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Op-Ed: Is Anything Real Anymore?

By • April 21, 2022

The following Op-Ed was submitted by Ed Humphreys, a Republican candidate for governor. Note: Op-Eds do not necessarily reflect the views and opinions of those at the Idaho Dispatch.

Who needs debates in a time where 30-second advertisements funded by multinational corporations will suffice? Yes, it’s true, the Governor and Lt. Governor refused to participate in the debates. Three of us were invited by the Idaho Debate Commission to participate in the long-standing and cherished tradition. Unfortunately, both of my opponents retreated from the free exchange of ideas. This is a dangerous trend for Idaho.

If we allow candidates to avoid constituents and opponents, then the domination of giant corporations over government will be complete. We’re swamped by political theater manufactured by master manipulators. Nothing seems real anymore. There is a constant barrage of advertisements making candidates look competent and “Conservative” (without them ever defining that word). It’s just easier to do it that way. Special interest groups do not like preparing their chosen candidates for the debate stage because it’s one environment where candidates’ artificially polished image is at risk.

However, Idahoans deserve to witness the contest of ideas. It’s through that contest where ideas are improved. Competing visions give Idahoans a glimpse into what our future can be. It’s a time to aspire to greater heights. Sure, it’s also a time where we can look back on where we’ve been and openly discuss how we could have done better. Anyone who claims they are motivated for Idahoans best interest should celebrate that, not condemn it!

Sadly, we see how these elections have turned into nothing more than career politicians perpetuating their political careers. Idaho is at a fork in the road. The future of our state is a discussion worth having. I call on my opponents to consider the best interest of our state. If you care about Idaho, you should care about participating in the electoral process in a more meaningful way than only pushing 30-second ads funded by special interest groups.

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12 thoughts on “Op-Ed: Is Anything Real Anymore?

  1. Ed it may be time to throw your support to McGeachin, so that Little is done away with in the primary.
    You are needed in Idaho politics.
    Should a run be started to replace Risch in the next election cycle?

    1. I agree with ID7 wholeheartedly, Ed! Its unfortunate that there’s still a majority of clueless voters who will continue to check Little’s box on the ballot because they don’t realize how toxic he’s been for Idaho, but those who are wanting Little gone for good will only split those votes between you and McGeachin, and she will clearly pull ahead, mainly because she has the money and backing to move forward.

      Its also unfortunate that the splitting of votes between the three of you will only give Little the advantage, an advantage he’s fully counting on.

      As always, we have to vote, not for the right person, but for the lesser of two evils.

      1. OK, we’ll go with that: Let’s all help fund his move to Boise in order to become Boise’s next Mayor and return some sanity into this current complete political disaster of a city.

    2. No maybes about it. Mr. Ed needs to call it a day and get behind McGeachin. Yesterday is not too soon.

  2. Good call ID7…
    If Ed was really concerned about letting Rino Little run away with a split primary and then on to another term…he would throw support behind LTG. Obviously he doesn’t, so he won’t. Same thing happened last election with Labrador as we all remember… Humphreys is the new Alquist. Interesting how Ed came out of nowhere with some of the same major funding as Alquist received back then (SOS Sunshine)..Second time Little draws two other contenders for a split…Pretty convenient.
    Have to think here…CUI BONO?

  3. Mr. Humphreys – We’re at a point where you need to pull up your big boy pants, admit you can’t win, and get behind the only candidate that can defeat Little. If you don’t get behind McGeachin so we can send Little down the road, I will likely never vote for you in any capacity. Your political future may not be a future at all. That’s just the way it is. Do the right thing and gain the respect of us Republicans/Conservatives who NEED A WIN. Maybe you’ll have another opportunity to run for office in the not too distant future.

    1. Should have started with “With all due respect”. It does take courage, desire and a lot of hard work to run for office. I do respect and appreciate that.

  4. Well, I actually like Idaho seven’s remark. It you want to start, why not start by helping clean up Boise, it certainly needs it. I could support your effort.
    And as for debating about how things could have been done better- well, 20-20 hindsight’s been around for centuries. With our changing times it’s easy to look back at how things could have been solved better. So why debate it.
    There as a strong feeling that the only reason you’re in the race is to try to ensure that little gets in again. And that sure looks accurate…
    As cclem706 said; we have to vote for the lesser of two evils. But you’re not even close.
    It’s time for you to get and support Ms. M. Help dump Littlle. I’m going to.
    Just one more item directed at Little — why keep delaying until May 3rd to dump the mask mandate. It’s a blatantly obvious attempt to garner more votes, and something that should never been implemented in the first Place. N & S Dakota didn’t, and they did exceptionally well during the “ lockdown”. Political football, you play it well.

  5. RALLY THE VOTE! – May 4th, Meridian, Idaho – With James Lindsay, Michelle Malkin, Stew Peters, Arizona Sen. Wendy Rodgers, and Lt. Col. Matt Lohmeier.
    Check it out on Lt Governor McGeachin Facebook. If your interested check the box your going. I’m going!
    Humphrey join Janice and help her vote out Little. If you don’t then your there to
    help little n his demons .

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