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Op-Ed: Parents Should Choose How Children are Educated, Not Politicians

By • November 24, 2021

The following Op-Ed was submitted by Ed Humphreys, a Republican gubernatorial candidate. Op-Eds submitted by candidates do not necessarily reflect the views and opinions of those at the Idaho Dispatch.

Should parents or politicians choose how children are educated? The Idaho Education Association (IEA) is a major political player in the state and recently shared its attitude on that important question. IEA President Layne McInelly asserted, “Public schools are the foundation of our society…”

Think about that, the education industrial complex claims families are not the foundation of our society, but rather public schools are the foundation of society. This puts politicians and bureaucrats as the ultimate arbiters our children’s education. McInelly closed his tiresome sales pitch by emphasizing that Idaho’s educational system does not need any innovative ideas, like school choice, it only needs MORE MONEY! Surprise!

This worn-out scheme has been sold to us for many decades now. Idaho has dumped untold billions into a system that encourages conformity over creativity and standardization over self-realization. The result of all the years of status-quo in education: kids who cannot figure out which bathroom to use or which gender pronoun is acceptable.

Here is a beautiful method to education: give parents more educational options for their children. Public, charter, private, micro-school, and homeschool empower families to take control of their kids’ education instead of having political operatives impose a “one-size fits all” model. Our children’s potential should come before political agendas. Let the tax-dollars follow the kids and see how Idaho’s potential is unleashed by making a real investment into the rising generation.

It seems Idaho’s education system has been promoting itself instead of promoting students’ boundless potential. This institution is now less concerned about curriculum and more concerned about passing laws to put children under its instruction sooner. Look no further than the growing noise about universal pre-K. Yes, they want even younger kids in school to get ready for… school. Then the education establishment will rinse and repeat the tired sales pitch for more money.

The word education means “to lead forth.” It is our time to lead now. Parents should drive education, not political operatives. It certainly takes some money to provide a robust education system, but we must make a change that is more meaningful than money. We need an educational model to meet the needs of different families. Idaho needs school choice!

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9 thoughts on “Op-Ed: Parents Should Choose How Children are Educated, Not Politicians

  1. 1.) Parent/Student Vouchers.
    2.) Enrollment in public schools never to be more than 40% of all children in schools.
    3.) All schools, public and private, pay property tax.
    4.) Eliminate any national association from dictating to Idaho.
    5.) Cut administration budget 70%.
    6.) Outlaw teachers unions.

    1. Here here.
      Good ideas, none will ever happen until it is done by force.
      We have to stop asking for our rights.
      Voting machines have to be forcefully removed or we will keep getting “elections” like the one earlier this month or the one in 2020.
      People have to stop paying taxes en masse. It won’t happen though. There are no leaders. Where have all the men gone?

  2. You’d be more effective running for a legislative seat than gubernatorial. We need more of these beliefs among the law makers.

  3. That’s right. No more ASKING for our rights !! We’re going to live our rights without the permission of politicians !

    Little passed the power to the school board in order to dictate over your children and us parents, against our values! Little is a chickenshit and is afraid of being called a dictator, yet he empowers the school board to enforce masks almost 2 DAMN YEARS LATER ! Enough !!!! My 7 year old gets headaches all day at school from the mask ! Plus, we’re just flat out done with the shit and won’t wear them.

    We pulled our kid out of school. Fricken done with this junk! School boards work for US. We don’t work for them !

  4. Special Ed should get out of the governor’s race. He does not stand a chance and he is only a spoiler for Chicken Little.

    You are a fraud, Ed.

  5. I have to agree with Idaho Seven…. the numbers from one through six should be enforced.
    Let’s get back to the basic and leave politics out of school.
    Unions are to liberal n involved in politics. They need to stay out of schools negotiations. Teacher union should be replaced by the parents. After all, their main interest are their children.
    Teacher union is to protect the teacher and their own agenda and/or interest.

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