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Op-Ed: “The Court of Social Justice: The Judge, the Jury, and the Executioner.”

By • October 29, 2020

The court of social justice needs a reckoning. It has become drunk with power and espouses a dogma where empathy is weaponized and dissenters are punished. Anyone who dares have a lived experience or opinion that challenges the court may do so but at their own peril. Character assassination resulting in cruel, divisive behavior is now a perfectly acceptable means to an end, leaving no room for compassion, civil discourse, or independent thinking.

The court is now the judge, the jury, and the executioner.

Recently, Boise State leadership had the opportunity to stop this destructive behavior after students and administrators launched an unsubstantiated, behind-the-scenes smear campaign of a locally owned small business. The crime? Supporting law enforcement. Had the involved parties done their due diligence, they would have learned that the female business owner’s significant other, a law enforcement officer, was paralyzed and lost his leg after being shot five times by a violent criminal several years ago. This happened while he was protecting our community.

The court of social justice took no mercy on a small business expanding during a global pandemic or the students who would become unemployed as a result of the business being removed as a campus vendor. None of that mattered because it had achieved its goal: silencing the perceived dissenter.

If Boise State leadership were truly committed to an environment where inclusivity, diversity, and equity are valued, they would have recognized that this also involves protecting diversity of thought. Instead, they opted to set a dangerous precedent where people must walk the razor-thin margin of perfection or be subjected to the wrath of the court.

How does retaliation against coffee and baked goods actually advance marginalized communities and catalyze policy reform? It doesn’t.

The only tangible outcome is the delusional self-satisfaction of harming a local business owner and her employees. Perhaps the court should take heed from Thomas Sowell. “Justice at all costs is not justice.”

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3 thoughts on “Op-Ed: “The Court of Social Justice: The Judge, the Jury, and the Executioner.”

  1. Once again Lauren Butler delivers truth concisely and without rancor. We best heed her accurate depiction of our current social and political climate. Are we all to be respectfully free? The hypocrisy of those that espouse ‘inclusive’ without even remotely engaging in the act need to be brought to the attention of all American citizens. We are indeed = all = respectfully free!

  2. I tried to do a little investigating on my own. Talked to the ASBSU President. He told me that neither Tromp nor himself were part of the decision. He tried to tell me the owner of the coffeeshop made the decision herself to leave. I told him I would not support the school financially until I see this cancel culture put to a halt on campus. That also included indoctrination in the class room.
    I still plan on contacting one of Tromp’s assistants. I understand from an article that she was involved. Also will be contacting IESC. Inclusive Excellence Student Council. I think they may have had a great deal of input in this decision.

  3. We have no respect for this behavior and will boycott the football games and any other support for this college.

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