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Op-Ed: Moon Joins Right-Wing Rant; Governor Yawns

By • January 16, 2023

Gov. Brad Little, who by his admission is not known for his great oratory skills, must be feeling good about the quality of his State of the State address that he delivered to kick off this legislative session. In fact, better than normal.

Mind you, there was nothing spectacular about the speech. There were lots of platitudes, and not many specifics on his overall agenda. His speech will be long forgotten as legislators dive into the details and begin looking at other side issues.

The Idaho Freedom Foundation’s Wayne Hoffman wasted no time attacking the speech.

“My advice to lawmakers is to ignore everything Gov. Little said. Every last word,” Hoffman said. “This was arguably the worst speech I’ve ever heard an Idaho governor give.”

To Little, that’s a signal that his speech could go down in history as one of the best. If Hoffman had his way, there would be no government funding for public education – and Little was nowhere close to that mark.

The governor’s speech also was panned by the Idaho Freedom Caucus, led by Rep. Heather Scott of Blanchard and Sen. Tammy Nichols of Middleton – two of Hoffman’s best friends in the Legislature. They were “dismayed” with the speech. “What Idaho needs is more Ron DeSantis, less Gavin Newsom.”

Little will treat that criticism, along with their rants on the Legislature’s floors, with the seriousness of a fly on the wall. They will be ignored.

But the governor, perhaps to his delight, received a bonus “rebuke” from another leading Hoffman ally, Idaho Republican Party Chair Dorothy Moon. Her vision appears to be turning the state party from being a cheerleader for Republicans to a policy enforcer.

“While the governor is right to emphasize education as a pathway to economic prosperity, his embrace of teacher’s union policy objectives – including a vast increase in spending without increased accountability metrics – is deeply disappointing,” Moon said. “Our concern is not about being seen to rebuke Idaho’s Republican governor, but rather to stand with the people of Idaho, who have made it clear that they want policies consistent with conservative principle.”

So, this is what we are going to get for the next four years. Little spent most of his first term doing battle, and eventually, ignoring Lt. Gov. Janice McGeachin. Now, it appears that Little will spend the next four years at war with the Idaho Republican Party.

We should have seen it coming.

Don’t expect Little to do anything other than brush aside the likes of Moon, Hoffman and McGeachin. To some of the “mainstream” Republicans I talk to, these are the true RINOs – people who claim to be Republicans, but are philosophically closer to the Libertarian Party, or the John Birch Society.

The group has managed to take over the state party and many of the county central committees, but they are a long way of capturing everything. Little easily defeated McGeachin in the last primary election, even though she was endorsed by former President Trump. Debbie Critchfield, Idaho’s new superintendent of public instruction – and a Little ally – defeated the freedom foundation’s golden boy, Branden Durst. Lt. Gov. Scott Bedke, who promised to bring sanity to the office, defeated Rep. Priscilla Giddings, another Libertarian/Republican. Then there was Phil McGrane taking out Moon in the race for secretary of state.

The state party has a proposed rule change that would allow the state central committee the authority to call Idaho’s U.S. senators, representatives or state officials to a “meeting” about their “conduct.” Penalties could range from a censorship (on the first offense) to barring candidates from using the Republican label for five years.

Good luck with calling Gov. Little on the carpet. He has no reason to care what these RINOs do. If they want to remove him from the party, they might as well boot out Critchfield and Bedke while they’re at it.

Critchfield praised the governor, saying his agenda for education lines up with hers. Bedke has made it clear that he will not turn his office into a right-wing circus when the governor does business out of the state. To Moon’s central committee, those could be grounds for censorship, if not outright expulsion from the GOP.

If you thought that the political campaigns were over, think again. It’s going to be a rocky ride for Little, Critchfield and Bedke over the next four years.

Chuck Malloy is a long-time Idaho journalist and columnist. He may be reached at

This Op-Ed was submitted by Chuck Malloy. Op-Eds do not necessarily reflect the views and opinions of those at the Idaho Dispatch.

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33 thoughts on “Op-Ed: Moon Joins Right-Wing Rant; Governor Yawns

    1. Agreed! Won’t be subscribing to Idaho Dispatch this year–if I want this drivel, I’ll read the Statesman. Sheesh….

      1. You all are acting like the left. Don’t like someone else’s opinion just cancel them. I don’t agree with this contributor, so I don’t read what he writes or I just glance through the article. I’m not going to cancel ID Dispatch because I don’t like a contributor.

