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Op-Ed: The Conservative Case to support Ron Twilegar for Ada County Prosecutor

By • October 11, 2020

I am a proud registered Republican and I very rarely vote for candidates outside of my party. I support the Constitution, limited government, and fiscal responsibility. This typically disqualifies most Democrats in my mind, however, I have given thought to this race and I see Twilegar as the best option in the Ada County Prosecutor election.

He has a resume that is second to none from his service as a 2nd Lieutenant in Vietnam to his various elected offices. This includes Boise City Councilman, State Representative, State Senator, Senate Minority Leader, and has previous county prosecutor experience. He is an old-school Democrat that knows how to work with Republicans.

I feel particularly compelled to write in support of him because I feel he is a candidate with the proper judgment and fiscal responsibility to lead the Prosecutor’s office. I, unfortunately, cannot say the same thing for Jan Bennetts. During Bennetts’ reign as Prosecutor, we have seen millions of our tax dollars slipping through the county’s fingers. This is particularly due to the settlement of $2.2 million our county paid Fortistar due to the failed Dynamis deal that violated a contract the county had with Fortistar concerning their ability to supply their engines with landfill gases for their 20-year contract. There was also $451,000 in legal fees our taxes were responsible for paying. The lack of transparency on the Dynamis deal has long been a dark cloud looming over Ada County. The constitutionality is questionable at best according to our state constitution as Ada County indebted ourselves to a private company. This event deeply concerned me. This ultimately cost us over $2.6 million, some argue that the lawsuit would have been won by the county if they had not settled. Some argue otherwise. I do not know the answer, but I do know that it was the citizens of Ada County who paid the price for their mistakes.

Additionally, in 2019 we saw Jan Bennetts put truck drivers in jail for transporting industrial hemp and continue the prosecution despite the enormous public backlash. Petitions were created and signed by nearly 13,000 unhappy Ada County citizens to drop the charges. Bipartisan groups of legislators stood in public opposition to the prosecution as well.

Ron Twilegar is willing to call out the wasteful spending and put a stop to it. He has been very vocal in his opposition to the Dynamis deal and will deliver the transparency we need on it. Twilegar has also been a critic of Bennett’s handling of the hemp truck driver’s case. His Facebook page calls it a “waste of taxes, time, and judicial resources” and I believe that is how the majority of people viewed the incident. He has a reasonable perspective on the issues and can appeal to many different people.

As I mentioned previously, I am a conservative constitutionalist. I care about how my taxes are spent and I detest wasteful spending. The Dynamis deal and the hemp prosecution has made it clear in my mind that we need a change in leadership and a turnover in power. Our founding fathers grew hemp and it is as American as the Constitution. I support individual liberty, low taxes, and clear-minded judgment. In the election of Ada County Prosecutor, the only candidate that fits that criteria is Ron Twilegar. Vote person, not party, to preserve liberty and justice for all.

5 thoughts on “Op-Ed: The Conservative Case to support Ron Twilegar for Ada County Prosecutor

  1. I received a political mailer from Twilegar which stated his positions as a AARP member. He states. “… I wrote letters to our GOVERNOR about COVID 19 and my concern over his “phase reopening” polices. Now he wants to reopen schools”. He also states a desire to “lead in new ways”. The new way of liberals is to lock down our community and schools. As a potential Ada county Prosecutor, these ‘new’ ideas could be enforced. As a senior, I do not support the politics of AARP. Therefore, I appreciate that Twilegar sent out a mailer to share his views as a Prosecutor Candidate, as few do. With that said, after receiving his mailer, I realize that my vote and support for Jan Bennetts is even more important for the future of Ada County.

  2. If Republican elected officials or candidates are flawed, the time to deal with them is during the primary, not the general election! I will never endorse or support anyone who chooses to affiliate with the party of death and destruction. If Twilegar were a decent human being, he would have run as a Republican during the last primary or as an Independent in the general. Instead, he chose to run as a democrat and that means he will NEVER earn my vote!

    1. I say we put him in and then replace him with a Republican next election, he at least sounds better than the incumbent…

  3. I agree with this perspective. Jan Bennetts does not seem to have done a good job based on this article and other negative things I have seen against her. As a fellow Republican I think that I will do the same and vote for this guy Ron Twilegar. I say we give him 4 years and put a Republican in when he’s done!

  4. jeff braga, you are about as pretty a little anarchist looking feller as I have seen lately.
    Conservative indeed. If you want to pose as a patriot, at least clean up your hygiene long enough for even just one meme.
    Tell us again how old you were to be so concerned when the Dynamis debacle was baksheeshed by the Ada County COMMISSIONERS in 2013 (TWENTY THIRTEEN!) here in Ada county.
    Although she was NOT a commissioner, Prosecutor Bennetts first term began in 2014.Then again, maybe the best question would be WHERE WERE YOU then? Probably not even in Idaho at the time.
    twilegar has shown himself to be a scofflaw in several areas and has earned his position with the other godless, baby murdering, dopers. If polly j, the doobie girl or now Boise’s comrade lorrie were old white guys, you couldn’t tell the three of them apart!
    You say you are a “constitutionalist.” Hah! If you were you would be able to comprehend why even 13,000 misguided twerps signing some inconsequential and feeble “petition” doesn’t have diddly squat (just typing that reminds me of you) to do with changing or not enforcing IDAHO laws and statutes.
    Instead of composing misguided propaganda, go back to your left coast, hold a candle light vigil, smoke some dope, sing, hug your fellow girly bois and sing kumbyah for twilegar and hemp.

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