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Op-Ed: The Real Threat, Unconscious Socialism

By • August 13, 2020

Given that socialism was responsible for the murder of over 100 million people in the 20th century, the real threat is not “unconscious racial bias”, but “unconscious socialism”.  From our earliest recollections, each of us was raised in a communal socialist structure, a family, where we were given food, shelter, and material goods according to our need and we contributed according to our ability.  As we matured, our first venture beyond our family unit was to public school which was also a socialist structure.   Intellectually we may know that individual liberty and decentralized free enterprise have created the most innovative and prosperous economic system the world has ever known, but unconsciously we all remain prisoners of our collectivist upbringings.

Unconscious socialism is real.  Many are offended when confronted with the fact they are unconsciously socialist declaring that they absolutely believe in individual liberty and free enterprise.  Some even talk about the many small businesses they run and patronize, however, this is a well-documented form of denial called “Socialist Fragility” where the unconscious socialist is too fragile to face their true nature.  The first step in overcoming our socialist nature and neutralizing the threat it represents is to honestly admit to ourselves that socialism is in our DNA and unconsciously we are prisoners of it.

Conscious and unconscious socialists have also created an unstated collectivist network where those with the most visible socialist tendencies have greater access to jobs, business loans, and society’s elite.  This phenomenon is call “socialist privilege”.  Like unconscious socialism, you may not be aware of your socialist privilege and how it benefits you.  You may believe you were hired by that mainstream media company, or that silicon valley high tech giant based on merit, but check again… your socialist privilege might be showing.

How do we oppose the evils of unconscious socialism and socialist privilege?  One way that has been proven very effective is “unconscious socialism training” where roll play scenarios enable employees to overcome socialist fragility and recognize their collectivist tendencies.  This training provides the tools to combat the hidden socialist “immune system” that attacks diversity of thought and the employees who are most innovative and productive.  The companies that have instituted this training report greater innovation, productivity and happier empowered employees.

Unconscious socialism awareness is a good start, but not enough.  Those truly passionate about combating the evils of socialism must become “anti-socialists”.  There are several ways to start your anti-socialist activism.  One way is to join a local anti-socialist organization like the Rotary, Lions Club, or American Legion.  These groups meet regularly and demonstrate annually, not by shaking down companies that refuse to implemented unconscious socialism training, but by marching in community parades like the Veteran’s Day parade.  Socialist organizations like BLM burn down their local communities, while anti-socialist organizations take the fruits of liberty to build up their communities.  Another great way to start is to read the “anti-socialist manifesto”.  It is widely available on the internet for free, and can be found by searching on the key words “United States Constitution” (unless it has been shadow banned by some privileged Google socialist).

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