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Op-Ed: Truth, Justice, and Liberty – or Evil: Which dominion will rule the land?

By • January 19, 2021

Isaiah 60:1-3  “Arise, shine, for your light has come, and the glory of the LORD rises upon you. See, darkness covers the earth and thick darkness is over the peoples, but the LORD rises upon you and his glory appears over you. Nations will come to your light, and kings to the brightness of your dawn.

 Each minute, every hour, and day of the week…I’d rather be condemned for giving voice to the truth and supporting liberty, than abjectly silenced in fear and passive to evil. I freely testify that all my hope rests in the finished work of Jesus Christ…my Lord and Savior.

By most any account we are now a country strongly divided. People drawing lines of demarcation upon the land. Lies, deceit, and propaganda – attacking the truth, justice thrown under the bus, love scorned by hate, and evil masquerading as good. Masses of people being blown about in the wind like defenseless wheat…deceived and silenced. How even now many Americans do not see the season of oppression and destruction approaching the land. The grim reaper is in our midst, within the whitewashed walls of social justice progressivism, aka: Cultural Marxism.

Consider the facts, contained between the margins of 20th century history it is estimated that more than 100 million people have been killed by two communist dictators: Mao Tse-tung of China – 60 million, and Joseph Stalin of Russia – 40 million, and if we cast in this lot Nazi socialist dictator Adolf Hitler of Germany – another 30 million. Make no mistake, the red and bloody sickle of communism is hammering into America the ideology plagues of tyranny – socialism, corporatism, racism, intolerance, injustice, inhumanity, and murder. A harvest now in the reaping to take away from “we the people” our freedom, liberties, justice, and pursuit of happiness for all.

Ask yourself, why have so many people from dictatorial communist/socialist countries often risked their lives to come here to America? Do we no longer study history rooted in truth? If we examine honestly the history of America; our founding fathers and the material facts they used to shape and write our Constitution which America is founded upon – can we in good conscience even approach the idea that communism is a good and viable option to replace our Republic? How has this come to be? Let us start with the faculties of our own reasoning; have we given up examining the evidence in the light of truth – without bias to the veracity of the facts? If we do, we will be deceived. But if we strive to examine everything in the light of truth, I believe most Americans would conclude, that our Republic is being subverted. A coup being thrust upon the foundational pillars of our country that many citizens do not see or acknowledge. An attack by the enemy from people outside our borders and from people within our borders…that have fallen prey to the enemy and an agenda of evil. Their aim is the total control of our government and denial of each and every citizens Constitutional rights. The abolishment of free speech; the abolishment of religious freedom to worship; a communistic manifesto directive acting to manipulate and obscure true knowledge of the Judeo-Christian doctrines historically taught in our schools and our college institutions; the abolishment of citizens Constitutional rights to bear arms to defend themselves against being violated and attacked by individuals, groups, countries, and the current attempted coup of our government. No true “rule of law” and our entire Constitution dismantled with puppet jokers in power holding court, of whom have no fidelity, nor allegiance to our country…“we the people.”

The evidence is now overwhelming, yet this war not openly declared by the enemy. For the enemy perpetuates and hides behind the con that they are the ones in the right fighting for the truth and what’s good, but their acts are void of God and any true morality. Consider their insidious and treacherous tactics of war; their initial weaponry implemented is lies and deceit, censorship, fear, and denial of justice to achieve their ultimate goal – total oppression of the truth. Leftist propaganda is shouted out by a number of elected politicians and high ranking public officials, and the mainstream news media. You need only to consider what they endorse to see through their lies. Once achieved, they’ll show their true hand; threatening, intimidating, imprisoning, and murdering anyone that dares to “step out of line” and resist. Not that they haven’t already committed these acts.

Anyone being complicit in these acts are declared by our Constitution criminals and may indeed be guilty of treason too. Yet, they push forward their evil agenda and to date have not been held accountable or prosecuted for their acts of negligence, derelict of duty, perjury, and treason. How could this be? The bastion ranks of our government have been bored into, infiltrated by agents and sympathizers of chaos and tyranny. What American patriots recognize as communism and socialism, being promulgated within our government by these agents of insurrection.

Sobering, but I allege sadly true, collectively as a country we have been passive and allowed this growing corruption within our government body. Our public schools and universities fueling the petri dish of this new age relativism that is rooted in ages old tyranny and evil. Ethics, morality, and history, have become whatever an individual or culture desires and deems them to be. This doctrine teaches there is no absolute truth, knowledge, or morality, and factual history to be considered a false narrative – fiction suitable for revision and rewritten.

