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Op-Ed: What can We the People do about China?

By • September 5, 2022

Last July, I was privileged to attend the Idaho GOP Convention. While there, I met many good people. One, in particular, asked me about the Resolution that we would support Israel if it were attacked. My simple response was that the United States had an agreement with Israel, and we should honor it.

Regarding the position of American foreign policy, many quote Thomas Jefferson’s farewell address: “peace, commerce, and honest friendship with all nations—entangling alliances with none.” Their meaning is that America should not have military or defense agreements with other nations, but only commercial and friendship relationships. I agree! However, America made a conscious choice to change its position in foreign affairs.

After WWII, America found itself in a peculiar position, where we would need to step up and replace England as a Superpower to maintain peace in this world. To accomplish this new goal, we sponsored the UN and promoted the Dollar as the world reserve currency.

Along the way, America found itself needing to support our allies, friends of the United States. Thus, we joined Israel in a defense pact, the US-Israel Defense Pact.

That is not the only defense agreement that we entered into. Communist China was a threat to world peace, so we signed the Sino-American Mutual Defense Treaty with Taiwan, vowing to defend it if it comes under attack.

Do I agree with these pacts, even if they violate Jefferson’s admonition? My answer is the same: we should honor our agreements.

While Israel is not under any immediate invasion threat, Taiwan is. China has been flexing its muscle, stealing our technology, building up its military, and launching missiles around Taiwan.

Does anybody believe that the ultimate goal for China is merely Taiwan? No. Whatever China’s goals are, Taiwan is a steppingstone, and America is the obstacle.

The previous strategy against China was to engage it commercially, and build it up so that it will not see America and the rest of the world as enemies. The pacification strategy failed.

It is beyond the ability of the average Idahoan to stop the sale of our reserve petroleum to China, or move the bulk of computer manufacturing back to America, or even stop them from buying up our farmlands. These are beyond the ability of most of us.

The constitution study group that I am engaged in is going over Tocqueville’s Democracy in America. Right now, we are studying the concept of Majority, as explained by Tocqueville. I would have called it Public Opinion instead. Unlike a despotic country, We the People are the true sovereign of America. Our elected representatives will listen to us…if the Public Opinion shifts towards one of America First.

To do so, I want to remind you of recommendations by other patriots to buy American. Also, join a patriotic group. Be active in civic responsibilities. Master the freedom principles that are the foundation of America. And, finally, be an example of virtue in your daily dealings with the world and with your neighbors. Simple as these steps may sound, they work.

I want to close by sharing this quote often attributed to Abraham Lincoln: America will never be destroyed from the outside. If we falter and lose our freedoms, it will be because we destroyed ourselves.

Art da Rosa, PE, MPA

This Op-Ed was submitted by Art da Rosa. Op-Eds do not necessarily reflect the views and opinions of those at the Idaho Dispatch.

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6 thoughts on “Op-Ed: What can We the People do about China?

  1. It seems that, by way of their actions, the majority of the Idaho GOP candidates are working for the CCP along with the Chinese influenced larger corporations here in Idaho.
    The Democratic party and some of the GOP seem to be influenced by soros/schwab communism.
    Idaho is basically lost in it’s ways unless these candidates, on both side of the aisle, are voted out come November.
    As it stands today Idaho is controlled by China.

    Do not vote republican or democrat: VOTE CONSERVATIVE

  2. Chinese lobby money owns our politicians, military Brass and prominent corporations , via lobby money and purchase contracts. The majority of the population is clueless other than what their Tv tells them. Our politicians Demos and Repubs have bankrupted this nation through military actions and foreign aid . No one really cares though and we will reelect the politicians again that have destroyed our lives.

  3. I have no idea if this will help fight China, but yesterday I started sorting tool and tossing anything made in China. Once identified I wrote down the info so that I could buy a replacement ( 1/2” box end). Hand tools were pretty easy to identify, but when it came to power tools it is taking some digging. And they’re going straight to the land fill, not charity. I stopped for a coffee and decided to look around the kitchen at consumable. You have to dig deep to find answers. Did you know that Jif Peanut butter Is actually made in China. In some cases it’s only a code on the container or wrapper. I got mad and tossed it, and since I wanted a peanut butter sandwich I went to a local convenience store and got Skippy.. Further checking showed amazing info. Too much for this post, so I urge you to start checking the net for meat products. I was so mad that I contacted 3 local farmers/Ranchers to arrange future purchases through them. Keep it American, and try to keep it local. I felt a strong need to start supporting American producers, and (as in the case of hand tools) from countries likeTaiwan, Israel, and other Allies. I really don’t care what others think, I am going to try it my way just as a way to personally try to hurt countries who are obvious communist or hoping for the overthrow of our free.nation. Guess I may be in a very small minority.

  4. Well good luck shopping for something made in America, it’s about non existent. I got angry years ago when an American military airplane was forced to land in China. A hot dog top Chinese fighter pilot buzzed the American airplane a little too close and hit one of the turboprops propeller’s causing them to shut the engine down, and killing the Chinese pilot. They refused to release the American crew for a very long time. They then proceeded to steal all the high tech secret electronics before releasing the airplane. I decided, I WILL. NOT buy anything made in China. To save you some time, forget Walmart and any discount stores. Everything I picked up in almost every store I went too said “MADE IN CHINA”. They are very good at using American names to peddle their junk. Hunter’s quest to buy American is very honorable, but almost impossible. Researching some of this stuff is just about a full time job. My wife and I got smart about the numbers on the bar codes also. I saw a cartoon about 50 years ago that showed a man carrying a sign that read, BUY AMERICAN “, and right behind him was a foreigner carrying a sign that read, “BUY AMERICA”. I never forgot it.

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