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Op-Ed: Masking Politics

By • June 1, 2021

It is fascinating to watch the reactions to Lt. Gov. Janice McGeachin’s Executive Order prohibiting mandatory masks in public buildings (except hospitals and courthouses) and Little’s rescinding of same.

Little was quick to claim this was a political stunt and that rescinding the order was returning local control. The later is hogwash because the power of the local agencies to mandate masks flows directly from Little’s proclamation. He enabled the various petty tyrants, many of them appointed and not elected, to enact these rules. Hardly “local control”, more like distributed tyranny.

It was unsurprising that Little’s lapdog AG’s office jumped to his defense. After all they constructed the house of legal cards that allowed Little to extend the state of “Extreme Emergency” indefinitely. This same AG refused to stand with other states calling for the SCOTUS to review the significant irregularities in the 2020 election.

Also unsurprising is that the democrats, media, and Boise swamp were quick to give Little an obsequious tongue bath. Save us Brad! We are so very afraid!

Every day it is becoming increasingly clear that the mask mandates and lock-downs have dubious worth. Scientific data shows the evolution of the virus was nearly identical in all states, and countries, regardless of the degree of lock-down.

What is known is that the lock-downs and mandates caused real harm to nearly everyone and, in some cases death. These injuries fall squarely on the shoulders of Little and his Extreme Emergency Proclamation. Unfortunately for him, any potential upside is not apparent. He cannot point to another non-lock-down state and say that their actions caused more harm, because they didn’t. He can’t point to solid data that proves the pain he inflicted on all Idahoans actually saved any lives.

For her part, McGeachin has been against the lock-downs and mandates since the beginning. Her position is that all workers are essential and that if gathering in Costco is okay then so should be gathering in a restaurant or church. She also recognized the fact that Idahoans are an independent bunch and if you really do want mask compliance then making a strong recommendation will be better than a mandate as many who would wear a mask given a choice will refuse to wear one if given an order.

So, knowing that Little would rescind her Executive Order upon returning, was the exercise worth it? Clearly the answer is a resounding “Yes”, for several reasons: it forced Little to once again bash Idahoans over the head with his power and reminding them that he is the headwater of the suffering they are experiencing; it illuminated the dubious worth of masks; it caused the democrats, media and swamp to exclaim their fealty to Little; and perhaps most significantly, it raised McGeachin’s brand and name recognition by an order of magnitude or more.

Voters are weary of talk. They want someone to DO something. McGeachin demonstrated that she will ACT on what she knows is best for Idahoans.

Janice McGeachin now has a national spotlight and the admiration of freedom loving Idahoans. The line is drawn and, despite a crowded field, she clearly has the best chance of unseating the “man on the second floor”.

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8 thoughts on “Op-Ed: Masking Politics

  1. Brent Regan this Op-Ed is well worded, Thank You!

    We can only hope that the Governor resigns immediately. This way Janice can immediately become our New Governor.

    If not, the House and Senate will indeed need to reconvene to shutter this man.

  2. Great points Brent, and spot on. Only I worry Ed Humphreys will split the vote giving edge to little who will get all the liberal, moderate votes along with bureaucrats and schools. We need Ed out.

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