  1. Glad you bring up the Honorable Dorthy Moon, Idaho is so proud of her and looking forward to her guidance.
    Idaho must rid itself of the people who, knowingly or not, that continue to destroy the state.
    A few examples may be:
    1.) Any one involved with the ram rod passage of the unconstitutional RS29902 this past summer.
    2.)An Otter/Little dynasty them seems to favor China/Simplot/Micron over Idahoans.
    3.) A current Lt. Governor that may have held Kangaroo Courts with a certain Judge and also seems to be a want-to-be dictator.
    4.) A Secretary of State that seems to favor Meta over Idahoans.
    5.) A Pro-Tem of the Idaho Senate that has basically screwed up our public school system with every vote over many years.
    6.) A new school superintendent that may be steadfast on supporting Idaho’s communist like Teacher’s Unions.
    7.) A US Senator that had to be pulled back from speaking at the World Economic Forum, he seems to be a Wyoming Liz Cheney clone.
    8.) A US representative that seems to be a little a bit left of the Democrats in most every action.
    Yep, Idaho needs and is proud of Dorothy Moon, she has our full support.

  2. Hey Chuck, I read your opinion and cringe. Are you being hyperbolic? No, I don’t believe so. You are a typical man of your age and your time is passing. The future of the republican party is more libertarian.

    1. This is actually incorrect. If you were from Idaho, and not a transplant, or a spawn of a transplant, you’d realize this comment is utter nonsense. Boise, regardless what you think, isn’t the epicenter of every decision made in this state. We are sick and tired of ridiculous people thinking their comments are true for the entire state. As a matter of fact, this is completely untrue for the entirety of the US. Since I travel across the US and talk to Hundreds of people, the Democrats or as you people have quaintly renamed “the libertarian party” in Idaho….90% of the US is We The People. Sorry to disappoint ya bub. Might get a grip. You are in our state now. Tout whatever nonsense you will, I’m sure you run your mouth like you drive. It’s then blatantly obvious where you are from.
      Brad Little is a moron, The lunatic who thinks she’s the Mayor of Boise is a complete Fame seeking money grabbing psychopath. Might take another gander at who was actually voted in, and not bought in, Like Brad little. Anything you respond will be irrelevant.

      1. Wow. Do you remember the old saying about assuming? Your long winded response makes absolutely no sense. It’s my political view.

  3. I am so sick of establishment phonies who embrace the corrupt status quo, while ridiculing opposing views because they lack logical arguments. Is it that Malloy has an unbreakable long-term contract, or is he placed here just to annoy the hell out of us? Dorothy Moon, Heather Thomas, and Wayne Hoffman are some of the few brave individuals in ID trying to protect us from a rogue federal government bent on spreading Marxism. They deserve our utmost appreciation.

  4. Gov. Little is still paying off on his deal with the teachers’ union from his first election, when he enlisted their aid in beating Raul Labrador in the primary. Of course, it’s really the taxpayers of Idaho who are paying off that debt.

  5. So the only commentary you have to offer, Malloy, is that you carry water for our current Governor? You don’t address the substance of any of the complaints, seeking only to ridicule. I’m a State debate judge and that is the sign of someone who not only has lost the argument in toto but then complains that they only lost because they are too arrogant to admit that the other side presented a better case.

    You’re a joke.

  6. It must be nice to be so blind and feel so superior while doing it. You and your buddies’ attitudes toward real Republicans is so sad and sick. You owe the state to do your due diligence about education, vaccines, and freedom in a Constitutional Republic. You swallow the main stream media and the Regime’s orders like good soldiers. Money talks.

  7. Amazing to hear people say they are “Done” with ID Dispatch for posting an OP ED that they don’t agree with. Shallow thinking at a minimum. It’s why we subscribe. To hear both sides of an issue, not just ones we agree with. We need the Dispatch.

  8. Mr Malloy has a right to his opinion. How ever I have the right to not read his leftist view points and I won’t ever again. If the dispatch approves of this I will not subscribe again.

  9. Keith….if true…I can hardly wait! So many Pedo’s in our government. Child/sex trafficking another huge issue. SAVE THE CHILDREN. The TRUTH always eventually comes out

  10. Malloy’s regurgitation of Tom Luna’s calling conservatives RINOs is just plain CRAP. When you call out people who literally SUPPORT the Republican Platform for being Libertarian — you have a credibility problem. Tom Luna and Mallory’s photos are BOTH win the dictionary next to the definition of RINO.

  11. Angst From Inside the Wire


    Good morning Merica

    What’s left of it anyway; and why I felt compelled to tell my friends how I feel today. This morning I woke up made a cup of coffee, black, no cream or sugar. After that daily morning ritual, I sat down and opened my email to sift through the countless ads, fishing schemes and “right wing extremist” news sites that are sent to my inbox every day. The first two are spam but the latter I subscribe to. Only because I’m a right wing extremist, Bircher, Libertarian, nationalist and have no business calling myself a Republican. We’ll get back to that in a minute. Skimming through, I eventually opened the email the Idaho Dispatch sent me. I subscribe because it has some pretty good writers, who have a pretty good perspective on Idaho politics. I don’t always read everything they publish. I usually decide by the title of the op-ed. Ammon Bundy’s letter was the first article I saw. Read that last night on a signal post.

