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Op-Ed: What’s with the Churches?

By • February 2, 2021

I have a question of grave concern for America’s churches:  Exactly WHO is their God?  Put another way, from whence come the orders that, generally, people of faith follow so obediently today?

Centuries ago, their forefathers traversed dangerously wild oceans to escape political and religious tyrannies, seeking a land where they might be free to make unhampered life choices, as guided solely by their personal consciences.

Fast forward to 2020-2021.  In stark contrast, what is it that dictates to believers now??

In large measure, it’s ghoulish and greedy pharmaceutical con artists the likes of Bill Gates and Anthony Fauci et al, fully enabled and backed up by equally power-hungry politicians and media moguls.  Shamefully, pitifully, even tragically, these do seem to be the current gods of power and control over our people.

And with the vast majority of our churches being professedly Christian??  How is it that they’ve forgotten the words of their Founder Who declared of them, “Ye are the salt of the earth, but if the salt itself loses its savor, with what shall it be salted?  It is good for naught but to be cast out and trodden under foot by men.”  (Mt. 5:13)

Harsh and searing words indeed, but it wasn’t I who spoke them.

High time to rise up, Christians, and spring the trap that’s been so cunningly laid for you, lest it soon become too late forever.  Truth be known, our entire world seems to be waiting for you to re-grow a spine, and show the way back to some true faith and freedom!

Carol Asher

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9 thoughts on “Op-Ed: What’s with the Churches?

  1. I will not commit to the Idaho Dispatch as long as they keep abusing articles with the “cut and paste” ads that disrupt the continuity of the read.

    A bit too much crassness dudes.

    1. Mike,

      While I can understand your point of view, I appreciate that there is a platform where free speech and faith can be shared without censorship. The ID does not have a paid staff and it is through advertisement that ID is able to do what they do. If the ads were not in the middle, most would never read and likely a free speech platform like ID would not exist for our benefit. I guess I never found it disruptive as most sites on-line use the same approach. Including great conservative sites like EPOCH Times, The Federalist, Daily Wire , etc. Wanted to offer an alternative view. Thanks

  2. read the history. There is no christian church anymore. It has been infiltrated by the false prophets Jesus warned about, and a completely false religion is being practices.
    We are still in the counter reformation.

  3. So many of The American Christian Churches have abandon strong biblical principles and believes for decades. Consider the stance on abortion, morality, removing any reference of God from schools, government, institutions across our lands. The Covid 19 response is just another in the long list. Christ came to earth to bring light to the dark. What a missed opportunity for tens of thousands of churches to shine light in a time of fear and darkness. The scriptures are clear in both the old and New Testament. Praise Fox for the leaders of some local churches to heed God’s call to gather and worship. God did not say “just when it is convenient”. It is very concerning to me too. We must all pray for our churches to ask God to raise up strong biblical leadership in the face of the enemy’s cunning and deceitful ways

  4. Thank you for your article. Yes, it seems that church leadership varies mostly between ineffective and lukewarm to truly horrendous. Most churches are just part of the status quo. Most are more concerned about mammon and not rocking their boats. Truly worthless salt. It is not unexpected though, is it? Wolves among the sheep. Don’t you think it’s time to stop being sheep?

  5. Agreed. I’ve been wondering this too. Church people seem to be blind to the deception all around them and the pastors are weak, only concerned with “spiritual” issues. I blame this apathy and blindness at the feet of pastors. Interestingly, the strongest patriot voices are coming from Christians. It’s just not found much at church.

    1. You hit the nail on the head. My Sunday school group is the only reason I stay with my church. We diligently read scripture and apply it to what is happening in the world today. Problem is, there is only about fourteen of us.

      The only other place for truth is You Tube and they are shutting us down. The Great American Experiment is just about over.

  6. My church has a class teaching the overview of the Constitution, encouraging people to read it (15-20 min). We are educating ourselves on this since it was not adequately taught in school. Believe it or not our state legislators are the most powerful branch of the government that ‘We the people’ have access to. We need to have our Reps in our contacts and call or email regularly on issues that support or infringe on our Constitutional rights.
    We must fight to keep the Republic and pass the torch of faith & freedom to the next generation.

  7. As another commenter said, the modern day Institutional Church is very concerned with mammon. You might add numbers to the list, Churches do not want to offend anyone lest there be less mammon.

    An even deeper problem is that a very large portion of the Institutional Church today is about preaching the Gospel of Affirmation. In these Churches, one is not called to repent for sins because there is no sin. One is not called to pick up and carry one’s cross because there is no cross. And no one is called to be baptized into the death and new life of Jesus Christ, because one is taught that you are just fine the way you are.

    Until the Church preaches redemption through the shed Blood of Jesus and discards the Gospel of Affirmation, the decline will only continue.

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