic? Or is ValLee just smoking some seriously good shitte

  13. Little failed in every way during his leadership during covid. Now he claims a victory for our economy that the good, hardworking Idahoans kept going while he hid away. We were the first state to arrest pastors for having an outdoor service, arrest a mother for taking her children to a public park, shutter many small businesses, declare a state of emergency every 30 days for two years and then scrub the state website page documenting each declaration to hide his similarities to blue state emergencies. These are not conservative victories for the governor. He has failed and Bundy should be elected by default. Little does not deserve any more time proving his cowardly leadership.

  14. Since chicken Little is living up to his name, maybe the two popular candidates should have a debate between themselves. I don’t know anything about Chantyrose. I will vote Bundy if nothing comes up. Wonder if the FBI will be showing up at an Artic Circle to nab his phone pray for our country and state! Twin is having a mtg tomorrow with the commissioners to have hand count for midterms. Clerk pulled a fast one and try to get All counting done at ‘central’ place with no outside watchers. If ya ain’t got nothing to hide, why the hiding??

  15. If I am stuck voting for Ammon, then so be it. However, Ammon is an unstable, revolutionary and a lunatic who has no business in government or representing the people of the great state of Idaho. Ed Humphreys was the only real candidate with a plan and a vision for making real conservative changes.

    If Ammon is elected, God help us all.

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