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Patriot Front Members Arrested Near Coeur d’Alene ‘Pride in the Park’ Event for ‘Conspiracy to Riot’

By • June 12, 2022

Coeur d’Alene police say 31 Patriot Front members were arrested in Coeur d’Alene for “conspiracy to riot” at the “Pride in the Park” event.

In a press conference held after the arrests, Coeur d’Alene Police Chief Lee White said that 31 members of the group Patriot Front were arrested. White said that a call from a citizen came in who saw the group loading into a U-haul with shields, face masks, and matching clothing.

White told the media during the press conference that of the individuals they had booked so far, one was from Idaho, and the others were from different states across the country.

Idaho Dispatch looked through the Kootenai County booking report this morning, and out of the individuals charged with “Criminal Conspiracy,” two are from Idaho. Winston Durham from Genesee and Richard Jessop from Idaho falls are the two Idahoans facing the misdemeanor charge.

The other individuals were from Washington, Utah, South Dakota, Texas, Colorado, Arkansas, Wyoming, Illinois, Oregon, Alabama, and Missouri.

No other charges are pending at this time.

White said the individuals had shields and plastic under their hats but did not know if any firearms had been found during the stop. White said that at least one smoke grenade was found.

During the press conference, a reporter asked White about social media reports that at least one Coeur d’Alene police officer had said that the department had informants inside of Patriot Front. Lee denied that they did and said they had gotten the information from the informant.

A video was posted on Twitter with what appears to be one Coeur d’Alene officer claiming that there were informants on the inside. Below is the video in question:

White told the press that multiple agencies were involved in the arrest, including the Kootenai County Sheriff’s Office and the Idaho State Police.

Additionally, White said they had been in contact with the FBI “all day” because of potential threats against the Pride in the Park event. However, White did not describe what potential threats had been found.

Idaho Dispatch will update this story with any new information that is found or released.

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52 thoughts on “Patriot Front Members Arrested Near Coeur d’Alene ‘Pride in the Park’ Event for ‘Conspiracy to Riot’

  1. So let me get this straight. If you actually riot, loot, burn and assault there are no repercussions however if you conspire to protest you are arrested and charged with a crime that never took place.

    Nope, no double standard in this America.

      1. Stop spewing anarchy and hate against law enforcement. Good cops put their lives on the line every day. Ammon Bundy and people like you are destroying our state as much as Antifa and BLM.

        Yes, we are seeing a double standard from corruption in the DOJ and FBI, but dont project that onto good cops in Idaho.

        1. Ammon Bundy had no part of this so do not point the figure there either. You have no idea what Ammon Bundy stands for if you include him in a topic like that. Ammon Bundy has put his life on the line for you as much as any good cop.

          1. Thank you for pointing this out. Bundy is a maniac to the uneducated. And a real Patriot and freedom-fighter for those who are educated and know who he really is.

        2. Out of your mind if you think BLM and Antifa are on the same level as Freedom fighters . Just wait until you or your city needs help ! You better call Antifa and BLM LOL.

          Love police officers. BUT this is dog crap. The officer is standing there like he’s some sort of hero, when In fact he caught guys in a uhaul ! When down the road in a park a transgender is swinging his nuts in a child’s face trying to groom and corrupt them. Not to mention all the perverted indecent exposure going on in front of children, and probably trafficking.let’s not forget about the witch devil cursing the town. Yep, I wish the uhaul would have made it to the park, to break up the perverts harming our children, since the police officers don’t, !!!!!!! Ya, Mr. Police officer, you are a real HERO-for arresting guys in a uhaul. But let the transgender groom our children in the park with a strip dance and fondling. I also have lost respect for law enforcement after this !

        3. “Good cops in Idaho” who follow orders from corrupt governors and mayors for foreign interest groups like WEF and WHO, instead of following their oath to the Constitution. “Good cops in Idaho” enforcing blatant violations of our rights, and point their assault weapons as well as “other tools,” on Idahoans as they attempt to express their concern for a Marxist takeover of our established form of government and way of life.
          Ask Jack Yantis how he feels about the “good cops in Idaho”?
          The spewers of anarchy are the people who defend these Marxist insurrectionists who’ve infiltrated our government.
          Follow your oath!
          I know nothing about this group, other than they seem to have been arrested for pre crime.

          1. Barb, that’s “thought crime”. We’ve had thought crime laws for awhile now, thanks to the “human rights’ movements of the 20th century.
            Even though the constitution was designed to block any kind of thought crime law, we allowed it, out of the “feel good” ideas we accepted from the Left.

        4. FM-
          For the most of your statement I can agree. I have a career of LE that I retired from, moved here in 2001.
          I am very concerned about the corrupt CIA/FBI/DOJ . They have a very big authority complex over local law enforcement throughout America to include the “defund the police” crowd. They have not and will not prosecute anyone associated with the left including the punks of antifa/blm fame.
          The Sheriff is the chief law enforcement person in the County as has authority to toss the feds when necessary, like when the attempt a gun grab. I don’t have that confidence in Chief White….he has to answer to the Mayor and we all know that the City Council and Mayor are libs, especially ex PD officer Christy Woods….I think this whole arrest was a set up by the FBI and they designed to go after “the White Supremacists”, that are alive and well in Idaho!!!

