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Op-Ed: Reasoning Through the Noise

By • December 31, 2020

The Idaho Dispatch published an Op-Ed this week called “Idaho’s Aristocracy Unites for a Fight”. The article references a few press releases and posts pushed out by the Ada County Republicans and the Idaho Republican Party. Although I am an Executive Board Member for the Ada County Republicans, I do not participate in issuing Press Releases nor producing social media content for posts on behalf of the party. Likewise, my response to the Op-Ed written by A.J. Ellis is independent of any official party position and I represent these thoughts as a life-long Republican.

Let me begin by stating clearly that I don’t disagree in part with Ellis’ message, but I do assert his conclusion is worthy of further analysis and some criticism.

What Ellis Has Right

What Ellis has right is that the focus of the GOP press release was on a few bad actors that MAY have engaged in unlawful behavior. (I say MAY because I have yet to review police reports or talk to witnesses who were at Commissioner Lachiondo’s residence allegedly disturbing the peace. ) The press release also combined the defacing of the Anne Frank Memorial which added to the confusion of readers who incorrectly assumed the GOP was attaching responsibility for the vandalism to the protestors. Clearly, we can all agree that the vandalism and defacing of the Anne Frank Memorial is abhorrent behavior on so many levels. Equally abhorrent, is the relentless restrictions that have been placed on thousands of Idahoans who have lost their homes, jobs, businesses, and even family members to suicide as their very own hope is deferred while the Pandemic lingers on. Proverbs 13:12 states, “Hope deferred makes the heart grow weak….” Hopelessness can be as deadly as Covid-19 for those who struggle with depression and other mental health disorders. Idahoans have patiently navigated a moving target of a three-week lockdown to “bend the proverbial curve,” to an on-going and sustained moving target with Health Departments creating arbitrary rules with little evidence-based science justifying the mandates. The protestors have had enough and I don’t blame them.

Idahoans are self-reliant, prefer self-governance over draconian mandates in the name of “safety”, and value personal responsibility and the freedoms guaranteed to them by the Constitution. Simply put, this government overreach is as repugnant to thousands of Idahoans much like three obnoxious protestors were to a Commissioner, who were banging pots and pans outside her residence in fury of their stripped liberties. Yet who is taking up their cause? Who is speaking out with condemnation for their voices? Who is defending their liberties?

Ellis raises questions that should provoke the thoughts of every elected official in the State of Idaho. The GOP condemnation was swift to deal with protestors pushing the boundaries of lawful protests, and defacing the Anne Frank Memorial with Nazi stickers, yet Ellis wants to know where is the same condemnation from elected leaders allowing the continued infringement of personal liberties? To error by silence when leaders should speak out creates a narrative of complicity that too requires condemnation. This author agrees Ellis’ question is worthy of further dialogue.

What Ellis Has Wrong

What Ellis has wrong is that the GOP was in no way “using whatever they could of the moment to shame and condemn the conservative grassroots and establish a narrative of events that serves to protect their power.” That statement is fraught with presumptuous accusations that do not bear out with the facts. Republicans absolutely support the right to protest and defend those who seek to stand against tyranny and limit free speech. Protests play an important role in preserving our Republic. Protests allow the people to bring awareness to injustices, to petition and engage their representatives for redress, and to unite around a common cause that conveys the message that the people will defend their inalienable rights that are not given to them by man, but are given to them by God.

The GOP was in no way condemning lawful protests, but too many, Ellis included, saw the disparate treatment in which thousands of Idahoans were marginalized by elected leaders who have failed to condemn government overreach while quick to condemn bad actors for “disturbing the peace” and “vandalizing” a memorial dedicated to a Holocaust victim. (And before the liberal left attempts to co-opt my message, I am in no way comparing Hitler and the horrific killing of Jews to that of lockdowns and government mandates.) The core issue Ellis highlights is when do Republicans condemn the substantial overreach that has burdened and irreparably harmed Idahoans? Is that not worthy of a conversation?

I welcome a conversation with Ellis, whom I do not know. I believe Ellis might be surprised with just how much we have in common. It is time for honest discussions on how long this lockdown will go. How long will our leaders ignore the frustrations of the people, and when can Idahoans reclaim their liberties that have been abridged for far too long?

Tracey Koellisch is a Political Scientist, Conservative Activist, currently serving as the Ada County Republican State Committeewoman, and is a Wife and Mother to 3.

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13 thoughts on “Op-Ed: Reasoning Through the Noise

  1. Do we know who actually vandalized the Anne Frank memorial? It sounds like a false flag to me, and unless we really know, then we shouldn’t make assumptions that play into the left’s narrative.

    1. It was probably the left who did it. How long has that memorial been up? Never happened before here till crazy 2020 showed up. The year where they keep us safe by treating us like children. I for one can make up my own mind about what is safe. It is not what they are pushing either. Lockdowns and masks are keeping anyone “safe.” The evidence says completely the opposite. The Republicans need to take a stand, or look complicit. This isn’t going to look good in history. Is the Republican party to afraid to stand up to Little? I know some in the party aren’t. BTW Little, why so much money to the health departments right before the mask mandate?

      One Idaho Pledge=mask propaganda
      Create separation from the Governor before it is too late, or are you friendly with China too?

  2. Our government should never have thought our rights could be taken.
    Our government has never tried to prove the need or effectiveness of their responses. Their “concern for health” has been counterintuitive, even denying science.
    Gov little suppressed the use of HCQ when he declared an emergency. WHY? Did he know it could have saved lives??? Fauci, reportedly, wrote a paper on it, years ago it could have saved lives. Officials refuse to listen.
    We have been FORCED to obey, by threat of physical violence or death. And because we value rule of law, we have tried to peaceably work through the system. But the system is failing us. Clearly, the government that is supposed to protect our rights, considers us (and our culture) an enemy.
    The people have a Constitutional duty to throw off tyrannical government.