    All I can say is wow, and how sad it is that this supposed conservative ruby red state is run by such small-minded vindictive tyrants. Sarah Brady is another example of the vindictive nature of these tyrants here. Thank God for our new Attorney General. Apparently, according to Chuck Mallory’s definition of a Republican in his current op-ed, Labrador is more of a Bircher, Libertarian, right-wing extremist in his own right. These spoiled ancestors of Idaho pioneers remind me of the land barons in the 1800’s that would burn out, harass, and kill the settlers and homesteaders because of their greed for power and wealth. Who 130+ years ago would have lost that range war with the likes of Ammon Bundy and his people. But then he would’ve been still labeled an outlaw and if arrested physically hanged instead of administratively cancelled like what’s going on today. The difference is 130+ years ago before they caught up to him he would’ve been able to exact the justice of the Old Testament on some or most of those evil doers. Today those people just thrive like an unmitigated tax payer funded far away lab created virus.

    Beware, this is a message from tyrants, we will destroy you if you do not bend a knee. I find it kind of telling that the Idaho administrative state is picking up where the Obama DOJ left off in a supposedly ruby red state run by conservatives who care about the Idaho you live in. Whether you like him or not he’s got a huge set of brass balls hanging from the back of his truck and he’s not afraid to use them. I don’t agree with him on a lot of things and to some degree he brought this upon himself by standing up to ”The Man” for his unalienable rights and the rights of the people around him. What a scoundrel, he should be crucified. I mean that whole Baby Cyrus thing should’ve been just swept under the rug after the administrative state stole a baby from its mother, right?

      Ok, back to why I’m ranting this morning. I got to the next article written by Chuck Malloy. I have to say I’ve never read what he’s has written in the 1 year I have been a subscriber because the titles usually do not interest me. Today’s title did, OP-ED: Moon Joins Right – Wing Rant; Governor Yawns. I thought he was being ironic for the article because usually what I read at the Dispatch is pretty good. So I was curious to see what he had to say. The more I read the more disgusted I became. The reason I’m disgusted is because his opinion, or his benefactor’s opinion, or who ever thought that up for him, is the same globalist/left wing/Marxist shite we hear from the national Reichsministerium für Volksaufklärung und Propaganda. For those who don’t speak German, Reich Ministry for Public Enlightenment and Propaganda, or main stream media. Frankly to be honest it’s the same ol’propaganda that we’ve heard from the Uniparty Globalists (GOPe and Dems) since the war on Tea Party during Obama’s reign. During which time Obama was allowed to fundamentally change this country’s bureaucracies and turn them against it’s own citizens creating the Administrative State that usurps our Republican form of government today. Culminating in the Global Covid Offensive on the civilized world and the coup of a sitting and dually elected President of the United States.

     These are the same people who are selling this country and this state to the highest bidder piece by piece while demonizing good Americans who believe in Christian ethos, the government our Founding Fathers designed, the Constitution of the United States, the rule of law, truth, justice and the AMERICAN way.  Malloy is saying that the aforementioned patriotic citizens do not belong in the Republican Party of Idaho. He’s saying the persons that rank-and-file republicans and the delegates voters elected to represent them shouldn’t come into their house with their own opinions, they shouldn’t try to fix what this Uniparty establishment has broken through their corruption and greed. He’s saying that calling out Idaho Republicans who have been elected to office who do not follow the guidelines set forth by the Idaho Republican Party is not allowed, you are not worthy of membership to their elite club because you were not invited. If you don’t follow lock step in behind them you will be marginalized and cancelled, sound familiar? And every establishment Republican in this state supports this opinion, every single one of them. He’s just part of the echo chamber they are trying to create here to put down the rebellion as they set it.

