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Op-Ed: It Begins with Politician/Lobbyist Contact Tracing

By • March 27, 2022

The following Op-Ed was submitted by Joseph Gish. Note: Op-Eds do not necessarily reflect the views and opinions of those at the Idaho Dispatch. 

All the pieces of the “fascist globalist’s” vision of total population control are now falling into place in the United States, but could we as sovereign citizens engage in “political jujitsu” and use what is meant to control us to instead restore the power of the voter?  The pieces of this new system of total population control are the vaccine passport infrastructure, the corporate Environmental Social Governance (ESG) social credit system, and President Biden’s new national crypto currency.  Used together these three pieces of technology fused with regulation have the power to destroy our privacy and control every aspect our lives. However, every culturally transformative technology is a double edged sword. Perhaps voters can use this social credit system technology to control the politicians before they use it to control us?

During the COVID 19 pandemic, it was amazing to see how quickly smart-phone contact tracing apps lead to vaccine passport apps that regulated where citizens could go and how they engaged in commerce.  The stated goal was vaccine uptake coercion in the name of public health, but was this really simply a test run of an infrastructure to implement a Chinese style social credit system?  Will the vaccine passport infrastructure be used to expand the corporate ESG social credit system to individual citizens?  Is President Biden’s executive order to research a national crypto currency the last piece of this puzzle?  Will the implementation of a programmable national crypto currency be the social credit system’s enforcement mechanism that will control where we are allowed to go and what we are allowed to buy?  Like China, will our government place citizens on a “blacklist” that will cause all those who approach a blacklisted citizen to get a tone on their phone warning them not to interact with the “undesirable”.  This may seem like science fiction, but this technology is already in use in China, 10 US states have already implemented some form of a vaccine passport, and the SEC is currently implementing the corporate ESG social credit system.

The final piece of our government’s “panopticon prison” is a programmable national crypto currency that the Biden Administration is now researching.  This crypto currency will no doubt be linked to ESG scores and like vaccine passports, can be programmed to prohibit a citizen’s movements and purchasing of such things as of airline tickets, guns, restaurant meals etc.

Why not use this technology to place our elected politicians in the panopticon instead of the citizen?  After all, they work for us!  Like the system currently being implemented to enslave the citizen, the opposing blade on the double edged social credit system sword will have three parts:

1.     Politician/lobbyist contact tracing
2.     A “voter credit score” (VCS) system
3.     A programmable Washington DC crypto currency

Implementation begins with a politician/lobbyist contact tracing smart-phone app.  By law each politician and registered lobbyist must install contact tracing apps on their smart-phones.   The apps log when and how long the politician is in close proximity to a lobbyist, and that information is broadcast in real time to the politician’s voters via their voter smart-phone app.

The voter smart-phone app will give voters direct access to their representatives in Washington DC via blogs, politician/lobbyist contact tracing, politician crypto currency spending and a weekly vote that will determine politician’s VCS score.   This technology will make every politician continually accountable to their voters.

The politician’s total accountability to their voters is completed with the implementation of a Washington DC programmable crypto currency.  The crypto currency will allow voters to monitor what their politician buys as well as control what they buy while they are in Washington DC.  Imagine a politician that does not keep campaign promises.  The voters can simply lower their politician’s VCS score and prohibit them from spending money at DC restaurants and bars.  If the politician is spending too much time with lobbyists, the voters can “blacklist” their politician causing every lobbyist phone to emit a warning tone if they get too close.  If the politician has really outraged their voters, voters can program the politician’s crypto currency to only allow the purchase of a ticket back to their home state where they must deal with their unhappy voters face to face.  Perhaps the crypto currency can even be programmed to deny pay to all politicians and their staffs if the budget is not balanced each year.

This Op-Ed is intended to be an informative thought exercise, and a warning.  A social credit system is quietly being put in place under the guise of environmentalism and civil rights.  Know where your elected officials stand on this issue.  Perhaps send your elected representatives a copy of this Op-Ed as a warning.  If you don’t hold them accountable, like Obamacare, you will be forced into the system while Congress exempts themselves.

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6 thoughts on “Op-Ed: It Begins with Politician/Lobbyist Contact Tracing

  1. Mr Gish, It sounds like you are already part of the new world order the globalist are wanting and trying to shove down everyone’s throat. Maybe the politicians can get a back bone and listen to the voters and start changing the laws? How about politicians stop lie-ing to the people? When the politicians start doing their jobs and start working for the people who voted them into office instead of taking the lobbyist/ special interest along with federal money that has a strings attached, Then maybe ., just maybe…..things will start to get back to the way it used to be?

  2. The problem is that most of these people were not elected, they were installed with voting machines. Unless the machines are removed, which can probably only be done by force, very soon, this country is finished

  3. As in most every rule Congress makes, the people are to follow but the “officials” are exempt. I’m sure Big Tech would find an easy work-around for the tracking ability of those evildoers.

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