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Op-Ed: The Cost of Mayor McLean’s Virtue Signaling Grand Inquisition

By • December 7, 2022

I haven’t seen the “evidence” against Mr. Bryngelson in his ongoing social justice trial. I’ve only heard how whatever he said/wrote has been interpreted by the woke mayor and woke channel seven.

The questions an objective mind would ask are:

“If one strips away the hyperbole from the retired officer’s comments, are his assertions true?”

“Is he right in his message and wrong in his delivery?”

“What parts of his comments are opinion formed through his lens from experiences /observations over his long career as a proactive officer and supervisor, versus what is supported more objectively through DOJ offender/victim reporting?”

The First Amendment is intended to protect unpopular speech. The First Amendment of (most) officers is in essence suspended during one’s career. For many it is like holding your breath for thirty years.

Bryngelson retired and said what he wanted to say under an alias on video and behind a pen-name in writings. In doing so, he protected himself and the agency from attack. It seems he kept a firewall between his off-duty and on-duty worlds.

“Has there been any vetting of truth in what the retired captain claims?”

The rules of evidence in a social justice trial are stacked against the accused who is presumed guilty. This is to be expected in Marxist-Maoist Cultural Revolutions such as the one underway in this country.

BPD promoted Bryngelson three times. His now public views are not a retroactive indictment of the culture of BPD. In an agency as Woke and big on social promotion and virtue signaling as BPD, these promotions do not happen to a straight, white male if there is any concern (perceived or real) over a lack of professionalism or pushback on the prevailing social justice narrative.

Rumors, let alone sustained complaints, would have tanked Bryngelson’s career, not advanced it. Obviously, nothing surfaced when he served in that fishbowl, walk-on-eggshell, PC environment. They wouldn’t make a known heretic more visible by promoting him. They would have made an example of him by canning him and then cashed in for a spike in their social credit score from channel seven, BSU radio, and the civil rights wing of the DOJ.

If any complaint (sustained or not) of the nature before us now had been made on Bryngelson, while he served, he would have been made an example of what is not tolerated. In fact, for far less the city would have pounced on him with glee over the smallest politically incorrect comment during his career.

Given the smallest amount of evidence the city would not have passed on the powerful optics of such a sacrifice as the blond-haired Bryngelson on the altar of Marxism. Publicly Sacrificing him during his career would have been far more productive to BPD and the Mayor’s cultural revolution than promoting this crime fighter based on his competence and professionalism alone, as they did three times.

This “investigation” is nothing but virtue signaling at the expense of taxpayers. Move on.

This Op-Ed was submitted by Doug Traubel. Op-Eds do not necessarily reflect the views and opinions of those at the Idaho Dispatch.

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23 thoughts on “Op-Ed: The Cost of Mayor McLean’s Virtue Signaling Grand Inquisition

  1. This “investigation” really isn’t about Bryngelson. He just provided an excuse for “Mao” McLean’s angry, loud witch hunt after Lee’s failure to transform BPD into PPD. It’s very clear she is intent on nothing less than a wholesale purge and political cleansing of BPD. When she’s finished, anyone who even dares think a thought outside the progressive, woke, ideology taking over Boise will be publicly drawn and quartered before being fired. Ironic that the primary springboard for all this is no less than the ultra far-left Southern Poverty Law Center. To put this in parallel context, it would be like a radical right mayor getting a complaint from the “Proud Boys” about a retired officer that had their picture taken with AOC, and then immediately hiring the most sordid, hunter-killer, politically connected law firm available to make absolutely sure no one in BPD ever dared do such a thing again. This is no investigation. It’s a purge. All we’re missing is reeducation camps like China and Colorado have. Boise is lost.

    1. Great piece! City Hall is off the woke meter and the mayor is stoking a fire that has never been burning. It’s a hit piece so she can get BPD to become more like Portland PD.

  2. Well, it is one good way of attempting to hide incompetence. I mean, really, when it comes down to it, who is ultimately responsible for the hiring and firing of former chief Lee? Mr. Traubel is correct. If there had been a problem with the man during his career, they would not have continued to promote him.

  3. Doug, seriously, have you considered running for Mayor?
    Boise needs the strength and integrity that you could provide.

    1. He ran for sheriff, doubt the people of Boise would be able to pull their heads out of their butts long enough to hear what he has to say.

  4. Witch hunt! There has not been a single allegation of any law he broke. McClean needs to be sued into oblivion over this for slander.

  5. Please. We need a new Mayor and Council! Doug is exactly correct. His writings are excellent. With over 50 openings in the Boise PD- we know why it is so difficult to hire. Remember a real leader takes responsibility- Mayor Lauren takes none- she must be replaced.

    1. The Dems strategy for Raphael was amazing. Before the election they had planned to sue in court for 2 extra days of voting, had identified all voters who had mail in ballots and hired people to harvest. Read it in the Federalist.

  6. Excellent Op-ed Sir,
    We have quite a challenge ahead in replacing this disastrous Mayor McWoke. Given that we have no clear challenger to the current cabal in office, lets talk about how we rid ourselves of this perverted city government and replace it with honest Boiseans who wish to serve the people rather than the new world order leftists.

  7. First thing that needs to be done is to take down MSM so the sheep can be led in the right direction. Without that we will continue to lose.

    The other option would be to dress Doug up as a woman, give it some pronouns and voilà we have victory.

  8. I have watched hundreds of hours of videos of police interactions with criminals. I first took interest when I was trying to figure out what the sovereign citizen movement was about because some people tried to recruit me into it – unsuccessfully I might add. Anyway, I’ve watched the exact pattern of what Captain Bryngelson describes many, many times. The “victim” is actually the predator who attempts to set up the police officer by claiming police brutality or misconduct. If it only happened in one city, you could say that it was an anomaly in that city but when you see it – the same pattern over and over in cities all across the country, there is something else going on. That something else is exactly what Doug Traubel said . There is a marxist revolution happening in this country and they would very much like to get rid of the police. If you know any history at all, then you know that communist/marxists kill millions of people when their criminal syndicate takes over. The only thing standing between us and mass murder of our population is the police. If we don’t defend our police, then you’ll be defending yourself against communist savages (which includes people like the Mayor of Boise).

  9. Again i repeat its only racism if it’s not true. These SJW’s never ever actual address the comments or statements, they just talk about their feelings. Like saying Black people have a lower IQ than whites. OMG!!!! thats racist…. Well actually it’s not it’s a true statement that has been proven repeatedly.

  10. Doug Traubel has written a book called Red Badge, A veteran peace officer’s commentary on the Marxist subversion of American Law enforcement and culture. He knows of which he speaks.

  11. Does anyone have a link to the video of Matthew Bryngelson’s speech? I’d like to hear what was so racist.

  12. Racist, anti-Semite Doug Traubel defending racist Bryngelson on the white supremacist site Idaho Dispatch. That sounds about white. People tend to use terms like “woke” and “politically incorrect” because they don’t know terms like “enlightened” and “empathy.” It’s either that, or they can’t spell those words.

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