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Op-Ed: Our “Jungle”—some business regulation is warranted

By • July 29, 2021

Get vaccinated, or lose your job. This is the dilemma many Idahoans are facing right now. “We dare not get involved with ANY regulating of business…” That isn’t an exact quote from our Idaho governor or legislators, however, it is the sentiment. Many of our politicians are “conflicted” on what to do. Just so you know, I am not.

Capitalism is a good system that allows for prosperity in a free society. It is better than the alternatives that we have seen through history, but… it is not without dangers. Unless we recognize the potential pitfalls, like the one we now face, we will mistakenly lay our personal Liberty down at the altar of business/capitalism.

If all we take into consideration is the business owner, or the corporations, we will repeat the same horrors that we saw in this very country not all that many years ago. We must not forget the rights of the individuals that are working for those companies.

Why do we have a standard forty hour work week? Why are there overtime laws? Why can’t an employer force you to work 20 hours a day for weeks on end? It wasn’t always like this. I wonder if any of our state or local politicians have read the book The Jungle by Upton Sinclair? If they did, apparently it didn’t impact them the way it did me or the nation of that era.

Many of the laws that regulate business for the sake of the worker can be traced back to the release of The Jungle in 1906. It was recommended to me as a fifteen-year-old because I was working in a slaughterhouse at the time. It made reading about the sickening working conditions of the Chicago slaughterhouses of Sinclair’s day, all the more real. Even though the story is fictional, it gripped the nation because the workers of the day knew it was their story.

“Blacklisted”—this term originated with an employer putting a fired employee on a list that was passed around to other business owners. All agreed that they would refuse to hire anyone on the list, regardless of cause. Unchecked power in the hands of men has a dark side that must be guarded against. Blacklisting was outlawed.

I wish our governor and legislators would at least look at the history of the silver industry in our own state. During the Coeur d’Alene labor strike of 1892, working men were pushed past their limits. Miners were required to work ten hour days, SEVEN DAYS A WEEK, with the “occasional” Sunday off. So, tell me again Governor Little, how government shouldn’t get involved with regulating business?

I actually find it laughable that politicians act like businesses aren’t regulated now? And in most cases, too much for sure. What world do they live in? Maybe the governor hasn’t heard of OSHA? They have one…or two regulations, plus itsy bitsy fines when those rules are broken (please note the sarcasm). There are MANY regulations that should be done away with, but not all.

We keep hearing, “Go get another job”. Fine, but just like in the days of the mines, most of the hospitals are all forcing the same rules, UNCONSTITUTIONAL mandates on their employees, so where are the nurses supposed to go? They have been, quite literally, “blacklisted”. This comes down to personal freedom that is ‘endowed by our Creator’—our rights do not come from man.

I am running to be mayor of Lewiston. The foremost reason is because we are not being protected at the state or federal level the way we should be. The current city council with their manager and attorney have participated in trampling on our rights, by shutting us out of meetings and mandating masks and fines. The last mask mandate was narrowly defeated by one vote. With “new strains” mentioned weekly, who knows what the council will do when their fears surpass their ability to use common sense.

In just the past few weeks Dr. Fauci has said that the current administration supports ”local vaccine mandates”, and Governor Little has parroted that same line. This is why we need to protect —Liberty at the local level—. If we don’t, who will?

Employees are not slaves. What does that mean? That a person does not lose their God given liberties when they take employment. I just want to live free and see my children and grandchildren live free. I will give my all to that end. WITHOUT THE FREEDOM TO CHOOSE WHAT GOES INTO OUR VEINS, WE ARE NOT FREE.

As mayor I will insist on an ordinance that will protect employees and customers from any vaccine and worthless mask mandates. Businesses that attempt to require those would lose their licensing immediately. These are personal choices that should be left up to the individual. See more at

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15 thoughts on “Op-Ed: Our “Jungle”—some business regulation is warranted

  1. As a candidate for Lewiston City Council, I stand behind and support Wilson Boots. It’s ludicrous that employers, state and government agencies think they have the right to enforce mask or vaccine mandates.
    I’m with Wilson on this ridiculous ploy of employers threatening loss of job if the employee doesn’t comply with the employers vaccine mandate. I will help Wilson fight against this injustice! ~Susie Whitlow, Lewiston, ID

  2. Dear Idaho Dispatch:

    I wish to commend and THANK YOU for demonstrating the spirit of true American Liberty by publishing this SUPERB Wilson Boots article.

