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Op-Ed: We Are Better Than This

By • October 5, 2022

We have seen many left-wing Republicans show their true colors of late. What grieves me is that many in the Republican party that claim to be conservatives attack the very one who has shown herself to be a dedicated in conservative action, giving of her time, fortune, and talent to preserve the constitution and our Idaho way of life.

This conservative would be my friend Dorothy Moon.

It was not long after taking office in 2016 that I knew Dorothy was rock solid and would never compromise her values.

This summer Dorothy was elected Chairwoman of the IDGOP, by a wide margin. Most were thrilled to have a real conservative at the helm of the party.

Many have been unhappy with compromised platform issues that state party leadership ignored to affirm as their party elites marched toward non-GOP principles. Party leadership has historically supported the expedience of politics over the principles that define our party and republicanism. Party leadership is to support the platform not out-of-sync politicians.

Dorothy has been ridiculed by many Republicans for not playing the game in such a way. She will not realign her moral compass. Dorothy took the position of party chairwoman after the primary elections were held earlier this spring giving her a predetermined cast of candidates.

Her job calls for her to support the ticket in the general election. Her personal feelings cannot interfere with her duty to represent the party, not necessarily every candidate.

After the winter Republican meeting has concluded the state central committee will send direction to the legislature and the executive branch outlining what is expected from them during the 2023 legislative session. If the voice of the people is not heard, if the legislature and the executive branch does not respond by supporting the will of the people so affirmed, Dorothy Moon will hold their feet to the fire.

I find it unfortunate that there are those who are asking Dorothy to play the game as those who came before her. Those people are dividing this party just as the Jim Jones, and Fred Martins are today.

Dorothy will face many challenges in her term, the most vicious will come from within. Big money will stop donating to Republicans they claim, but that is not the fact. IACI and their business members are appearing to do all in their power to ensure this to beher only term, I suggest they take closer note of their outraged consuming public. The tide has turned against these power brokers who have long set sail toward progressive shores. Zip it up IACI!

My friend Dorothy will hit hard, she will demand truth and, she will stand by the principles she has committed to. And she will expect that from those elected in the party as well.

We Republican conservatives have an opportunity within these next two years to make a glowing difference. Compromising our values will never accomplish anything other than continuing a very well paved road to failure. Join with me in your support of a new direction, brighter future, and real conservative values.

Senator Christy Zito

This Op-Ed was submitted by Christy Zito. Op-Eds do not necessarily reflect the views and opinions of those at the Idaho Dispatch.

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29 thoughts on “Op-Ed: We Are Better Than This

  1. We support You, Dorothy Moon and all Conservatives.
    If Dorothy can turn the party, she’ll be in the history books of Idaho, more power to her.
    After a lifetime being a member of the republican party, it was necessary to leave Idaho’s republican party and it’s complete liberal stupidity.
    Both of Idaho’s main political parties no longer have anything to offer the hard working, God believing Citizen.
    We will donate to, support and campaign for Conservatives, but not the republican label at this time.
    Governor: Vote Bundy
    Lt. Governor: Write in Priscilla Giddings
    Secretary of State: Write in Dorothy Moon
    It may be a protest vote, yet far better than getting any one of the three republican or democratic compromised individuals running for these offices placed in power.
    Idaho is indeed in deep trouble and will turn BLUE if this big business/ globalist nonsense continues.

    1. And don’t forget to vote Scott Cleveland for US Senate. We have a chance to elect a real conservative to represent us in the US Senate—may we rise to the task…..

        1. Thank you for these tips. Please give more tips like this for everyone on the ballot, because prior to every election, I go searching the internet to find out what each candidate stands for, and I find NOTHING. Yea, there are a few pages with next to nothing in the way of actual policy/issue stances. But it’s like these worthless flyers I get in the mail: “vote ___ to fight for term limits.” Term limits? I should vote for this guy because all he’s going to say is that he supports term limits???

          I want solid conservatives candidates, like Bundy [perfect example], Please, someone give us a rundown for the whole ballot, and others please chime it to confirm, so we aren’t getting steered toward RINOs.
          Why is it SO hard to find out where all these candidates stand on EVERY issue?

          By the way I DON’T support term limits, because it’s like saying “lets’ tie 1 hand of each side behind their back, so we can limit the guy we don’t like. What good is that? You just tied your own hand as well, to try and keep your opponent from having more power. Making more limits for both sides doesn’t help YOUR side. Especially when the other side cheats anyway. They’ll get around it just like obama got around the citizenship birth requirement. That’s a really bad strategy when you already know the other side consistently cheats and gets away with it. If I’m wrong, then someone please enlighten me.

    2. Thank you for these voting tips. Thought my ballot would be left blank in those spots. Not sure about Bundt tho

      1. Colette, if you are unsure about Bundy, you may have heard too much from the government and their mainstream media, who have been out to destroy him and his family. The Bureau of Land Management badly overstepped their authority in assault on the Bundy family and their ranch. The Bundys were acquitted of all charges, because the BLM had no worthy case to present. Yet the shadow of how the liberal press covered that event trails Ammon Bundy in his reputation and campaign. He has had an uphill battle to fight many wrongs in his direction. Look at the set of three articles by Rick Hydrick regarding him; what he says confirms an article I read in defense of the Bundys back during the standoff.

  2. Dorothy may have to support the Republican party but I don’t. I’ve had enough! The party Rhinos are failing Idaho (& the Country). How many chances do they expect to get! Do they really think the voters expect a new/different outcome with the same old Rhinos re-elected into office.
    It’s very hopeful that Dorothy is there and I pray for a change, but it’s past time to be done with Rhino Little and his cronies, he’s not getting my vote again.
    Thanks for the suggestions, Idaho Seven.

