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Op-Ed: Timing of St. Luke’s CEO Campaign Contribution to Governor is Troubling

By • September 26, 2021

Is it appropriate for the CEO of a private organization to give campaign contributions to an elected official and then that same elected official give our tax dollars to that private organization? Most people shudder at the thought of it because it does not pass the “smell test.”

Yet, this exact scenario happened between the CEO of St. Luke’s and our current Governor. On August 31st, the CEO of St. Luke’s, Chris Roth personally donated $2,500 to the Governors re-election campaign. Three short weeks later, the Governor announced he was injecting millions of tax dollars into the healthcare systems.

This kind of stuff sadly happens all the time in the political realm. The ruling elites tend to scoff at any notion of impropriety because they celebrate the status quo. Why wouldn’t they? The status quo exists because certain well-connected groups benefit from it. While the elites are busy kissing one another’s proverbial ring, regular folks like us are starting to wake up to the reality of a political environment which has been corrupted.

Folks in the ruling class sneered when I publicly called for an investigation into the healthcare systems weeks ago. To them, it makes all the sense in the world to turn over hundreds of millions of taxpayer dollars to private organizations and not conduct any audits or due diligence.

Can we stop pretending that the healthcare systems are all managed by Mother Theresa? The executives at the top are not washing orphans’ feet in the alleyways of Calcutta (now Kolkata). Rather, they are more like the corporatists who run any large firm in America. I get it, people will tell me how some hospitals are “non-profits.” I will save the finance lesson relating to the concept of “retained earnings” in the non-profit realm for another day.

The hospital executives of today have replaced the nuclear family with “birth-patients” and “non-birthing parents.” They have collected obscene amounts of money from our government, and we are all left wondering what they did with it (because it seems clear they did not use it to expand their COVID treatment capacity). And they have betrayed the frontline healthcare professionals in countless ways.

We should promote accountability and transparency in government. We should hold our politicians and community healthcare systems to the absolute highest ethical standards. We will have a Republic as long as we can keep it. It is time for the people to be the ruling class again.


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10 thoughts on “Op-Ed: Timing of St. Luke’s CEO Campaign Contribution to Governor is Troubling

    1. Please prosecute him. I deal with patients who are being denied care since they are not vaxxed.
      The vaxxed still have Covid and the media lies. What a farce.

    2. Yes We need to reclaim the citizens right to “Grand Jury” The charge would be maladministration. But right now the Grand Jury is hijacked by the DA whom alone decides weather the Grand Jury should see the case.

  1. Well said. It is apparent that the medical industrial complex/big pharma runs our government now. Unelected, but more powerful than our actual elected officials. Gov. Little’s covid cash also seems to coincide with the new propaganda campaign to scare people into thinking hospitals are overflowing and morgues can’t keep up with the number of dead. Isn’t it interesting, that there were no overflowing morgues or hospitals until the jabbing started?

    And I checked with the government’s own hospital utilization tracker. St. Luke’s isn’t even half full, including ICU.

    The media lie to us, the corrupt politicians like Little are getting money hand-over-fist to keep the covid hoax going.

  2. I keep seeing everyone calling audits, investigations, prosecutions, reforms etc. Did everyone miss Jan 6? The country was overthrown. WE DON’T HAVE A COUNTRY PEOPLE. There is NO method for working within the the system. Because the system is no more.
    The only options are violence, or withdrawing entirely from the old system and creating an entirely new one. Or both. Sorry but it is what it is. Or we can continue what we have done for 100 years until all our rights and property are gone.

      1. No…it was overthrown by the people that killed Ashli Babbitt. That was the Liberal Kabals way of telling the Patriots to shut up or die.

    1. i get what youre saying and agree completely youre trying to work within a system that doesnt work as corny as it sounds its literally the definition of insanity.

  3. Cara, I agree with the reply you wrote. Everyone political calls for investigation and that doesn’t happen today or tomorrow if ever. Our opinions are to violence, shoot the invaders and allow only people that don’t break the law to have legalized voting and legalized people that go through the system without stilling into our country to be legalized. Not all their relatives have the right to be imported. If you don’t love America and are willing to die for it then get out.

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