    On the other hand, if indeed the editors of papers such as the Lewiston Morning Tribune refuse to publish such a treatise, then frankly, I simply don’t understand how they can possibly call themselves Americans! Perhaps such are in the wrong country……AND in the wrong business!

    Thank you again, and may you be blessed and prosper!
    Carol J. Asher, Idaho County

  3. Thank you Idaho Dispatch for having courage to just print the truth, to report the news.
    Wilson’s word ring true not just for Idaho but the Nation as a whole.
    The loss of our Liberty and Freedoms are happening at a incredible rate, yet we as a State and a Nation stand by and permit it to happen? Wake up Idaho and step up and be heard, don’t let a small minority of the rich and the corrupt destroy our Constitutional rights!

  4. I have known mister Wilson for about two decades and I have always seen him stand for truth and righteousness. His patriotism and stand for Americans is not only in words but in action. Mister Wilson does not say one thing and then do the opposite. What he says is what he will do. And if he runs into opposition he is going to stand up for what is right, that the people want. Mr Wilson stands for American patriotism and our constitution which guarantees our rights and freedoms. He is the kind of person that would stand with our founding fathers and all that they stood for to make this nation great. He is a trustworthy person that I completely trust. As the old saying goes his word is his honor.

    1. I cant agree more. Mr Boots is the man. In fact I have known him and his family for a few years. You will not find a more truthful and honest person as Mr Boots and his family. He has our votes, I do encourage people to get involved in our local and state politics. If we dont all the bad we are seeing right now will only get worst. I am tired of corrupt politicians, the double standards and the two set of rules. Time to take a stand.

  5. Very well said! We need someone as our Mayor who will stand up for the people against the tyranny of the government. Wilson Boots has proven over the entirety of this “pandemic” that he will fight for our freedom! He stood with us and fought against the senseless shutdowns and mask mandates, often times leading the way. It’s time to take back our town from the Liberal’s that have been running businesses away and raising our taxes every year!

  6. I wish Mr. Boots (and anyone else who is running for office because they can no longer stand the loss of rights and liberties at the hands of the current crop of arrogant and ignorant office holders) the very best in his mayoral election bid.

    I wrote strongly worded letters to my local officials to voice my abhorrence to the vaccine mandate “discussion” that our state government, under the weak and utterly insipid “leadership” of Gov. Chicken Little, seems willing to engage in. NO, NO, NO TO A MANDATORY VACCINE, STOP THE MASKING MADNESS AND NO MORE SHUTDOWNS. Get back to life, get back to business and stop this COVID MADNESS.

    Only one of them took the time to even acknowledge my letter. So much for them protecting my interests or being my “voice”. At least I know who I am NOT voting for the next time around.

  7. Wilson truly cares about doing what is RIGHT not necessarily popular. He is true to his word as I wish more Republicans and public servants would be. I have had it with those who say one thing and go with the tide instead. If you want someone who looks at the bigger picture, supports family, a healthy economy, and DOES WHAT HE SAYS HE WILL…this is the man. He loves our country as well as the constitution. It is time that everyday Patriots stand up and are counted. I am grateful for people walking their talk as Wilson Boots is.

  8. Great point on businesses already being regulated! Now it’s just a matter of how much is too much? Forced vaccination is too much!

  9. There is no right to act stupidly. Be smart. Vote against this guy and for Democrats who want to help the average person. The billionaires don’t need any help.

  10. We cannot let our local officials trample on our liberties. When they do not listen to the majority of the people, it is time to vote them out! It is up to us the voters to check to see just how they are working for us. Make them accountable!
    Wilson has proven his leadership in the last mandates and standing up for what is right.
    I will be supporting Wilson Boots and his common sense approach and American patriotism 100%.

  11. When a relative called me and said “I’m going to get fired if I don’t take the vaccine by October”, it put me in fight mode. Fight for our freedoms and God given rights that we were BORN with!! I believe Wilson Boots can help and I will back him up all the way.

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