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Op-Ed: Jim Jones hates IFF because we hate socialism

By • April 14, 2022

The following Press Release was sent out by Wayne Hoffman, President of the Idaho Freedom Foundation. Note: Press Releases sent out by organizations do not necessarily reflect the views and opinions of those at the Idaho Dispatch.

Idaho newspapers don’t run every column Jim Jones writes, but you can bet that if he writes about the Idaho Freedom Foundation, they will publish it — because they hate the IFF as much as Jones does.

Jones’ columns are full of the same lies that we’ve come to expect from him. Jones has started a new political action committee and is raising money for the express purpose of attacking my organization and its allies. He’s writing about the IFF almost weekly now, so our rebuttal is important.

A quick note: I don’t expect your local newspaper to carry this response, just as I have noticed that newspapers leave out that small detail I mentioned about Jones raising money to combat us. But here is my response to his statements:

Claim: The IFF “has worked hard to sabotage Idaho’s public schools.” False. Idaho’s government-run schools are doing a fantastic job sabotaging themselves by giving control to the labor unions and exposing students to leftist ideology. It’s also no secret that Idaho student test scores have remained flat and mediocre since long before IFF even existed. All we have done is point out the problem and recommend solutions, including universal school choice, which Jones has opposed.

Claim: The IFF tried to “prevent folks of modest means from getting medical care.” False again. The IFF opposed the expansion of the state Medicaid program that was originally intended for poor and disabled people. The expanded Medicaid includes able-bodied, childless adults regardless of income status. Their presence on the system not only takes the focus away from the program’s original intent, but also comes at a much higher cost than originally projected. What’s more, Medicaid itself represents a socialist regime that comes at the expense of families, churches, and nonprofit organizations that care more about a person’s health and wellbeing than a healthcare bureaucracy.

Claim: The IFF “stoke(s) up conflict over any number of non-existent issues just to score political points.” Double false. As I have said many times before, please go to our website and read the research that our team has worked on. It details the infiltration of critical social justice in our colleges, universities, and K-12 public schools. See example after example of the use of critical race theory and the hypersexualization of children in our own state. Despite having said this over and over, the media have done a disservice to their readers and viewers by ignoring the evidence in furtherance of the left’s agenda.

I’d much rather work on tax and monetary policies. I’d rather focus our energies on restoring constitutional principles and promoting liberty. But the indoctrination of our children is the single biggest problem facing America today, and it’s occurring in Idaho communities as it is in the public schools of more radically progressive places like Portland or Seattle.

Finally, Jones attacks several of my friends in his latest missive: Raul Labrador, Prsiclla Giddings, Dorothy Moon, Branden Durst, Janice McGeachin, Barbara Ehardt, Ron Nate, Bryan Smith, and Doyle Beck. Each of these men and women are people of principle and integrity. No one requires them to engage in the public sphere. They do so at great personal cost, attracting enemies and subjecting themselves to relentless vitriol and lies from leftists like Jones. They do so because we’re all invested in saving America from socialism.

Those are the real reasons Jones and his petty leftist allies hate us, and why you and I keep being subjected to his diatribes.

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7 thoughts on “Op-Ed: Jim Jones hates IFF because we hate socialism

  1. Many thanks to Wayne and others at IFF for all that you do to help maintain Idaho’s American values and bring light to the hard left dark money and people trying to change us. Many thanks to the Idaho Dispatch for publishing Wayne’s responses to attacks by Jim Jones and his buddies. I urge all of your readers to register to vote now ( and then vote on May 17th for true constitutional conservatives that will keep Idaho red.

  2. People need to read and understand about the poisonous lies and deliberate harm against the people of Idaho, perpetrated by Jim Jones and his sick PAC. But too many liberals (including RINOs) aren’t known to be open-minded to factual information and research results. More power and resounding success to the fine, hard-working folks at IFF, and their large and growing base of clear-thinking, rational supporters!

  3. Jim Jones is a cautionary tale. His hubris made him soar “too close to the sun.” Educated at very liberal institutions, University of Oregon and Northwestern University School of Law, he did serve in Vietnam as a Field Artillery officer and earned a Bronze Star in the process. Yet, years in the bubble of the Idaho Supreme Court, not to mention toxic chemical introduced into the body for cancer treatment, can change an individual’s ability to think critically. A sad end to an individual who started his career looking out for the “little guy”…or so he advertised.

  4. Just one thought as I scrolled this Op Ed. As I read down through the release I noted (as I have before) that one of Humphries big points is that he wants “CAP” property tax. We don’t need it “Capped”, we need to see it significantly reduced. We don’t need another ‘study’ or to think about it again. It is so full of swamp slime that even some of the creatures won’t go there. Some people are now paying more than 200% more in taxes than their land cost originally. DON’T CAP IT, CUT IT SUBSTANTIALLY. Just say no to Humphries.

  5. Jones represents the FIFTH COLUMN in Idaho Republican politics. These are the very same types that facilitated the encroachments of the CCP into the USA over the years. They allowed for our manufacturing jobs to be lost to the Pacific Rim. They helped dismantle our military. They all PRETEND to be conservatives…waiting for their orders to instantly turn on us by their handlers that really run the Idaho GOP. Just ask yourself what the whole point of Bohemian Grove in California is supposed to be. Ask yourself how many more like Denny Hastert there are in the ranks of the GOP nationwide. The Dems are unabashed communists, but the GOP harbors dark secrets that control them.

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