        5. Ammon Bundy is doing no harm to Idaho whatsoever! It is the overreach of the Federal government that is harming our state and others. Antifa and BLM destroyed portions of Portland and Seattle and got away with it. NO repercussions whatsoever! Idaho is not immune from corruption — please note the cops in Caldwell who were recently investigated. There are good cops (probably the majority) and there are BAD cops. The problem is that the GOOD ones need to “out” the BAD ones.

        6. no they dont they give people tickets and ruin peoples lives. theyre only job is to enforce the will of tyrants

    1. Does it strike anyone as being odd that the so called patriot gang dress exactly like FBI, only they removed FBI from their t-shirts? They were detained with their masks and FJB sunglasses still on, loose zip ties? They did however, forget to take over FBI on their megaphone. Oops! Caught again!

      1. This is such obvious nonsense. No such group exists, 100% intelligence operation and a very feeble one I might add.
        Think about it. Would you travel from all over the country, drive 25 hours to meet up with 2 dozen people in a tiny town to “riot” in the name of “whiteness”
        How dumb do they think we are. Sadly this stuff works on a population as utterly clueless as the current one.

      2. Right??!! I had the same thought. Idaho people wouldn’t load into a uhaul, dress exactly the same way, or bring shield etc. this screams antics to me!

          1. Both together makes perfect sense. Antics=joke, escapade, stunt, ridiculous or odd behavior. Couple those with the words Antifa or FBI makes it even more compelling.

      3. Tim-FM-
        For the most of your statement I can agree. I have a career of LE that I retired from, moved here in 2001.
        I am very concerned about the corrupt CIA/FBI/DOJ . They have a very big authority complex over local law enforcement throughout America to include the “defund the police” crowd. They have not and will not prosecute anyone associated with the left including the punks of antifa/blm fame. Look at what they have done to the 1/6/21 fiasco/fake insurrection BS.
        The Sheriff is the chief law enforcement person in the County and has authority to toss the feds when necessary, like when they attempt a gun grab. I don’t have that confidence in Chief White….he has to answer to the Mayor and we all know that the City Council and Mayor are libs, especially ex PD officer Christy Woods….I think this whole arrest was a set up by the FBI and they designed to go after “the White Supremacists”, that are alive and well in Idaho!!!

    2. No, just if you’re a conservative group. If you’re a Left-wing group, you can plan, bring whatever weapons you want, shields, signs, etc. and be bold about your plans.
      You can also destroy as much public and private property as you like. If anything happens from police or public officers, just explain that your feelings were hurt, or you disagree with someone, or feel angry about something.

      The police, governor, and mayors will assist you in any way they can, and let you get it all out of your system, or whatever it was you wanted to do. You can also make as much noise as you want with your boom box, kill anyone you don’t like, and take whatever you find in any local businesses, as a reward for being on the government sanctioned side of politics.

      If you’re conservative, don’t you dare even THINK about showing up. They can and will arrest you for just being there, as we’ve seen with other recent gatherings.

    3. You can thank Soros for this apparent double standard. It’s not the cops. The Soros DA’s do not prosecute.

      1. If a bank is robbed and you actually don’t go inside the bank yet drive the get away car you are still guilty for the robbery. Don’t make excuses for the government employees.

  2. This is more woke LE’s capitulating to the degenerates’ demands. Last time I checked plastic shields were not illegal. The patriots had only deployed them for defensive purposes given the past attacks on patriots by ANTIFA. Since when is it a crime to defend against attacks by communists.

    Coeur d’Alene Police, Kootenai County Sheriff’s Office and the Idaho State Police are all guilty of conspiracy to violate the first, second, fourth, fifth, and eighth amendments with the woke FBI. The FBI has become the left’s heavy political enforcement arm to deprive Americans of their rights.

    When are Americans going to wake up against this communist threat to their way of life?

    1. Sadly most will only wake up when all of our rights are all gone and the country has devolved in to a 3rd world country.

  3. I can understand being on guard against a group who came with shields, but to arrest them….Seems the alphabet community really is a protected class that sits above all others…

  4. Time for the Governor of Idaho to publicly state the he supports the Constitution and will do all in his power defend and to protect We The People of Idaho.
    Direct and clear direction must be given to ISP, Police & Sheriff’s Departments and all Federal & State Law Enforcement including our Judges, that they will immediately correct their ways in order to uphold their Oath’s, the Constitution and protect the people.
    Their current leanings are dangerous and must be halted in their tracks!

    1. ID7-
      Don’t hold your breath on Little doing anything constitutional. He is in the pocket of the FEDS….he took all our “COVID” taxpayer funded $$$$$….he is as slimmy as Bedke!

  5. Someone in the group must’ve told them they were there to riot, rather than to protest; otherwise all the charges will get dropped or easily defeated in court.

  6. Another story that does not add up. The officer on tape seems to think this is funny. Did the good guys bust the FBI at a false flag attempt and then create a photo op? This is what Jan 6 should have looked like!

