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Op-Ed: Simpson: Jordan Was Not the Right Fit for Speaker

By • October 23, 2023

Idaho Congressman Mike Simpson is accustomed to attacks from the right – for his work on the Appropriations Committee, his votes for big-budget bills and his support for dam breaching. Now, there’s something else for those on the far right to complain about:

His votes against installing Rep. Jim Jordan of Ohio as speaker of the House, which drew a strong rebuke from former state Rep. Dorothy Moon, the chair of the Idaho Republican Party. That’s akin to the Idaho State football team being booed by the cheering squad.

Traditionally, the state GOP stays away from policy debates, focusing instead on keeping Republicans such as Simpson in office. But Moon, a vocal conservative during her days in the Legislature, has established a different standard.

She wasted no time expressing “our disappointment” in voting against Jordan, the pride of Freedom Caucus fans everywhere.

“Our party has always championed fair and open deliberation, and it is disheartening to see one of our own Idaho congressmen deviate from a fair process to emphasize the same message as the radical Democrat members of the House.”

Idaho’s other congressman, Russ Fulcher, backed Jordan.

Part of her comments had the flavor of a campaign press release. Moon said in her statement that the party’s office “has been inundated with emails and phone calls” from registered voters who were upset by Simpson’s actions.

“Congressman Simpson’s inclination to engage in inside-the-Beltway political games rather than focusing on the pressing business that truly matters to our constituents is disappointing,” she wrote. “Representative Simpson has served in Congress for decades. Perhaps all this time away from Idaho has caused him to lose sight of the real work that Americans need on the important issues that impact them and their families. … The people of Idaho expect Mike Simpson to represent their concerns and prioritize their needs above political games and partisan divisions.”

Simpson’s votes also crossed the line with the Idaho Freedom Foundation, which normally avoids involvement with congressional business.

“Simpson, who is siding with other leftist members of Congress to keep the chamber in complete disarray, preventing it from carrying out the people’s business, and most importantly, blocking conservative leadership from being seated,” says the IFF, nothing that Jordan is “a respected member of the U.S. House Freedom Caucus.”

Of course, with Simpson, “respected” and “House Freedom Caucus” don’t belong in the same sentence. Simpson has been at odds with that group for almost a decade. That caucus, which included Jordan and former Idaho Congressman Raul Labrador, was instrumental in forcing the resignation of Rep. John Boehner of Ohio (a friend of Simpson’s) as speaker in 2015. So, Jordan was about the last person in the world that Simpson would want as speaker.

Simpson wasn’t the only Republican opposing Jordan. The House conducted three votes for Jordan’s speakership, and he lost support each time before giving up his bid. Simpson, in his response to Moon, blamed the whole mess on the “so-called Republicans” who initiated the ouster of Rep. Kevin McCarthy from the speaker’s chair.

“Their actions paralyzed the House’s legislative business and left Republicans looking like we are incapable of governing,” Simpson wrote.

Well … Republicans can’t govern, plain and simple. The divide, generally, is between those who want to kiss up to Donald Trump and re-live the 2020 election, and those (such as Simpson) who want to move on. There will be peace in the Middle East before that political situation gets resolved.

Simpson said his objection to Jordan was based on Jordan’s consistent opposition to continued research at the Idaho National Laboratory, and other priorities that are near and dear to his constituents in the Second District – such as support for Gowen Field and Mountain Home Air Force Base. Simpson also noted that Jordan has never voted for a Farm Bill, which is crucial to the agriculture industry.

“I cannot vote for a speaker who does not support our state. And I will not take Chairwoman Moon’s ill-advised input when I have been fighting for Idaho longer than she has lived in the state,” Simpson wrote.

We’ll see where Moon goes from here. If she thinks constituents in the Second District are so outraged over Simpson, and so overwhelmingly on her side, then maybe she ought to run against him next year. It would be a heck of a race, for sure.

Chuck Malloy is a long-time Idaho journalist and columnist. He may be reached at

This Op-Ed was submitted by Chuck Malloy. Op-Eds do not necessarily reflect the views and opinions of those at the Idaho Dispatch.

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26 thoughts on “Op-Ed: Simpson: Jordan Was Not the Right Fit for Speaker

  1. Dorothy Moon is right. I wouldn’t want her to run for Mike Simpson’s seat though. We need her leadership in the Idaho GOP. I hope a true conservative will challenge Mr. Simpson for the District 2 House Seat.

    After observing Mr. Simpson’s big-spending voting record for the past two years — and the many earmarks he’s pushed for — I would not encourage Idaho taxpayers to support him.

    Simpson earned an “F” score — right down there with most Democrats — for earmarks (transparency) on Open the Books (

    Mike Simpson: (R) ID-02
    Grade: F (58%)

    Jim Jordan: (R) OH-04
    Grade: B (84%)

    Mr. Simpson needs to re-read The Idaho Republican Party Platform ( For example, ARTICLE I. RESPONSIBILITY IN GOVERNMENT Section 1. Fiscal Responsibility states that “We believe the size and cost of government, as well as the national debt, must be reduced.”

    Just because Mr. Simpson is on the Appropriations Committee does not mean he should spend other people’s money — our money — profligately.

    Mr. Simpson might want to ask Mr. Jordan why Mr. Jordan voted against bills that “would help Idaho.”

    Perhaps Mr. Jordan was looking at the entire package of pork and didn’t think every taxpayer in the country should help Mr. Simpson bring home the bacon.

    Not everyone in Idaho wants the Federal government fund everything Mr. Simpson thinks our state may wish to do; the attached strings that inevitably come with such federal funding generally ARE NOT worth it.

