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Pocatello to Vote on Mask Mandate on Thursday

By • November 18, 2020

Idaho Dispatch has now learned that there will be a fourth mask mandate voted on in Idaho this week.

The city of Pocatello will hold a city council meeting tomorrow at 6:00 p.m. Mountain Standard Time to discuss and possibly vote on a mask mandate for the city.

The meeting will be held virtually using the link here. No public comment will be allowed during the meeting.

For those wishing to email the mayor and city council to oppose or support the mask mandate proposal, here is the link to their contact information.

Pocatello’s proposed ordinance does vary differently in the penalties proposed in comparison to other cites that are considering mask mandates. Penalties are laid out in Section 3.

The proposal by the Pocatello City Council would take effect immediately but potential citations for violations will not be issued for 30 days after the ordinance goes into effect.

Additionally, the monetary penalty for not complying is $50. Some cities such as Rexburg have proposed increasing fines for subsequent violations. Other mask mandates such as the one proposed by South Central Public Health District have an immediate misdemeanor charge which comes with potential jail time.

Idaho Dispatch has not yet heard what effort the Pocatello Police Department would put into enforcing this ordinance.

Do you support Pocatello in implementing a mask mandate? Let us know in the comment below.

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3 thoughts on “Pocatello to Vote on Mask Mandate on Thursday

  1. If your going to make a mask mandate maybe you should read the instructions for the N95 masks. It says can not eliminate the risk of contracting infection, illness or disease. OSHA and other government agencies have not established safe exposure limits for these contaminents. Beards and facial hair or anything else that prevents direct contact between the face and the edge of the respirator will reduce the effecticeness of this product. Also this respirator is designed for occupational/professional use by adults who are properly trained in their use and limitations. The instructions also say you should check with your local authorities for proper disposal of used repirators. Homemade masks are worthless. If your going to make the mask mandate you need to educate yourself on them first. I dont believe 5 people from our city council with no medical education should decide this kind of mandate.

  2. Wearing a mask should be left up to the individual. People who feel better wearing one should definitely do that. Healthy people should not be forced to wear a mask. People should have a choice either way.

  3. I will not be wearing a mask under ANY order, mandate or edict.
    When did we become a third world banana republic?
    We do not live in China, we are Free Americans,
    stop eating the BS coming from the Mainstream.
    People have forgotten that they are a FREE people, we must show them and remind them at every turn.

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