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Op-Ed: May 16th Vote: Next Battle In The Culture War

By • May 7, 2023

Wow! Have we ever been hit with attacks on our culture! What do we mean by “our culture” or a “culture war?” Day by day, year by year, what once was unthinkable has now become celebrated, and even protected by law. Meanwhile, what was once virtuous or admired is seen as hateful and backwards. The older you are, the more you see it. Devin Foley defines it this way,

“A culture war, therefore, may be considered a non-traditional war waged over the ethos or guiding beliefs which inform and shape the collective actions of a people, nation, or even civilization. It’s a war over the very foundations of society, law, morals, and customs, and in some ways, reaches much deeper than many traditional wars.”

We are not immune from these attacks here in North Idaho and they are evident in advertising in everything from beer to athletic shoes to makeup. The Montana legislature was disrupted by trans gender activists and had to be shut down for a day. We saw the earthquake politically in Virginia and yet have seen states like Washington, Vermont, Illinois, and California are the leaders in advancing these attacks. We have a battle coming on May 16th in Kootenai County that we all need to be engaged in.

The first battle is for the Community Library Network Trustees and we have to change the direction of this board with the election of Tim Class and Tom Hanley. The books available for young readers are appalling with description and images if sexual activity that is deplorable. They don’t hide their agenda. Look at this declaration from one of the incumbents running for this board:

“There are some in our community who would like to take over the Kootenai County institutions and turn them into organizations that reflect their political, social or religious views. We are seeing this at NIC, where the college’s accreditation is currently in jeopardy. I am running for re-election so our libraries will continue to serve everyone. That means no political, social or religious agendas imposed on our patrons.” (from April 2nd CDA Press Editorial)

The materials they have allowed into the libraries goes against common sense and that statement from the incumbent says it all! We are in a battle with forces that want to groom our children.

The second battle is the levy that the Coeur d’Alene School District is trying to pass for the third time. The district has been in a running battle with the constituents and taxpayers for the last three years and longer. The enrollment reached a peak of 11,108 in 2019-20 and this year is barely over 10,000. How in an environment of rapid growth does a district lose students and community support? The parents have voted with their feet! What is the loss of state revenue because of declining enrollment? How many of these families no long support the ballot initiatives because their students are in a charter or private school or one of the thousands that are home-schooled? The lack of transparency to the indoctrination of students in the school district is appalling. Vote NO on this levy issue.

May 4th is the 72nd annual observance of the National Day of Prayer that was established in 1952 by a joint act of Congress. This year’s theme is “Pray Fervently in Righteousness” and is based on James 5:16. Many churches are extending this day of prayer throughout the month of May. Prayer is so important at this time in our history, however every patriot and Christian needs to vote on May 16th. Early voting has begun and will extend through May 12th. You may vote at the Kootenai County Elections Office, 1808 N. 3rd Street in Coeur d’Alene or at your voting site on May 16th.

Look at the recommended candidate flier for reference

Stand up and be a voice that honors family, morality, civility and virtue. We absolutely need every vote in this election from the patriots.

This Op-Ed was submitted by Bob Shillingstad. Op-Eds do not necessarily reflect the views and opinions of those at the Idaho Dispatch.

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