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Op-Ed: IFF, the Bogeyman?

By • June 18, 2021

There are those that don’t want to be exposed for not being a true conservative. They keep trying to discredit the Idaho Freedom Foundation and those that receive high scores with them. I do not vote a certain way to receive high scores with the American Conservative Union or the Idaho Freedom Foundation. For those that truly know me, they absolutely know I am no one’s lackey. I have never been accused of that by anyone who truly knows me.

I didn’t even know the ACU scored legislators until they sent me an award saying that I had earned a 100% with them in 2019. IFF doesn’t give awards. These Democrats In Republican Positions (DIRPs) label us as “extremists” and “far-right.” The fact is that these DIRPs have moved further to the left and worship government at every facet, while government has been such a stumbling block for the people. We can thank the current hyperinflation problem on government, not COVID. Thus, government has only perpetuated a problem they created.

It just happens that I, the ACU and IFF align quite well. Therefore, I am going to receive great scores. These two entities and I believe in upholding the Constitution, less government and spending, less regulation, personal freedom, economic freedom, individual liberty, etc. Ya know, all the things in the Republican platform! Imagine that!

The ACU and IFF don’t even rate all the bills that should be rated, in my opinion. I still vote based on these same principles whether the bill is rated or not.

Those that accuse me of being IFF’s lackey are completely ignorant of my motives and it is easy to dismiss me that way. Not one of them have asked me why I vote the way I do, they make assumptions. It makes it easy for them to attack me on false pretenses. It is dishonest, weak and simply not very intelligent. IFF is attacked relentlessly because they expose legislators for how they vote.

Interestingly, not one of these attackers will attempt to explain why the ACU gives me nearly the same score based on nearly the same rating metrics as IFF’s. Not one of these attackers will engage me regarding the ACU. Why? Because it exposes their argument as complete rubbish. Legislators that have a bad score with IFF, have the same bad score with the ACU. “Well golly,” as Private Pyle always put it. I have challenged some of these individuals to call the ACU a far-right fringe organization, as well. Silence. Why not call them far-right? After all, they rate on nearly the same metrics as IFF. Then CPAC would be deemed a far-right gathering, by the same standards of these attackers. They better call Homeland Security! CPAC could be a terrorist gathering!

I am strong when it comes to supporting these principles of freedom; therefore, I will always receive outstanding scores with the ACU, IFF, Club for Economic Growth and other conservative organizations. I am out of patience with these DIRPs (Democrats in Republican Positions). They have attacked my colleagues and I long enough, because they are weak and do not adhere to their own party platform. They are exposed by the ACU and IFF, thus they lash out in frustration because they have lied about who they are; when they vote the opposite way of how they have campaigned or promised constituents. I watched Representative Gerald Raymond receive failing scores in the 50’s with IFF and the ACU for two legislative sessions. Then I watched him campaign as a constitutional conservative to retain his seat. Absurdity.

I don’t care if you consider me “far-right” or an “extremist” for simply adhering to these principles and the Republican Party platform. Our founders were considered “extremists” for fighting for personal liberty. I wear the label with pride, thank you DIRPs.

IFF and like-minded legislators certainly do not threaten the State of Idaho. How can we be a threat when we only want to support individual liberty and freedom? Since when is individual liberty a threat to anyone? That is completely manipulative and dishonest. We only pose a threat to the establishment or the good ol’ boy club who are terrified of losing their power and control. We only want to leave the power in the hands of the people. Sure sure, we are terrifying. I look forward to the continuous onslaught of ridiculous attacks.

-Representative Chad Christensen
District 32
Ammon, Idaho

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4 thoughts on “Op-Ed: IFF, the Bogeyman?

  1. You are Mainstream Idaho Chad Christensen, thank you for serving the People.
    As with this article, do keep us posted.
    Let us know how we can help.

    Regarding the “DIRPs”: Head em Up, Move em Out…..ASAP!

  2. It’s amazing how defensive these politicians are of a libertarian lobbyist organization. Perhaps there is some collusion with the IFF we are unaware of.
    Also, I find it sad that unless you agree 100% with the libertarian views of these candidates, they attack you with names and try to apply a litmus test to how conservative you are.

  3. Why does this publication give a politician a front page platform for a personal diatribe about being persecuted? That is not news and it is not objective journalism. Proper journalism would be to interview him and ask hard questions to educate the public.about why he voted as he did. Chad Christensen put forth a flurry of clearly unconstitutional bills and tried to impeach the Governor, while doing nothing for Idaho roads and infrastructure and voted against funding for schools, while Idaho ranks dead last in funding per pupil. His constituents are NOT happy. He is definitely an extremist. He is also a “proud member” (his description) of the OathKeepers, the anti-government militia, a large group of whom stormed the capital on January 6th and are under investigation for insurrection. Someone this anti-government has no business as a public servant in government IMHO.

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