    So, now because Malloy and many other Uniparty types don’t agree with those in charge of the Idaho GOP, who were overwhelmingly elected by the people, he wants to call a time out and take his ball n go home. He says they are not Republicans. In fact they are the RINOs (Republicans in name only). A thing the left does all the time by the way. Accuse the opposition of what they are guilty of, call them names and try to alienate their opponents from the constituents. Basically, lie and obfuscate until people just are too tired to argue anymore. It is very telling that the Republican establishment in Idaho considers the conservatives of this state more of a threat than the Democrats. They are willing to make deals with Dems before even considering working with conservatives or allowing conservatives to have a win, especially during elections. The IFF, Dorothy Moon, Heather Scott, Tammy Nichols, are RINOs because they want to hold people accountable to the values that the party voted on and agreed to? Janice McGeachen and Pricilla Giddings are RINOs because they stood up for their constituents and against power brokers like IACI and the NEA/teachers unions and their lackeys, who are just different wings on the same bird. The Uniparty. They are RINOs because they fought for a free and open Idaho and against the tyranny of those in power? They are RINOs because they stand for the rule of law, the Idaho and U.S. Constitutions; God, country, family? Because they want to strip democrats pretending to be Republicans of their Idaho Republican party backing? Because the Honorable Chair and her supporters want to call out the elected officials that allowed Idaho tax dollars to sponsor drag queen hour for children throughout the state. The same folks that are ok with sexually explicit books that target our children in public libraries and public schools. The same folks that have allowed critical race theory, social emotional learning, sexual grooming of our children in public schools, mask mandates in schools, vax mandates, weaponization of the bureaucracies against the people, the creation of unconstitutional bureaucracies that employ unelected officials who create regulations that have not been approved by the legislature, unreasonable taxes, META Data Center, corruption of the colleges’ and universities with Marxist propaganda and professors. Because they don’t want the federal government and NGOs (Non-Governmental Organizations) dictating how we live in this state? In a conservative ruby red state mind you. So, who has allowed all of this corruption into the system here if it wasn’t the Uniparty Establishment that Malloy laments for? It definitely wasn’t the Honorable Chair Dorothy Moon, or any of the other fearless liberty minded ladies that were mentioned.

    They are among the few that have been sounding the alarm here, trying to get the people to wake up and vote like their children’s lives and their freedom and liberty depended on it. Because it does.  The establishment that owns the system in this state is well financed by outside entities and is not beholding to the people here. Their constituents are the NGOs and federal bureaucracies that have bought and paid for their loyalty and the system we use to vote. So be very aware of whispers in the night and the echo chamber they belong to. They are not very good at what they do, but as has been said and attributed to Joseph Goebbels, and used by Marxists, leftists, and dictators around the world –

    The lie can be maintained only for such time as the State can shield the people from the political, economic and/or military consequences of the lie. It thus becomes vitally important for the State to use all of its powers to repress dissent, for the truth is the mortal enemy of the lie, and thus by extension, the truth is the greatest enemy of the State.”

  12. This article was intentionally confusing by calling the Republicans that are in alignment with the Republican Party platform RINO’s, and the establishment corruptocrats with an “R” by their name on the ballot the real Republicans. The real RINO’s are evident by their closer alignment with the Democrat Party platform and policies. It sounds like very few of the Idaho Dispatch readership was fooled by this obfuscation. Better luck next time Mallory.

    Several commenters above mentioned dropping readership of the Dispatch for airing this article of falsehood and deceit. Others called this equivalent to cancel culture. That is quite different. Here is how you can tell the difference between voting with your feet, dollars, etc. and cancelling. When they read something they didn’t like, they decided to not read more of the same, That is voting with your feet/dollars. When someone reads what they don’t like and decide to cancel them, they do all they can to prevent others from reading it. See the difference?

  13. The leftist moron that spewed this dribble obviously has no clue what we conservative Freedom Caucus loving republicans are thinking. Little and Bedke are losers among loser. Move to CA already.

  14. I read the Op-Ed, and the comments, and I’ll take time to put my 2 cents in. For those who threaten to drop the dispatch (o have already done so) I have to say that I won’t terminate their reporting. They are doing exactly what they have stated in publishing their information. Clearly putting out BOTH sides of thoughts on any subject. So in my way of thinking you should pull up your little panties and support that kind of reporting. I realize that the Dispatch is one of the few sources that release articles from all sides of the political cluster mess. As such it gives me a chance to hear the rhetoric from Republicans, Democrats, RINO’s, liberals, conservatives, independents, and others. As a conservative I value the opportunity to increase my political information and make my voting decisions on that knowledge, not on false garbage spewed at me from a TV set. I voted individual candidates, not the party line. And IF the residents of Idaho followed a similar line we “probably” wouldn’t be in this mess now.

  15. Malloy and his Loyalists can prattle on all they want about how they think they can just ignore conservative legislators and GOP leader Dorothy Moon. I would point out that it’s really not them they should worry about….it’s US! In fact, I believe they really DO fear us…and only pretend not to care. Because it is US who are the real “enforcers” that Malloy is so concerned about. WE are the reason why Moon et al are standing up and fighting. Malloy knows this…..he just wants us to leave his nightmares that keep him up at night. He can name call all he wants. We need to continue going to school board meetings and council meetings and hearings and every venue where we can have our say. We need to keep demanding clean elections and participating in the election mechanisms. We need to be vigilant. We need to keep election more and more people like US into state and local government. THAT is what Malloy is pretending to ignore.

  16. Typical left-wing rhetoric only this time coming from a soulless mouthpiece being activated by an establishment RINO wing of the uni-party. Idaho dispatch show this trash the door so he can apply at the McClatchy rag. He is turning your respectable site into another globalist cesspool.

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