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10 thoughts on “Op-Ed: ‘Politician’ is Not Always a Dirty Word

    1. The Constitution and Declaration should be staples of our children’s education from grade school. The fact that 2/3 of college students can’t even name the three branches of government or describe separation of powers is a disgrace.

  1. Debbie Crotchfeel is a RINO. I didn’t vote for her for her current position. I sure as hell won’t vote for her for anything else. Brad “Bud Light” Little is bad enough.

  2. Seriously? Critchfield over Labrador? Superintendent of Education is in no way a preparation for Governor. If you think the Little RINO is a mess, she would be a disaster.

  3. Not only do they not teach American History in the schools you won’t find them teaching something as basic as how to tell time on a standard clock face. Tell a student it is quarter past the hour and they will look at you cross-eyed! Vocabulary, reading and spelling is lacking. Paying teachers more money won’t solve the problem…the teachers in most cases are no better. Most lack common sense and a true love of their role in these children’s lives.

    Tik tok seems to be the teacher these days with how to destroy property. Do a study on school property vandalism and one will see a great portion of repairs is due to students behavior! I know of no administrators willing to do anything about it. Just suspend the students.

    However, sports and activities are priorities! Lots of money is spent on sports but learning is left in the dustbin.

    Kids are troubled with no strong family unit. No leadership at school. They are lost and it is everyone’s fault. We need strong leaders willing to speak truth and take action. I don’t see any.

  4. Anything or anyone who comes from the Education Industrial Complex is, by default, a useful idiot, unaware of what their education school indoctrination has done to their ability to realize this: the masses are being equalized to mediocrity so as to be controlled, passive sheep instead of self made men and women.

    1. The fact that this writer is endorsing Critchfield is enough for me to vote no in any future election. Voting for the same tired RINO’s has not changed the poor governance Idaho has been under for many years. Doesn’t that fall under the definition of insanity? To repeat the same action and expect a different outcome? We need a return to the Constitution, not Republican or Democrat values.

  5. Critchfield? Seriously? Over Labrador?

    Just admit now, Malloy: you’re a shill for Bedke. What a pathetic waste of time.

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