    1. I agree with what you said but the correct term is RINO, not Rhino. Please quit giving the pachyderms a bad name…

  3. Love Christy Zito. She is a solid conservative. Little and his cronies have no place in Idaho state government. If re-elected we can say goodbye to a mostly conservative, constitution following state. We will become like all the other sheep heading for the cliff. Ammon Bundy is the only choice to head off our decline down that slippery slope. Like him or not he loves this state and the Idaho and U.S. Constitutions. Have a little faith.

  4. Real issues under globalist Republicans:
    refuse to enforce existing laws against buddy ranchers/farmers dumping, polluting, taking neighbor’s land or water.
    Law enforcement, low bar yes boys to corrupt soros-style prosecutors.
    woke, corrupt, 2-tier courts.
    Pathetically incompetent attorney club.
    Party leadership, dirty cohorts for 20+ years, lockstep in their unconstitutional lawless doctrine.
    managed the state into moral decline, educational free fall, abuse of citizens, good ol boys club corruption,
    allegiance to Pelosi political position at every level in elected office.
    State is RED, leadership is far left unholy blue.

  5. Dorothy is right where she needs to be and leading by example. The establishment Republicans are the liability to the future of the party. If the party were to remain on its current course, it would have lost its power altogether. Why? Because they are Democrats running with an R by their name. That left us with the choice to vote D or not vote at all. This season I will vote based on principle. It is my hope that one day that will equate to voting R all the way down the ticket. In November, it will a mix of independent and Republican with no votes on school superintendent and House of Representative Simpson. Principle over Party! Dorothy’s leadership will guide the IDGOP to become a party of principle.

    1. HOORAY!!! Finally, someone who absolutely knows the score! Dorothy is the BEST thing that could happen to the Republican Party in Idaho! PRINCIPLE OVER PARTY is too!!! We need to stop the BLUE WING of the Republican Party and go with true Conservative Constitutionists. VOTE BUNDY for Governor — he’s WAY MORE REPUBLICAN than Brad Little any day of the week! Raul Labrador for AG. This state is in peril. It has been targeted by BIG MONEY to turn it BLUE and the current Governor is not going to help keep them at bay! He is not Conservative, nor Constitutional — he is one of them.

  6. Idaho has been fooled into thinking a R in front of the candidate will ensure A constitutional conservative Idaho state. But the deep state Republicans make sure their candidates always win that’s why Brad Little been in Idaho politics for decades, Even though he voted for gay marriage back in the day even though he locked down or state for two years and had people arrested for going to church in Moscow a woman in the park with her child in Boisie close thousands of businesses even under force and would definitely enforce red flag gun laws for up two $50 million in Biden bucks just as he did sell out our state for $18 billion in federal money with strings attached. Ammon Bundy , has fought against federal overreach fought at the capital against the lockdowns. Ammon Bundy has proved himself a true constitutional conservative no matter what the cost time again and again and again.

  7. True! I do not support the GOP candidates in our district (24) and as a protest have left the GOP. I am now registered as an “I”.

  8. Funny, I guess I was mistaken when I thought that elected officials were representing their constituents, the people who actually voted for them, not Dorothy Moon.

  9. With Christy’s letter here I think I finally got it. There are Conservatives– and then there are “Idaho Conservatives”, who aren’t really conservative at all, but they put on the costume and waive a conservative flag for political expediency, as Christy points out.
    The reality is that many members of the GOP in Idaho understand the game that is played here. You MUST call yourself a Republican, and a “conservative” Republican at that, if you expect to flex any political muscle in this increasingly-purple state.
    True Conservatives are very much a political minority in Idaho. “Idaho Conservatives” are really “liberal Republicans” who will align with democrats as often as their watered-down GOP friends. After all–“what’s in a name”?
    The people of Idaho may in fact be mostly conservative, but as I have said on this forum before–they are politically-naive at best, and just plain dumb at worst. They mindlessly-check the GOP box on the ballot and think they’ve done the right thing! Thus, keeping the Idaho Swamp fully stocked for the next election cycle whereupon it all starts again.

  10. I don’t personally know Ms. Moon, but I have openly said that ANYTHING would be better than Luna, even a garden slug. That said, I sincerely hope she can stop the process of keeping the good old boys (and girls) in office. This has resulted in some solidly qualified, conservative republicans leaving the GOP to become independent candidates, or giving up completely. Under Luna there was no vetting, and I personally want to see the party start culling the semi-conservative and the RINO’s (like Little) out of the party. Hang in there lady, conservative voters support you and will continue to do so.

  11. At 69 years old I have paid attention to see the Republican party as the lesser of the two evils with both parties [ the Repubs and Demos] playing us for the fools we are.

  12. Dorothy Moon on a mission. Sadly, the Republican party is infested with go along to get along politicians that put re-election before representation.
    The great state of Idaho is under assault from the radical left and many of the elected R members of both houses are putting their political survival before their sworn oath to protect and serve those who elected them.
    The Idaho Republican Party has been polluted by RINO politicians who lie to the voters to get elected and pander to the special interests who put them in office.
    My friend and State Party Chair Dorothy Moon is committed to shining the light of truth and liberty on these cockroaches and rid the party of their corrosive influence. She has my full support.

  13. Today’s conservatives: abortion, social security, god, and war.
    Today’s Democrats: all other welfare, open borders, social revolution, and war.
    I miss the anti-war, balance-the-budget, limited government types.
    I support a convention of states, the 10th amendment, no more health mandates EVER, no more foreign aid, no foreign wars, energy independence, a new national non-fiat currency, close/defend the borders.
    Conservative doesn’t mean anything anymore. That’s the issue. Everyone has gone left and wants an authoritarian to save them.

  14. Mrs. Moon may have lost the primary, but I am using the write in line. I am voting for Mrs. Moon to be Secretary of State.

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