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Open Carry Ban Request Leads Against Recall Effort for Lewiston City Council Member

By • June 28, 2020

There are a number of recalls underway or in the process of being approved.

Gov. Little is facing a recall which has officially been certified. The Mountain Home Mayor is also under an official recall.

There is also a potential recall being filed against the mayor of Boise.

Council Member Blakey of Lewiston is now facing a recall as well.

We previously reported that Blakey had made a comment during a virtual city council meeting about the open carrying of firearms in city limits. He made the comment after armed citizens went to the Black Lives Matter protest.

Gun owners said they were protecting local businesses from potential looters. Protesters said gun owners were there to intimidate them.

Council Member Blakey’s comments angered some local residents who want him to resign.

Heather Rogers, who is leading the charge to recall Blakey has informed Idaho Dispatch that the recall against Council Member Blakey is underway.

Once a recall is approved by the state of Idaho, the individual pushing the recall has 70 days to gather the signatures necessary to put the recall on the ballot. Rogers says she has to get approximately 3,000 signatures to get the recall of Blakey on the ballot.

If the signatures are gathered and approved, Council Member Blakey would face the recall in the November election.

Blakey’s current term ends on December 31st, 2021 unless he is recalled later this year.

On January 22nd the city held another city council meeting. Heather also held a rally that same day for her recall efforts and then the group went to the library to participate in the city council meeting.

A number of city council members said they support the 2nd Amendment but they want to make sure gun owners conduct themselves in a good manner.

Citizens from Lewiston testified about the presence of armed citizens in the city during the BLM protests. Some argued in favor and others against.

Heather Rogers who also spoke at the meeting told Idaho Dispatch,

The recall campaign against Bob Blakey has opened my eyes to a new set of issues we have in our state. We enjoy a false sense of security while we sit back thinking no one will ever attempt to infringe upon our God given constitutional rights. We feel this way because we have many wonderful Republican officials. However, we need to start paying closer attention to what is going on in our own backyard. Often times people focus on running for state elections leaving our city elections neglected. While our state may be run by good solid conservatives our cities are being overrun by liberal individuals or R.I.N.O’s. Our children, the future of this country, are constantly having liberal propaganda shoved down their throats. While we are distracted by State and Federal issues our children our being brainwashed. If they voice their Republican viewpoints they are chastised by teachers, classmates, and the local community. We must start focusing more of our energy on ensuring our towns are also run by good conservative men and women. The recall is showing me just how much our Republican way of life is in danger.

Council member Blakey says he doesn’t want to take anyone’s guns away.

He told KLEW news:

I’m not advocating taking anyone’s guns away,” Blakey said. “I’m going to go be shooting tomorrow in the gun range, and I just don’t feel that it’s comfortable displaying long guns on the streets of our city. It’s not necessary.

Blakey also told the Lewiston Tribune that he hopes to have a discussion with Heather Rogers someday about the issue.

We will update this story if the recall is officially filed.

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4 thoughts on “Open Carry Ban Request Leads Against Recall Effort for Lewiston City Council Member

  1. Sorry, sir, you have absolutely NO say so in the matter. Preemption laws make you look stupid.

  2. Open carry is our right and we can be there with our guns we will listen to them. But no windows broke or people beat up

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