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Op-Ed: Tsunami Red Wave? Hold On! Now is the Time to Speak Up About the Next Legislative Session

By • October 24, 2022

As we get closer to November 8th the polling and turnout numbers for conservatives look better and better. We know how important this election is and maybe our last chance to stop the tide of insanity on the State and Federal level. If we don’t, then what? As you meet or contact candidates running for office, now is the time to share the urgency of action and for them to be the “Horatio on the Bridge” to stop the madness. In Idaho we have a good idea how the election will turn out, the good news is there was an earthquake election in the legislature. We lost a few good conservatives but in the end many of the RINOs were defeated and it will be a different story in January. The bad news, Governor Little may be in office next year and called the previous legislature in session this fall to pass his bills to spend the surplus. Not the least of his actions was a ‘bribe’ rebate to the voters with a note from our magnanimous leader that your income and wealth come from his largess.

When communicating to your legislator, ask them what they plan to do about real tax reform in Idaho? Will they stand up to the federal governments overreach? Will they institute real school choice in Idaho like other states have done? Will they cut the budget and force the colleges to implement real change and stop teaching “social justice” and ESG equity? Will they stand by the 10th Amendment of the U.S. Constitution and reclaim our rights? Will they reform the legislature so that committee chairman can thwart the will of the legislators? These and other questions need to be front and center to those that claim to represent the people. If a “blue state” like Virginia can stand up and say, “enough is enough” but we have to start now, before January. Let them know we want answers and no more rhetoric that is not backed by action.

On a national level we are seeing Virginia played out in many states. Who would have thought that Patty Murray in Washington is in trouble? That Oregon very well may have a Republican, conservative, Christian Governor next year! The Governors race in New York and Minnesota is a real contest, the Democrats may pull it out with the vote counting, but the populace is ready for real change.

Along with the results that are in the wind are the deeper numbers that tell us why. Hispanic voters are leaving the Democratic party in droves. Donald Trump started this movement and it is continuing. This is also true of the Black vote. We are seeing a change in their allegiance and it appears they will vote Republican in significant numbers, or just not show up at the polls. Suburban women who tended to vote more liberal have turned into “mama bears” when you try to brainwash their kids or ask their girls to share the bathroom with a guy!

The world is changing. Here is the bottom line on these groups, they are not the “Fox News Junkies” who are glued to Hannity every night. These are voters, many younger, who are frustrated with inflation, endless wars with no purpose in sight, biology of sexes that are nonsense, using the streets for a bathroom, and open borders that facilitate drug and sex trafficking. The crime issue with no consequence for the perpetrator is more than a nuisance, it has driven murder rates to a level that a citizen is safer in Honduras than America.

What will our Congress do about these very serious issues? Will they pass the omnibus spending bill through most of next year and bypass the new legislators? Will they open up drilling for energy and expedite proven sources like nuclear? Will we have a secure border? Will the spending stop, budgets cut, and inflation brought under control? Will we finally wake up to the China threat to our economy and trade?

Our budgets are wrapped up in an Omnibus package, often approaching 3,000 pages and then given to the Congress in the wee hours of the morning of the vote. Will the Republicans support a swamp creature like Mitch McConnell to be majority leader in the Senate again? (He pulled funding from the Arizona Senate candidate and gave another $1 million to Senator Murkowski in Alaska in her race against the conservative). Minority leader Kevin McCarthy has not been much better. Will we have leadership that realizes our nation is at a tipping point? We either take bold steps next January or we are facing rebellion among the populace. Now is the time to look past the election and talk about what our candidates are willing to do, and do they realize what time it is.

This Op-Ed was submitted by Bob Shillingstad. Op-Eds do not necessarily reflect the views and opinions of those at the Idaho Dispatch.

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4 thoughts on “Op-Ed: Tsunami Red Wave? Hold On! Now is the Time to Speak Up About the Next Legislative Session

  1. Idaho’s and the Nation’s Blue/Red Uniparty is definitely the problem that is destroying Idaho and the Nation.
    Vote for the quality of the candidate not their party affiliation.

    1. I agree; we saw this trend long ago and have watched it grow into this corrupt monster for years. Out of state and foreign $$ talks and buys the amoral and weak-willed candidates. How much of Soros’ Open Society $$ is talking big in Boise?

  2. The Republican party is at best the lesser of the two evils . We are being played for the tv watching fools we really are.

  3. Red wave. What nonsense. We’ve had a red wave for years. As long as the elections are held on voting machines the results will be reversed

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