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Op-Ed: Only Two Paths Remain for the United States: Civil War or Passively Allowing the Destruction of Our Constitutional Republic

By • December 7, 2020

In 1787 when Benjamin Franklin exited the Constitutional Convention a woman ask him “Sir what have you given us?”  Ben Franklin immediately replied “A republic Ma’am, if you can keep it.”  Did Benjamin Franklin foresee all those years ago this moment in history?  I think he did.

Despite the near total censorship by the MSM of the evidence of wide spread election fraud, a recent Rasmussen Poll has 75% of Republicans and 30% of Democrats responding that it was very likely Democrats ensured a Biden win by stealing and destroying Trump votes.  Does our country have the governmental mechanisms to recover from such a massive loss of confidence in our voting system?  If citizens can no longer fight at the ballot box, will the fight move to the streets?  The Democrats massive election fraud has left only two paths forward for our nation, civil war or surrender our constitutional republic to Democrat socialism.

We are now experiencing the calm before the storm while both sides anticipate their desired outcome.  The Left hopes Biden will be anointed President before the election fraud can be unraveled and exposed knowing that once Biden assumes power the fraud can be swept under the rug an those engaging in it can be protected.  The Right is anxiously watching the results of hearings at state legislatures and court cases.  The MSM initially ignored the evidence of wide spread election fraud, then laughed at it smearing those exposing it as “conspiracy nuts”.

However, with 75 Pennsylvania legislators signing a letter disputing their state’s election results, and Georgia’s governor Kemp demanding signature verification in his state, the continually underestimated Trump has a path to victory and the MSM and democrats are now preparing to fight.  Where will all this lead?

In the end either Joe Biden or Donald Trump will be president and there are three ways the selection can take place…  No action is taken on the evidence of election fraud and Biden wins the presidency.  The courts can examine the evidence of fraud and overturn the current vote counts in favor of Trump.  Or, it is determined the massive election fraud makes it impossible to determine a winner and the election is thrown to the House of Representatives where the Republicans have the votes to elect Trump.

What will the Left do if the current election results are overturned in favor of Trump?  The stakes for the Left are incredibly high should Trump win a second term.  The deep state has been exposed and those who engaged in the attempted silent coup will be identified and held accountable.  Those coordinating the massive election fraud will likely be identified and prosecuted.  Big tech will likely be broken up and executives may even be charged with election interference.  Broadcast news and even academia will most likely be shaken up and reorganized.

Given the deep state’s attempted coup via Russiagate, impeachment, etc, as well as the Left’s BLM and Antifa rioting in Minneapolis, Portland, Seattle and elsewhere there is no doubt the Left will amplify this ongoing war should Trump win, or in other words they will continue their civil war with a new intensity.  There is no doubt that a Trump victory will spark civil war at some level.

The path forward is not as clear if Biden wins.  There is no doubt a Biden or Harris administration will continue to attack our rights under the 1st and 2nd amendments and will attempt to pack the Supreme Court in order to accomplish their goals.  Under the Democrats our nation will be put on the fast track to socialism and will likely be made subordinate to a global economic central planner. Trump could declare martial law and attempt to hold a new election with military oversight of polling places which no doubt will itself trigger a civil war from the Left.

The Right knowing that our elections will no longer be transparent and fair may start their own civil war.  Or, as in the past, the Right may passively acquiesce to keep the peace hoping that by some miracle the courts or future elections can put things right which will no doubt lead to the Democrats destroying our Constitutional Republic.

Benjamin Franklin was not the only founding father with foresight.  Also in 1787, in a letter to William Stephens Smith, Thomas Jefferson wrote “The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots and tyrants.”   In other words, our two paths are civil war, or the destruction of our constitutional republic and with it the death of our liberty.

Joseph Gish

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6 thoughts on “Op-Ed: Only Two Paths Remain for the United States: Civil War or Passively Allowing the Destruction of Our Constitutional Republic

  1. I think Mark Steyn said he is more afraid there will not be a civil war than there will be one. War is terrible, but perhaps complacency is worse. If we do not believe that some things are worth defending–such as faith, family, and freedom–we are in bad shape, indeed.

  2. I agree. What makes this country work is mutual agreement to disagree. We do things fairly and by the book, and when when we lose, we regroup and try again accepting that we could do better. But this win at any cost, including trashing the fidelity of the elections has effectively initiated the divorce. 44.2 million out of 80 million mail ballots were sent into the ether, where they could plaster over the screwy stuff they did behind closed doors. The security video from State Farm Arena is the Prima Facie evidence needed to prove this point. The gentlemen involved is the father of the campaign spokesperson for Raphael Warnock. A conspiracy was committed. The trust is gone. If the courts cannot remedy the malfeasance, than we cannot move forward. The marriage is over.

  3. What I am witnessing is sad because it is the same story different day — when Hillary Clinton conceded in 2016, everyone on the left was outraged and claimed fraud. Today, I see it is the Right who is outraged and claiming fraud.

    In 2016, the Left claimed “credible evidence” to suggest that “Trump-owned” voting machines had turned votes in Trump’s favor. And, of course, there was the “credible evidence” that he was acting as a Russian spy due to his business dealings with various Russian oligarchs, and Putin himself.

    At any rate, Hillary’s concession and urging to “give Trump a chance to be President” meant there would be no push to uncover any election fraud scandal. The country would move on, endure 4 years with him at the helm and Democracy would work itself out, as it always does.

    Today, we are seeing the same accusations, but from the Right this time. And the difference is we have a sitting President who is NOT a life-long politician, lawyer or community organizer, etc… without the experience to concede gracefully. He has never been “trained” in political decorum – for him it is winner takes all, at the expense of all others. He does not know how to agree to disagree, or put people before party (or himself/ wants/ needs.) I am stating that as an observation of his character since the 1970s, not as a personal opinion. He is a business man who is used to suing the pants off of everyone to get what he wants so, of course there will be a fight. It is, simply, what he knows best, where he is coming from, and what his followers expect.

    Unfortunately, this brings with it the notion that our only option next is Civil War. Which is not true, by the way. There are other options – but has it gone to far already? Has the pendulum swung so far Right that Democracy is now completely off course? Well, talk of Civil War being the only option certainly throws a monkey wrench into the mix, but as a country, we have dealt with this before and I do believe that Democracy will still prevail.

    At any rate, (and this IS my personal opinion) the coordination of fraud on this level would have to be massive, and to be honest, I just don’t buy that there are enough people (or as many as it would take) with the smarts and stamina to pull it off. The Rasmussen Poll reflects people’s opinions. This is not evidence of fraud. What we are witnessing here is Democracy working itself out. It has various ways of doing so, some easy, others painful. In the end, I do believe our country will prevail.

    1. The other thing we need to recognize in addition to loss of election integrity is the sorry state of our court system.
      The news said that 50 lawsuits file by Trump and those asking for an investigation of election cheating, have been dismissed by the courts, and you can be sure that there was not much investigation being done. Investigations take time and very little time was expended by the courts in dismissing the charges.
      So if there is no integrity in voting AND NO INTEGRITY IN THE COURTS, then what is left?
      Nothing that will result in a return to the constitution and our Bill of Rights, in both the US and all State Constitutions!
      I think we have moved from one B (Ballot) to the other B (Bullets)!
      What other option is there if we want to return to being free, because now we are no longer free.

  4. Texas has for decades had a secession movement for decades, the republic of Texas can be much bigger if we join them.

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