If true as I allege and we are guilty; I believe a transcendent moral God credits dishonor upon us for this tragedy of the gravest consequences one can imagine upon mankind, our founding fathers, and generations of Americans. For many, many, American patriots from all walks of life and every ethnicity have stood, spoke-out, fought, and sacrificed to preserve the truth and liberties of this great nation. Our military and military veterans – men and woman of courage, integrity and honor; making personal sacrifices for the greater good of humanity, the world, and the USA. Fighting against tyranny and evil, often with their dying breath. Regardless of the dogma and false narratives perpetuated today, these “United States of America” is a country squarely founded upon the Judeo-Christian truths and principles written in the Bible – the word of God.  Men and woman of faith and courage that raised up their voice to help uphold the scales of justice. Liberty only exists in the light of truth and America’s candle that has burned so bright a beacon for all the world to see is under attack. Evil ravishing the land to extinguish our light and darkness to reign.

So far, the only branch of our government fully engaged in this battle is the Executive branch of the United States, held by our President Donald Trump. In 2016, four years ago, “we the people” chose Mr. Trump and elected him into the Presidential office. And I believe “we the people” chose Mr. Trump again Nov/2020 for a second term.

The perpetrators of the 2020 election fraud are staging a coup of our Republic. This is communism 101…agents of insurrection working within our government in compliance with a foreign government(s) to gain power/control by undermining the power and authority of America’s established government, aka: subvert. We now have witnessed both our election being rigged and news censorship of the truth “the evidence” by the many fake journalists. The frauds are any and all people that disseminate propaganda to the public and have of no integrity for the truth. They continuously give non-truths, half-truths and false reports in the mainstream news media to deceive the citizens of this country. They even go as far to decide and declare the results of our state elections, before the votes have been fully counted and authenticated.

Many Americans now know the truth, by seeing and hearing with their own eyes and ears the sworn depositions of American patriots testifying to the election fraud committed in the rigged elections held within the states of Pennsylvania, Michigan, Wisconsin, Georgia, Arizona, and Nevada. I believe the great majority of Americans in witness of the testimony and evidence would conclude to their dismay; that this election was rigged in favor of the Democratic party candidate, Joe Biden. For the preponderous of evidence testifies to a most serious fracture of the safeguards and “chain of custody” put in place to ensure that each and every American’s vote is rightfully counted. Yet, the aforementioned states election results were undermined by widespread election fraud and these rigged elections do indeed affect the national results of our Presidential election. Every single state within our Republic must have integrity in their elections, for without, there is no integrity of results for all the states elections tallied together. Our Republic’s democracy stands squarely upon the articles of our Constitution being upheld and especially so for our country’s elections to be legitimate.

Our Constitution provides for and gives instruction to correct this grievous violation to our country and most offensive assault to every single American’s Constitutional rights and liberties. Many of the people holding office within the ranks of our government have stepped to the sidelines; yet, there are still select American patriots that hold office in the ranks of our government daring to speak out and stand against lies, deception, intimidation, and assaults upon our Constitutional rights. They are performing their duty they pledged to do and acting in resistance to this attack upon our nation and our liberty.

Every branch of our government must have accountability to “we the people”…Executive, House, Senate, Supreme Court, and Military must do the job they “pledged” to perform. We must immediately work to root-out all corruption within our government. We need to be ever vigilant in seeking the truth and preserve the discourse of free speech. For without, as we have seen, the evidence of all sorts of evil will be swept under the rug.

The days ahead will tell of who within the ranks of our government are of integrity and honor with courage. “We the people,” all who believe and support the truth, must stand united in the fight against evil and the present attack upon our country and our liberties. Today is the day to pray to God and plea for Americans here in the USA and all oppressed people of every nation around the globe. Our country must be defended from both foreign and domestic attacks and our Constitution must be upheld – for the liberties provided to “we the people” are in the balance and at stake.

“I pledge allegiance to the flag of the United States of America, and to the republic for which it stands, one nation under God, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all.”

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4 thoughts on “Op-Ed: Truth, Justice, and Liberty – or Evil: Which dominion will rule the land?

  1. Excellent Nick!! thx for being a brother ‘In Christ’—” for our safety, our liberty depends upon preserving the Constitution of the United States as our Fathers made it inviolate. We the people are the rightful masters of both Congress and the Courts, not to overthrow the Constitution, but to overthrow the men who pervert the Constitution,” – Abraham Lincoln

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