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7 thoughts on “Op-Ed: Purpose of Education

  1. Great article. Thank you. Missing word last sentence of third main paragragh???. “….Constitution [which] acknowledged…” Regardless, article should be posted everywhere…required reading. Excellent.

  2. “We know free choice and competition works in the marketplace, isn’t it time to apply that to education?”

    The proposal for school choice came out of the same system you are deriding (justifiably so). Do you honestly believe that the intent of school choice is to allow you to read the bible in the classroom?

    School choice is intended to break up the public schools for the corporate takeover. The corporations will train and certify the “workers”. That’s what Workforce Development is all about – skills training for workers. The certification system is the virtual noose around the neck of the slaves trained through the National Human Resource Development System.

    There is so much information available about the system of education and the takeover of it by the Department of Labor. How sad and pathetic for the people of this country – and this state in particular that none of you seem to read and comprehend the design of the human slave system that is being built.

  3. What a great OP-ED,I absolutely agree Bob.Our Education leadership just wants us to throw more money at a failing system , The Public Education ISAT test are so bad, Ten Charter School have the highest test scores in the state wonder why.

  4. Outstanding article ! spot on ! Schooling has been in the toilet for years ! How long can Idaho chase the tail on the donkey?

  5. Education Savings Accounts do morning of the sort; they are a boon to the public school system and will end up inserting government into home education and private schools. From a purely fiscal standpoint, they are a disaster for the taxpayer. Think about it: you take your kid out of the public education system. The whole child has been removed from the school, the school does not have to pay for any of his or her education but still receives 20% of the funds that were slated to that student. How is that fair to taxpayers? How is that fair to parents who now have to pay 100% for their child’s education?

    The ESA bill working its way through our legislature is an abomination and it is the product of the U.N. and the public education system. It is in no way beneficial to private or home education.

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