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Op-Ed: Sickening Fees a Blatant Violation of INALIENABLE RIGHTS

By • April 22, 2021

TO: Honorable Senator Winder, District 20
Honorable Representatives Holtzclaw & Palmer, District 20

Cc: Honorable Idaho Lieutenant Governor, Senators, and Representatives

We now have Idaho Code §49-1234(4) making it a crime to not have (liability) insurance on a personally owned vehicle such that it now requires a $75 fee to “reinstate” the unConstitutionally declared “privilege” to “possess” a personal vehicle.

This Idaho Code is but the “tip of the iceberg”, as it were, which is repugnant to the Idaho Constitution

Idaho Constitution, Article 1 is the equivalent of Idahoans’ State Bill of Rights.

The Idaho State Bill of Rights, indeed, the entirety of the Idaho Constitution, state government and laws are superior to the federal Constitution, federal government and laws. For, it is from the Constitutions of the Several States which the subordinate federal Constitution, government and laws are established and from which their limited authority is derived.

Section 1 of Article 1 of the Idaho Constitution reads(emphasized):
INALIENABLE RIGHTS OF MAN. All men are by nature free and equal, and have certain inalienable rights, among which are enjoying and defending life and liberty; acquiring, possessing and protecting property; pursuing happiness and securing safety.

Possession of property cannot be made into a “privilege”. Period. Especially that a “license” be demanded to be paid upon to possess that property. Indeed, it is also not the authority of the Idaho government at any level to declare what “property” is.

Indeed, “possession” is more than “owning” of that property, it includes the use of the same.

With confidence I do present that the entirety of the Idaho Traffic Infraction Act of 1981 & 1983 within Title 49 is State Unconstitutional.

The requirement to have a license (car plates) and registration to personally possess a vehicle, let alone a “(driver’s) license” to use the same for personal use is state Unconstitutional.

Sure, regulate the business use of a vehicle within moderation, but not that of personally “possessing … property” of he same.

By your individual and collective oaths to uphold and defend the Idaho Constitution, you are required to introduce bills which repeal any and all Idaho and/or lower government laws, rules, regulations, policies, and ordinances which are repugnant to the Idaho Constitution.

Further, you are required to introduce bills which protect Idahoans and preempt and prohibit the federal government and its laws, rules, regulations, policies, and ordinances which it creates that are repugnant to the Idaho Constitution and laws.

Bryan Carter
District 20 Constituent

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