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Op-Ed: The Truth Hurts

By • August 26, 2021

The destruction of our fundamental human rights has moved at warp speed over the last year and a half.  So many who pledged to uphold the constitution have lied.  They have sold their soul and the soul of this beautiful state and country.

As I contemplate the political landscape of Idaho, the words of a young friend are the truest critique of Idaho politics I have heard. “At least those of the left are honest about what they are going to do. You know what they support. A vast majority of Republicans in this state say one thing and then vote another.”

Our Idaho US Senators voted for a massive debt spending bill. I am confident that this will “fundamentally” finish the transformation of our beautiful once free country and state to a full-blown world socialist-communist regime

Idaho GOP sides with big business and stands by while the bodily autonomy of the citizens of this state is violated through needle rape.

I find it abhorrent that the lame-ass excuse of not interfering with business is the excuse.

I fully support getting bureaucrats out of the business world.

Self-perpetuating bureaucratic agencies on the state and federal levels run the show.   I don’t know when there was a real Chief Executor in the governor’s seat in Idaho.  Maybe never.

Do away with every ADAPA rule that has to do with regulating any business. The Brad Little lie of being the most unregulated state in the country is an insult to the people, a mockery to the hardworking citizens that show up every day and battle the red tape that has not been reduced.

He knows nothing of being in business beyond the glory of being the water boy for Idaho Association of Commerce and Industry.

No more tax breaks. If the businesses can’t make it without subsidies from the government, so be it if they can’t float their boat. Small business owners have to take care of themselves. They are the strong backbone of this state and country.  These rules are created to stop competition

For the most part, the GOP is nothing more than socialists wearing a white hat and a red jacket, saying, “I am Republican, vote for me, trust me.”

Every elected official that has voted to take your rights away, if it is insurance that stalks you, or voting for debt in the name of, “if we don’t spend it, someone else will.” Should never hold public office again.  We are not two years old, and we see the truth, this is not a bag of lollipops.  Our society will be crushed under the weight of this debt.   These people are not watching out for you, and they laugh at how malleable we are.

The state of Idaho allows the murder of babies. Those who will not vote to abolish abortion are accessories to close to 1500 murders in Idaho each year. That is four unborn Idaho children a day who will never see their mother’s face.

Government is not the answer. Leaving people alone and letting them work, produce, build wealth, families, and homes is the answer.

I suppose the founders were correct, that the constitution would only last as long as we were a moral people.

I have been a lifelong conservative.  Being second-generation Americans, we learned that working and being independent was freedom not afforded in most countries. America it was.

When I decided to run for office, maintaining that conservativism was very important to me, it was natural for me to believe in the Republican platform.

Establishment legislators are in bed with the Idaho Association of Commerce and Industry.  Legislators who do not believe in subsiding big business, who intended to uphold their oath of office are a minority.

I did not know the level of visceral hate and retribution that would exist in that power structure.

Know your friends, keep them close, know those who wish to destroy and use you even better.  Never turn your back.  Never offer blind allegiance to anyone or anything, only God.

May God bless and keep you; may He hold you in His hand.

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18 thoughts on “Op-Ed: The Truth Hurts

  1. Conservatives need to focus on rebuilding each legislative district with primary candidates to end this overwhelming liberalism. Conservatives need to do their homework and build their wing of the party before they can become successful. If there’s an objective to do that, no one knows about that. The legislature in Idaho deserves a large share of the blame and even conservatives need to understand that they will be held accountable if they remain in the minority wing of the Idaho Republican party.

  2. Kudos Christy Zito, you say it like it is and dont speak like a politician. I am a conservative living in Californian, planning to sneak over the DMZ into America soon. Please dont let Idaho go down the toilet like California has. First, Stop voting Democrat. There are no real Democrats left in the party. Second, if someone claims to be a Republican background them and hold their feet to the fire. Thirdly, The country is being stolen while the good people did nothing. Conservatives need to mobilize and get involved in the political process. Ignore the Media, they have no credibility anymore, do what the “Democrats” did, get people who think like us into the bureaucracy and positions of power. This can be done, but we need to act quickly or our kids will suffer under the tyranny.

  3. great comments christy. with the exception of abortion i agree whole heartedly. government should stay out of an individual life. abortion is a tough call because of deeply held religious and personal beliefs. separation of church and state must prevail. i still believe in my body my choice. no government should be able to tell me what to do with my body. be it a covid shot or an abortion. that is between the individual and their god. just my thoughts. thank you for all the hard work you are doing

    1. Thomas Jefferson in his letter to the Danbury Baptist church never intended for his words to be construed that kept religion out of government, but that government should not meddle in the affairs of religion.

      1. Thomas Jefferson meant the government was not to establish a state church. The pilgrims fled The Anglican Church of England. George Washington said, morality and religion were the two supports necessary to keep a Republic.

    2. Unfortunately when it comes to abortion it is not only one’s body involved, but another as well. No one has the right to take another life whether that life be in the womb or breathing on its own. Preserve life at all cost!

  4. Amen. Don’t forget the healthcare lobby connection. Little and his healthcare director in bed with the major hospitals still wont promote and authorize the use of Ivermectin and Hyroxychloriquin to treat Covid. Idahoans dieing and the treasury being drained right into the pockets of guess who? These people no better than Coumo of New York and the criminal care organizations there. Japan health association chairman just recommended Ivermectin to every physician there.

  5. This!!!!

    This is why I call myself a RINO. Because the GOP has abandoned moral clarity, principled conservatism, and American nationalism. Our ENTIRE Idaho delegation is… well… where are they?

    They don’t speak, or post, or show up.

    They are NOT RINOs. They are… Republicans.

    This is what the Republican party in America has become, and this is why conservatives are fed up with it. But until a third party emerges to usurp the Republicants or Demoncats, conservatives will have to do business as *actual RINOS.*

    Republican In Name Only.

  6. Violating one’s oath of office is a felony. Punishable by fine, prison and removal from office. It’s time we start demanding the arrest of politicians that defy that oath. Problem solved.

  7. Love your honest message Christy. The Republican Party has shown it’s
    true colors. Saying what the people want to hear then stabbing them in
    the back to please their corporate donors. From the Governor through most
    of the Senate. Time to take out the trash.

  8. I love Christy! If you like her, make a donation to her campaign. She’s the only member on the Senate Health and Welfare Committee not receiving donations from the big hospital lobbyists. If you want a a candidate for the people, you need to support them financially. If you are ready to fight Littles corruption support Ed Humphreys. Super sharp and has a plan to drain the Idaho swamp.

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