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Op-Ed: Response to Bob Kustra

By • June 14, 2021

In regards to the Bob Kustra’s opinion of the “Idaho Republicans vote against the bipartisan commission to investigate January 6 insurrection.” I must point out the glaring title and misinformation featured in the heading of his opinion. It is clear that Bob Kustra is intentionally hoping to misrepresent this matter under the guise of his words “bipartisan commission to investigate the insurrection.”

Imagine if I suggested that because of the Communist influence seen in the educational system at Boise State University that a “Bipartisan Commission” should be appointed to investigate Bob Kustra for Treason and Insurrection. We could investigate every riot/insurrection that that has occurred in Boise that was attended by BSU students, academia, and other followers of Bob Kustra. And since there have been COVID deaths attributed to these events that turned violent, we can deduce that not only did Bob Kustra orchestrate this but is responsible for all of the deaths that have occurred.

I bet Bob Kustra would be singing a different tune if this were to occur. I bet he would be all for the idea of himself not being held responsible for something that he was circumstantially accused of. I bet he would be screaming how unfair and irresponsible this type of bipartisan commission and investigation would be. I bet he would claim that he has not committed treason nor aided and abetted the enemy nor is responsible for any of the insurrection activity that has occurred at the State Capital of Idaho.

Well Bob, based on the number of BSU students and academia that were involved in the riots/ insurrections that have occurred on numerous occasions in Boise, the well-documented advocacy of Communist ideas by students and educators at BSU, it is time that a bipartisan commission be created to look into all of this.

Further, in order to investigate properly, subpoena power and an unlimited budget to pay for legal and supporting clerical activities must be approved. You will be the star of all of this Bob, because you were the President of the University when all of this was organized and we will also investigate the current President.

We must also have access to all of your computers, phones, and records and will be pouring over all donations made to the University which have ties to the Chinese Communist Party.

I think that when the reasoning you laid out in your opinion piece is applied to yourself, I believe you will rethink your narrative. But you never know, you may be honorable and willing to testify why you have embraced Communism and why you allowed the seeds to germinate while you were President of Boise State University.

You may stand tall and say how proud you are of the people who died because of the revolution you are supporting.

When you apply the logic of Bob Kustra’s opinion piece to himself, it makes perfect sense to investigate Bob Kustra for the horrible crimes that have occurred and are ongoing here in Idaho. Bob Kustra, by his own words, supports it!

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4 thoughts on “Op-Ed: Response to Bob Kustra

  1. Thank you Lynn Bradescu, we need clarity and this provided it.
    Kustra, Tromp and McClean are NOT what the majority want in any position in Idaho.

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