    1. Up Chucky-I liked Jordon but I am not sure why he is taking so long to impeach Biden/Mayorcus on the unsecured border ! How about the squad of Hamas supporters insurrectionists……WTF?
      If he could get that done not sure how effective he would have been as speaker. I think Mike Johnson has potential since he has a good background in Constitutional Law….

    2. Well said. I think it’s time for Simpson to go. I had never heard a thing from him for years, but after this fiasco I am getting mailers and emails regularly from his office. Looks like he is running scared, and with good reason. I will not support him any longer. He lost my support years ago. I have a lot of respect for Jim Jordan. He is fighting hard for all Americans whether they realize it or not. He would have been a great speaker, and would have fought for conservatives in lowering expenditures and big government. The last speaker had the Dems on the ropes a few times and was incapable of delivering any progress. The liberals seemed to come out the winners every time, and we got nothing.

  2. So I’m confused. Is this an op-ed or a statement by Congressman Simpson? From what I can tell it’s certainly not a statement by the Congressman, just inferences by a biased RINO reporter.

    “The divide, generally, is between those who want to kiss up to Donald Trump and re-live the 2020 election, and those (such as Simpson) who want to move on.”

    Pretty obvious which side the author is on here, and it’s not the side who is genuinely concerned about votes mattering.

      1. Maybe you should move on back to California. Idaho doesn’t need its very own version of Mitt Romney, which is what Simpson is.

    1. It’s an op-ed by a liberal loser who makes reading the Dispatch damned near intolerable… sucking up to Simpson because he’s pro-establishment… i.e. pro-uniparty… i.e. pro-big government. Simpson betrayed Idaho as we had the first opportunity to elect a truly conservative Speaker in my lifetime, and that won’t be forgiven. But it’s no wonder doing so would be heralded as heroic by a liberal hack like Malloy.

  3. I myself am very disappointed in Mr. Simpson he is there to do the bidding of the people of the state not his own opinion. Jim Jordan has a back bone and is not afraid of taking on the corruption in Washington.

  4. Simpson is an utter Uniparty RINO, and Malloy is a dedicated leftist shill pushing the progressive agenda. I say NO to both of them.

  5. Jim Jordan, he is the man who stands tall among men. He has brains and backbone, which are so lacking in the mental midgets in today’s Congress. What the neck happened to honor, ethics, integrity and putting the interests of Americans first? Did American values die after Eisenhower left office or are they buried somewhere? Just wondering? Where have all the flowers gone?

  6. Simpson should come out of the closet. If it quacks like a duck, usually it is a duck. Simpson acts, votes like a democrat, he should just change party to be what he is. We Idahoans already know what he is.

  7. The “never voted for a farm bill” comment was telling. Maybe because Jordan actually read the thing and realized the farm bill is written by BigAg against the small farmer. Simpson is a lackey for Big Corporations and not for the people. Time for him to go bye-bye and let’s hope people remember that when Simpsons term is up. That also if we have real elections by then which is in serious doubt.

  8. Simpson is not the right fit for Idaho congressional Rep. The Republican Party has been infiltrated by democrats posing as Republicans. Mike is a Rino.
    I remember when he was first elected and almost got kicked out because he was not even a resident of Idaho.
    That makes him first if all. A big fat lier!!!!
    Great job eastern Idaho. Keep electing Mike. You get the government you deserve. 33 trillion dollars. Really!?

  9. Simpson is a Democrat. So if he walks like a demorat, votes like a demorat, bingo, guess what? He is a demorat in a clown suit!

  10. First off, Simpson is Left wing and not a Republican. He took a bribe from FTX to vote against Jim Jordan. How many bribes has he taken over his political career?

  11. This last debacle by Simpson and the 118th as a whole has cost more than Simpsons likelihood of being primaried. My family has joined the ranks of millions of other seniors who are done with politics and in particular the GOP/RNC. We’ve towed the line for decades only to be lied to and let down again and again.

    Last election we voted for Dorothy, Raul, Dan, Russ and reluctantly Crapo, Risch and Little and nothing has changed nationally or in our state.

    Well, no more. Whether it be Risch meeting with Zelenski to closed door Speaker votes, we are tired of it all. Good luck in 24 & 26 without millions of us boomers and our donations.

  12. Mike Johnson is a far better fit at Speaker of the House, glad we have him. Jordan has been a bit compromised lately.
    Mike Simpson is proven Liberal Idiot, The People of Idaho have wanted him long gone for years.
    Lord knows why the voters of Southeast Idaho, and of course Blue Boise, keep voting his Liberal rear end into office.

      1. Your remark shows how little your brain is and how biased and big your mouth is. How do you know who votes to put Simpson in. Do you personally get to view religious membership of each voter? No and nobody else does either. Your own prejudices show clearly in your statement. Religion is protected as much as your freedom to speak. Think before opening your mouth and letting the whole world know how misguided such insulting and prejudice remarks are.

        1. Did I say anything negative about his religion? I know tens of LDS people and we all get along great. If you don’t think religion impacts voters choices then you are living in a dream world. I know I would never vote for someone associated with the Muslim Brotherhood, Satanic cult, Agnostic, Atheist, Scientology……etc. I think it’s safe to say Americans consider religious affiliation when casting a vote.

          It’s law to disclose religious affiliation when serving in Congress. Here you go.

          ID 1 Russ Fulcher R Continuing Protestant unspecified
          ID 2 Mike Simpson R Continuing Mormon
          ID Senator Jim Risch R Continuing Catholic
          ID Senator Michael D. Crapo R Continuing Mormon

  13. Idaho is slowly but surely becoming california/oregon. And it’s because of the politicians like Simpson. He and so many of our local representatives are simply not conservatives and are doing what they can to destroy this state. Big government, open borders, higher taxes, less freedom, all designed to put us all under their control. The governor is the worst offender. People in Idaho better wake up and soon!

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