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Op-Ed: Meridian City Council exposed

By • October 20, 2021

The following Op-Ed was submitted by Mike Hon, a Meridian City Council candidate. Note: Op-Eds do not necessarily reflect the views and opinions of those at the Idaho Dispatch.

Meridian, Idaho — Here I am, along with my fellow Constitutional Conservatives Hunter Wolf and Adam Nelson, running for seats on the Meridian City Council against three incumbents, who we all feel have disregarded the people of Meridian in favor of developers and other “social justice” agendas. None of us are politicians; we are, like Trump, concerned citizens from different walks of life who finally said, “Enough is enough”. In fact, we were running separate campaigns until we met with the members of Conservatives of Meridian and Protect 43, two organizations made up of conservatives from Meridian, Idaho and “political refugees” that are concerned about what’s happening in Meridian and other cities that are falling prey to growth hungry politicians catering to developers and special interest and extreme left activist groups.

Conservative Voices for Meridian City Council Platform

If elected, we will be the Conservative Voices for Meridian City Council, we are focused on a Family Safe Environment, Common Sense Growth, Fiscal Responsibility and Transparency, Business Friendly Environment, Private Property Right and making Meridian a 2nd Amendment City.

Based on the most recent Meridian City Council Candidate Forum and past records of Meridian City Council meetings dating back to 2018, we ask ourselves; Why would current members of city council, all registered Republicans, disregard the continued pleas of its constituents against up-zoning adjacent properties from zoning that were already laid out in the comprehensive plan?

Why would Cavener suggest withholding homeowners’ exemptions from out of state home buyers for three years; homeowner exemptions that are codified in Idaho State law. Is he anti-out of state buyers?

Why would Cavener suggest applying a transaction fee to all real estate transactions on top of the myriad of fees you already pay when you sell your home to offset property taxes? Is he a tax and spend liberal?

Why would city council members, Borton AND Cavener, craft and approve a city ordinance, that is anti-first amendment and anti-religion, that allows biological males to utilize women’s bathrooms, locker rooms, and dressing rooms in public facilities where our mothers, daughters and wives are most vulnerable.

All these have occurred during the tenure of the current incumbents on the Meridian City Council that are running for re-election. The people of Meridian need to stand up with the Conservative Voices and say, “Enough is Enough”. The Incumbents, Borton, Cavener and Bernt need to GO! It’s time everyone get out to the polls, and elect HON, NELSON and WOLF.

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2 thoughts on “Op-Ed: Meridian City Council exposed

  1. Well said. I’ve been to many city council meetings since the middle of last year because I’ve been concerned about the haphazard structures going up in my city. There is no apparent order, plan, or homogenous organization to what is going up around Meridian. If I were an incumbent who is beholden to developers whims, squeezing as many units on a postage stamp size lot is what it would look like.

  2. Thank you Mr. Hon for stepping up to the plate! I have already voted for you, Wolf, Nelson and Ada west school trustee Lori Frasure. Keep on informing us of the dirty deeds going on.

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