  7. Total bullshit government three letter operation. Every time these guys pop up it is a joke and blatant false flag op. It is done as a photo op for MSM. The Cops are caught in the charade good or bad ones alike. When three letter organizations run your country and they have no threat of repercussions because all branches of system are compromised this is what you get.

  8. It’s okay that Antifa burn, loot and root , BLM Burn, loot and root, transgender perverts at the park swing there nuts in children’s faces as they strip dance on stage, groom children. No arrests……

    But if you get caught being white with a plan to stop evil acts in this country, you get zip
    Tied behind your back. Empowering those nasty others that see they can do what they want, because the freedom groups will get arrested when trying to show up to the same party!!!! Way to go law enforcement. You are a joke for the woke now!!hurts to say that, but I don’t trust my families future with you playing the fools as your doing.

    Little needs to pardon them !! They did NOTHING !

  9. As they were found without arms, doesn’t it make sense that there is a cache of arms nearby… or at least a pallet of bricks? Find that cache and find who put it there and find who paid for it… let’s see where that leads.

  10. Transgenders…. A GUARANTEED threat to our children when they drag dance and swing there nuts in there face. But I don’t see no superhero officer making any arrests ?? Indecent exposure anyone ?

    And you wonder why the right side is starting to form. Your damn right I said it, because we are the only ones that will protect our futures and children. Deal with it , or let the evil destroy American families. Just like at the CDA park ! August should be Normal white pride month. Don’t us normal folks get a celebration like everyone else ? Or are we targeted by our political beliefs. Buckle up dudes and Ladies ! It’s a modern day challenge.

  11. So did they actually riot? If not, I fail to see any evidence of an actual crime being committed. Did they threaten property or injury?

    This one smells of politicization and brown-shirting – not legitimate policing. Will wait to see what the courts say but this is pretty flimsy…

    1. Blair, – doesn’t matter if they riot, or matter if they did anything at all. Just being there is against the law for conservatives, as we saw on Jan 6th 2021. They arrested people for just being there, and they’re still in jail.

  12. So many good and accurate posts. Except for “founding mama” they are spot on, she is so out of line it’s obscene. But that said, CdA allows this crap to go on. For years I have been a STRONG supporter of the blue line, but the CdA police just changed that,, they fell into line with the FBI and DOJ just like good little puppies.

  13. Clown show……pride clowns, protester clowns, law enforcement clowns.

    Retired after 21 years as a California police officer, 7 as police chief and graduate of the FBI academy in the last century(when the FBI still had legitimacy) I can say with certainty that this was another DOJ dog and pony show with the FBI in center ring and chief White and sheriff Norris as willing lap dogs. The CDA police captain truthfully explained it in one sentence when he said law enforcement had an inside informant. Anyone who believes White’s statement that a “concerned” citizen tipped the police off needs to take off the rose colored glasses and take another critical look at this circus. 99% of the street officers out there risking their life every day are solid cops and deserve our praise. Unfortunately, these days, 99% of the police managers are willing puppets of the radical left. We don’t need “pride, patriots or police” who are a laughing stock of the USA.

  14. All look the same, all dressed the same… this is a false flag if there ever was one. How convenient. As one commenter stated, the alphabet community, BLM, and Antifa get a pass when actually breaking the law…but these guys are amazingly caught for conspiracy? I thought the word “conspiracy” was a baaaad word!

  15. I’ve looked up this group and have not seen them do anything more than march in previous areas they’ve appeared at. And they keep getting arrested before they even leave the frickin truck. They’re outfits is an obvious attention draw, how can you not think this was the outcome they were going for? They had to have known it would get them press. And Facebook has their site completely blocked so there’s that.

  16. I bet youll never hear another word about this story just like the last time they were arrested getting out of a uhaul because theyre all fbi agents. But lets pretend they arent FBI agents theyre not allowed to counter protest perverts and pedophiles grooming children? So the LGTBQAIIP@XYZ can groom children and and put on a drag show but we’re not allowed to stand against it? Cops are the enemy of the people.

  17. It is my contention that Patriot Front is a fake “white supremacy” group, formed in 2017, to sheep dip MAGA people and conservatism in the eyes of the Media. If you go search around, you will see that they regularly use U-Haul vans in their operations, and always elicit run-ins with local police. We need to know just who the members really are. I’m sure you will find more FBI actors in the mix. They pretend to share the same convictions as MAGA people, but with hateful race bait dressing on top for all to see. Expect to see more of this kind of theater when the elections draw near.
    Ammon Bundy will be falsely tied to them as we can expect.

  18. This looks like a frame up job ala Gretchen Witless, Governor of Michigan. There the FBI had an agent inside a patriotic group and framed them for a fake kidnapping. These crooked FBI agents’ tactics haven’t changed. And they used a Pride rally to provoke the local citizens to speak out against this immorality.

    Motive? To discredit Trump supporters and 2nd Amendment Conservatives. These despicable govt. people are evil and treacherous!

  19. We are doing exactly what they want us to do: get mad and complain but do nothing…. I’m looking into state law about recalling elected officials in Idaho as I write. The CDA chief is appointed so maybe a citizen “vote of no confidence” is the way to go for him. I need to research that some more….

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