    Hysteria has been driven with “cases” from a test with 90% false positive rate. Our hospitals are not overwhelmed. Where has all that CARES Act money gone??? Did it pay for your test, your unpaid forced sick leave, the loss of your busyness???
    Now, the focus is on “COVID deaths”
    Here is a point of interest.
    Most people in nursing homes have signed a DNR (Do Not Resuscitate release).
    Early in this plandemic, it was rumored with some nursing homes, if a person tested positive, the whole ward would be “isolated” and a plate of food would be slid at the “inmate.”
    If they were able to get to the food and feed themselves, they would eat. If they couldn’t relieve themselves on their own, they would be left to sit in their own filth…
    Reports of nursing home neglect have risen, and a leaked CNN meeting audio, does suggest a (gleeful?) knowledge of this. With my very limited experience of nursing homes, it wouldn’t surprise me.
    If this is where these “COVID deaths” are happening, there needs to be a MAJOR investigation!!!
    Officials have known HCQ, zinc, Ivermectin, D3… could prevent and treat COVID like symptoms.
    This is crimes against humanity, and any public Official who allows this, is complicit! If this is happening in my State, I want a piece of these people!
    Would this not be the responsibility of Idaho’s, otherwise worthless, Health Districts??? Lets start asking them.

  3. The problem is Governor Little. He has been pushing these destructive and unscientific mandates all along. I don’t know why (bribery? blackmail? Freemason?), but he is definitely in on the COVID agenda.

    1. Early on, as soon as Rachel Maddow openly criticized Uncle Brad on national TV, he completely changed his tune.

  4. If the Idaho GOP were really concerned about the destructive COVID mandates, they would have convened the GOP-dominated state legislature and voted to rescind Gov Little’s permanent state of emergency. State law requires them to vote on the emergency after 60 days, but they didn’t do it. The state constitution does not expressly say they cannot call a special session.

  5. No one knows who vandalized the memorial so even including or referencing it in the article was wrong.

    As far as the GOP goes we all know that they’re weak and spineless. Most republicans in elected positions are at best moderate and at worst liberal. We have too many in our state legislature now and the governor needs to go. As far as our federal senators and representative goes they all appear to be weak and just keep getting re-elected because they are republicans and incumbents.

  6. I like this writer’s words. I have stated this multiple times over the last few months. “When you see an injustice that occurs in your presence, ACT with the violence of your own action.” The key words are ACT, and violence of your own action. Our soldiers and law enforcement do this on a daily basis and we label them hero’s and patriot warriors of justice. The latter is combined forwith because you feel what to do inside at the moment the injustice occurs. That feeling, if you’re a Christian who starts and ends your day on your knees in prayer, praying for discernment and the ability to hear and feel that “still small voice”; is instantaneous. In my opinion, the writer, Tracey Koellisch, feels that still small voice and has put her action in words. What we need now, after we are clearly months and months deeply into the removal of our rights, freedom, lively hood, uninfringed worship, dessimated schools, shattered elderly love by their own family, empty military honoring graveside funerals, IS violence of their own actions by Idaho State Police, Boise Police Department, and ALL 44 county sheriff’s. I have to believe being a retired federal agent of 27 years that IDAHO law enforcement has to feel that still small voice when they look out at 100’s of God loving Patriots with their children, praying, singing, and socializing without threats of violence; the problem is they have NOT acted on that feeling, they don’t follow their oath. At one gathering (there have been many, with many more coming), if a uniformed law enforcement leader chosen by the still small voice would act as boldly as they let their presence be known; we could change the other states by showing the stand that Idaho law enforcement made for the Constitution of the United States. It is so simple, the violence of action of Idaho law enforcement is to act on your oath, then walk away as a United Band of Brothers and Sisters who took this oath and honored it in our great state! “I do solemnly swear (or affirm, as the case may be) that I will support the Constitution of the United States, and the Constitution of the State of Idaho, and that I will faithfully discharge the duties of (insert office) according to the best of my ability.”

    I was at the last vote (3rd) by the CDH in Boise. I filmed ISP and BPD in their blue line (30, plus another 20 plus at shift change) and on the roof. I acted on a still small voice and spoke asking them to act too, and walk away as a group. Sadly, nothing happened, the venue was perfect, and the vote did fail. We the People (Christ loving people) will continue to show up in our non-violent way with our families, with others who are not so non-violent, who are fed up and pissed off. I dread the day this group bands together united by a still small voice for violence of our own actions for an injustice that occurs in our presence. If law enforcement will not lead by their own oath action and send the message to our Governor, Boise Mayor, CDH boards, and our legislators; We the People will ACT accordingly.

  7. If you truly want your rights back (which I never gave up in the first place) then TAKE THEM BACK!
    DO NOT GIVE IN! Open your business. You will loose it if you DON’T!
    If your thing is wearing a mask, fine, but don’t tell me l have to under some fake law….
    Freedom is not FREE!

  8. We have to organize. They are a machine, we are a bunch of confused single individuals in shock that this revolution was accomplished so easily. For anyone still in denial America is gone and not coming back. At least we have states and can delay the death of Idaho but not if we don’t organize NOW. We need to get the sheriff’s and armed citizens and go remove the marxist Portland police chief by force shut and regime change the Boise PD. They betrayed they people of this city. The officers will not defend him

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