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Poll: If you are voting in the Idaho Republican Primary, which candidate for Attorney General do you support?

By • February 18, 2022

The Idaho primary elections take place on May 17. Idaho Dispatch will be posting several non-scientific polls for public engagement.

Our first poll is regarding the race for Attorney General. Lawrence Wasden is the current AG and is facing two challengers in Art Macomber and Raul Labrador when this poll was created.

You may have to scroll down to the bottom of the page on your phone to see the “Submit” button, but it is there.

Be sure to share this poll with as many Idaho voters as you can who are participating in the Republican primary!


14 thoughts on “Poll: If you are voting in the Idaho Republican Primary, which candidate for Attorney General do you support?

  1. Looks like typical “name recognition” republicans are at it again…… Then they wonder why Idaho is going the way it is.

  2. Art Macomber is the real deal. He is from North Idaho and a true fighter. No good ole boys club with him either. It’s strictly the Constitution.

  3. Either Art or Raul should drop out and run against Crapo! We need a strong conservative as AG and Senator. May end up with neither.

  4. Art or Raul – leaning towards Art right now. Heard them all speak and can’t believe what Wasden said. He believes that he is the Governments Attorney and will not speak out on what he believes the law is as his “clients” are the Governor and the government not the people. Also agree that we need to pick one person to run against the incumbent for Governor, AG and Senator or we will be stuck with the same ones again.

  5. I appreciate the comments made so far. I am leaning towards Raul Labrador, but would be happy with Art Macomber. I agree that we need to clean up the field before the primary to avoid having to support the incumbents. This the responsibility of the GOP, but are true conservatives running the party at the State and County levels? If not, why not? I would like to hear from the GOP officials at these levels on what they believe and what evidence there is to support them as true conservatives.

    1. An impressive candidate, all should watch Hoff report…great interview that changed my mind.

  6. The biggest problem we have in Idaho is Vote Splitting. We have to be careful to vote for someone who can will even if they are not our first choice. Job one is to remove the libs and rhinos. this year

  7. Raul has a proven track record. I watched him stare down a room filled with leftwing Karen’s and calmly speak facts Vs their feelings they call facts.

  8. A group of my neighbors hired Art Macomber several years ago to represent us in a land use issue. Art helped us to overcome issues with the State, County and Highway District. I believe Art would be a great representative of the people of Idaho an I and my Conservative Social Media Platform wholeheartedly endorse Art Macomber as Idaho’s next Attorney General.

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