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Op-Ed: Truth to Power

By • April 23, 2022

The following Op-Ed was submitted by Steve Bradshaw. Note: Op-Eds do not necessarily reflect the views and opinions of those at the Idaho Dispatch.

Is Idaho still the “Gem” State? Do we as adventure lovers, farmers, hunters, ranchers, outdoor enthusiasts, and transplants really grasp the serious state of peril Idaho faces? I do and I pray to God that you do too.

I have been traveling all over this beautiful State for the last few months. This experience has been invaluable to me. I’ve met so many wonderful people who have genuine concerns about our State and our country for that matter. A young woman and her daughter came to meet me at an event on a Saturday afternoon. She is a farmer, pregnant at the time, and tough as nails. Her husband works as a diesel mechanic during the day and farms in the evening. They have worked very hard to build their life. Generations of Idahoans, old and new, live and love this lifestyle too. Idaho is failing them.

I met with ranchers in the Magic Valley recently. All are very concerned about their cattle, crops, water, and the Feds. Do you know that the Feds have eyed massive acreage of Idaho land managed by the Bureau of Land Management for wind turbines? Imagine hundreds of huge turbines scattered all over southern Idaho – here’s the kicker – most of the power generated will be sent out of state! Yes, you read that correctly. Sounds a bit like the late Ted Kennedy, right? Remember when turbines were suggested for Martha’s Vineyard? Not in my backyard, but Idaho? Sure, let them deal with the eyesore. Idaho is failing them.

I met with a group of young adults and students who have many concerns about their future. This group has not experienced inflation. The rapid rise in food, fuel and housing costs have been a shock to their spending habits. Idaho small businesses were hammered by lockdowns with roughly 20% closing the doors for good. These students want to live and work in Idaho. Will good paying and stable jobs be available to them? Big tech companies, desperate for water are not the solution. Idaho is failing them.

As President Ronald Reagan eloquently put it, “The nine most terrifying words in the English language are I’m from the government and I’m here to help.” Our Governor, Lt. Governor, Attorneys General, and Legislature, in part, are directly responsible for failing Idahoans. Idaho has been flooded with federal relief funding that has swelled state spending to levels not seen before. Clearly our representatives have ditched the idea of limited government along with the “represent” part. Balancing our budgets with borrowed money? What happens when the federal spigot is turned off? What happened to our sovereignty?

Idaho is on a precipice; the time is NOW to right the ship. Otherwise, we will never get our State back.

I do not claim to have all the answers, but we must start somewhere. Audits, balanced budgets, cutting spending and election integrity will not be taboo in our administration. We will hold people accountable. We will take back our lands, develop resources, promote small business and commerce. No more federal overreach. We are all essential. We will have freedom and liberty. We will not let Idaho fail.

Most importantly, we will bring TRUTH to POWER.

God bless the great State of Idaho. God bless y’all.


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6 thoughts on “Op-Ed: Truth to Power

  1. Appreciate the Op-Ed Steve Bradshaw, all voters should have the opportunity to read this.

    Remember fellow voters: “There must be 50 ways to leave your Governor”

  2. Great op-ed! Unfortunately, our Little RINO will win the primaries because there are so many conservatives splitting the vote.

  3. To many people fear doing something. The fact Is it takes a Christian nation to have a REPUBLIC. Do you think the majority of citizens are practicing Christians? We should already be up in arms and in the street. He should have been impeached long ago along with the President!

  4. The only way Idaho can be free is for the citizens to NOT Comply. The Feds have no trouble not obeying laws they don’t like and we will hold them to account. Remember, your local sheriff has more power than the President and our Governor. How/when are we going to get them involved and immediately make an arrest when one of these birds runs ramshod over the Constitution? Solutions?

  5. Mr. Steve Bradshaw is a nice fella. I’ve met him several times at various Lincoln Day Events around Idaho. He is running a very sparsely funded gubernatorial campaign. Mr Bradshaw penned the following in his op-ed:
    “Our Governor, Lt. Governor, Attorneys General, and Legislature, in part, are directly responsible for failing Idahoans.”
    Obviously, Mr. Bradshaw doesn’t know the roll the Lt. Governor plays. Lt. Governor Janice McGeachin only has two roles: She runs the senate floor sessions and is acting governor when Little leaves the state, that’s when he tells her, he’s leaving. Candidate Bradshaw is 100% wrong to lump Janice McGeachin in with the failing policies of the Governor, AG, and the legislature. She does not make policy, except, she can if the Governor leaves the state. I was a volunteer in her office for six-months, through last January. I can tell you, her office listened to so many Idahoans and also helped many, when so many callers told of never receiving a response from the Governor’s office. I personally took calls from people hurting. One woman was on the brink of suicide because she lost her job, had no money to pay bills and had no hope. I spent a half hour with this woman trying my best to reason with her, praying. I told her that after a divorce, I had been down to my last dollar. I promoted perseverance and said she will recover. Another woman came to the office. She told of losing her $125,000 job to the former chief of staff and I, while she shed tears. The Lt. Governor’s office also helps prisoners incarcerated in IDOC. There is so much good the Lt. Governor has done to help Idahoans during her term. But the fake news, Idaho news and others, wrongly paints the Lt. Governor in a different light. To Steve Bradshaw, who touts himself as a successful county commissioner, I say, drop out of the gubernatorial race and continue to be a great commissioner. See you next time sir.

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