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Part 1: Caldwell Source with Direct Inside Knowledge Speaks Out

By • April 11, 2022

Idaho Dispatch is releasing Part 1 of our interview with a source who has direct inside knowledge of the Caldwell Police Department.

A few months ago, Idaho Dispatch first broke a story that the FBI was investigating several police officers in Caldwell. Since then, several sources have spoken with Idaho Dispatch about what is happening inside the department.

Very little has been released publicly, and even the FBI has not said anything about what their investigation is covering.

So far, the only charge filed is a “deprivation of rights” charge against Lt. Joey Hoadley. Hoadley allegedly struck an individual in 2017.

The source in Idaho Dispatch’s “Part 1” video wanted to give the public some more insight into what they believe is happening and what they have witnessed. The identity of this source has been concealed at their request, citing safety concerns for their own well-being.

Please note that the views and opinions of this source do not necessarily reflect those at the Idaho Dispatch. Additionally, any allegations of criminal conduct or wrongdoing are also the views of the source and do not denote the guilt of any particular individual. All people are innocent until proven guilty in a court of law.

You can view the video below on YouTube or Rumble.

Note: Idaho Dispatch will reach out to individuals named in this series after it is complete to give them an opportunity to respond. If any individual has a statement regarding the videos they would like to make public before the release of the final video, Idaho Dispatch will post them accordingly.

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3 thoughts on “Part 1: Caldwell Source with Direct Inside Knowledge Speaks Out

  1. I think I will wait until all the evidence is presented prior to sharing an opinion. I do find it interesting that this happened in 2017 and it took five years to file a complaint.

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