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Op-Ed: Where are the Republican Fighters?

By • August 6, 2020

The Republican Party came to power to fill the void left by the Whig party when its leaders retreated from their battle against slavery that started in opposition to the first Democrat president, racist Andrew Jackson, and ended with their relative silence to the Dred Scott Supreme Court decision (1857).  The Republican abolition party surged in the Whig’s void of moral clarity and their first President, Abraham Lincoln, was elected shortly after the evil Dred Scott decision legitimized the Democrat party’s assertion that slaves were not human, only property.  Mr. Lincoln was a champion of objective truth, liberty for all and didn’t retreat even when fighting a civil war was required to emancipate the slaves and preserve the union.

Today’s Republican party would be wise to revisit the demise of the Whig party all those years ago.  The Whig party formed specifically to oppose Andrew Jackson’s Presidency (1829) and the pro-slavery Democrat Missouri Compromise of 1820.  Andrew Jackson was a slave trading racist who supported slavery and founded the pro-slavery Democrat party.  The Whig’s opposition to the Democrats gradually devolved into political sparing and posturing until they gave up the fight completely after Dred Scott (1857).  The Whigs stopped fighting for absolute truth and in doing so compromised with evil.

The Democrats started the Civil War about 40 years after the birth of their party and just a year after the election of our first Republican president, Abraham Lincoln.  In the face of the Whigs retreat,  it would take the moral clarity of the new abolitionist Republican party and their first President, Abraham Lincoln, to defeat Democrat slavery in the South.  After fighting and winning the Civil War, Republicans passed the 13th, 14th, and 15th amendments giving slaves freedom, citizenship and ensuring Democrats could not infringe on the voting rights of southern blacks.  Racist Woodrow Wilson was the first Democrat president after Lincoln and his presidency strengthening Democrat systemic racism in the South which included KKK voter suppression and segregation under Jim Crow laws.  Republican resistance to the Democrat’s systemic racism eventually culminated in 1957 with Republican President Dwight Eisenhower sending the 101st Airborne to Little Rock AR to desegregate the schools after the Supreme Court ruling on Brown vs. Board of Education.   Shortly thereafter the Republicans passed the civil rights legislation of the 60s.  The racists Democrat party was finally defeated! … or were they?

It has now been about 40 years since it became clear that Democrat President Lyndon Johnson’s war on poverty created generational dependence on welfare which in effect became a new form of slavery disguised as charity.  The effects on black America were devastating as the black nuclear family was destroyed, schools failed, and crime exploded as black fatherhood was mostly eliminated.  In the wake of this destruction, the Democrats have used welfare dependency to enslave black America for their votes and they use the abortion of black babies to fund their party.  This is pure evil disguised as civil rights and charity.

Where were the Republicans fighting for the black community?  Well, over the decades many Republicans have condemned the evils of generational welfare only to be labelled by the Democrats and their media as heartless racist bigots.  These electronic public beatdowns worked and just like the Whigs the Republicans became bogged down in the politics of the day and retreated from their century long fight for the black community.  Like the Whigs the Republicans lost their moral clarity and ability to identify and fight against evil.

Now Marxists have taken over the Democrat party and are brilliantly using its racist underpinnings to divide our nation by race, teach our children to hate their country’s founding, promote socialism as good instead of evil, promote segregation as the new “civil right”, and dismantle the police to ultimately replace them with a new kind of law and order they control.    In the face of this, most Republican leaders seem to be acting as if it is business as usual.  “Hey guys, help us out raise the Democrats so we can keep the Senate.”  “Hey guys, we need to appoint more conservative judges… send us money”.

Hey Republican leaders… how about calling out how peaceful protests are actually riots? How about calling out how the several week siege of the Federal Courthouse in Portland is actually insurrection sanctioned by the local Democrat government? How about calling out that the Anarchists and BLM organizations are actually Marxist front groups with the goal of overthrowing our American way of life?  How about recognizing that we are on the brink of civil war?    How about fighting!

Would Mr. Lincoln recognize today’s Republican party elite?  Most likely he would.  Lincoln had detractors undermining him throughout his presidency and the Civil War, but no one remembers their names.  We remember Lincoln who prevailed because his moral clarity and fearlessness in his fight against evil inspired others to fight with him.  We Republicans as beneficiaries of our party’s amazing history know Mr. Lincoln’s example commands us to fight the Democrat party, BLM and the Anarchists because they are racist and evil. We are ready to fight with leaders that fight like Lincoln.  In other words, Republican elites, stop Whiggin’ out and start fighting, or the “Party of Lincoln” will go the way of the Whigs.

Joseph B. Gish
Lewiston Idaho

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