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Part 2: Caldwell Source with Direct Inside Knowledge Speaks Out

By • May 10, 2022

Idaho Dispatch is releasing Part 2 of our interview with a source who has direct inside knowledge of the Caldwell Police Department.

A few months ago, Idaho Dispatch first broke a story that the FBI was investigating several police officers in Caldwell. Since then, several sources have spoken with Idaho Dispatch about what is happening inside the department.

Very little has been released publicly, and even the FBI has not said anything about what their investigation is covering.

So far, the only charges filed are two federal felony charges against Lt. Joey Hoadley.

The source in Idaho Dispatch’s “Part 2” video wanted to give the public some more insight into what they believe is happening and what they have witnessed. The identity of this source has been concealed at their request, citing safety concerns.

Please note that the views and opinions of this source do not necessarily reflect those at the Idaho Dispatch. Additionally, any allegations of criminal conduct or wrongdoing are also the views of the source and do not denote the guilt of any particular individual. All people are innocent until proven guilty in a court of law.

You can view Part 1 on YouTube or Rumble. The final video, Part 3, will be released sometime in May.

Here is Part 2:

Note: Idaho Dispatch will reach out to individuals named in this series after it is complete to give them an opportunity to respond. If any individual has a statement regarding the videos they would like to make public before the release of the final video, Idaho Dispatch will post them accordingly.

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6 thoughts on “Part 2: Caldwell Source with Direct Inside Knowledge Speaks Out

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  2. Let’s list some facts first, all of which can be confirmed by public records requests:
    1. When people are promoted, members of the community sit on the board and rank the candidates, NOT the Chief.
    2. The community service officer job wasn’t dissolved, someone else was promoted and took it over.
    3. Most of the new officers hired at CPD have NO ties to anyone there. They come from all places and backgrounds.
    4. Most vested officers retired, many other left to make $10-15 more PER HOUR at neighboring agencies because Caldwell is one of the lowest paid agencies in the area. (Can also be verified via public record).
    5. Look at current supervisors, they are from all different “cliques” – they aren’t all friends and aren’t all on the same page so the claim that supervisors are there for a reason is absolutely false.
    6. “High ranking officers” who were fired, were fired because they did things that were considered unbecoming and then they lied about it.

    I hope people don’t choose to listen to this anonymous source (Chris Finley). Chris was fired for driving his assigned detective vehicle to a bar in Boise, getting drunk and then driving. He crashed and left the scene, drove back to Caldwell and tried to hide the evidence. He then lied during the investigation. POST decertified him. (Case # CR01-19-33217). He doesn’t want his identity concealed for safety, he’d be the safest guy in the city, he wants to conceal because he’s a crooked liar.

    More facts: Adam did receive 2 DUI’s in a day however he admitted to what he did, served his time and worked hard to get rehired. POST also held an administrative review and chose to not decertify him in the state of Idaho. A misdemeanor doesn’t mean decertification, in fact you can begin a career after a misdemeanor charge. (Info available on the post website,

    Since that time he’s implemented programs to help officers struggling with PTSD. We don’t condemn our military members for the same, we help them. Officers deal with more death and trauma in a month than most military members in their entire career. Please educate yourselves.

    Mayor Nancolas has an impeccable record and his character and what he’s done for the city speaks for itself. Mayors SHOULD know what’s going on! The police dept is the highest liability for a city, a mayor would be ignorant to not know and not want to know what’s going on at all times.

    Idaho Dispatch choosing to air false information put out by Chris Finley and offer to talk to the accused AFTER the lies are told is ridiculous and not fair and impartial reporting. Many people had high hopes for Idaho dispatch but those hopes have been severely diminished by stories like this. Sad.

    1. I don’t know where you’re getting your facts. If it’s public information you have worded this in favor of CPD. Weather it is who you say it is (Chris or whatever) he has inside knowledge and these cops need to be taken off the streets. Realistically, how could you defend this? I have the public records myself. And look at everything totally different. Joey Hoadley used his badge. Like a lot of CPD does. It goes to the paycheck. It’s unjustified. There’s a lot we don’t know. Those are facts. If we have PD acting like Mafia we need to take action. I hope LT. Hoadley gets what’s coming to him. He’s only the first on the list, And he’s going through a divorce (currently). A lot of things speak volumes on these officers actions. It got too loose. And now it’s time to pay the the price. If this is what CPD has to offer I’m moving county’s. I do believe Chris, (if that’s who this is) is telling some truth. You know how family works. I agree with a lot of what you have said here, but there’s a lot you won’t believe.

  3. I wonder which officer at Caldwell Police is releasing all this information with a fake profile? How would HR feel about this?

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