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Op-Ed: Humphreys Calls for School Choice

By • September 12, 2021

Should we accept that our current system of education is the absolute best and most effective system of education?

We’ve grown addicted to the idea our children need to attend these large, institutionalized school systems. Many have parroted that our children need to receive a standardized education and ought to come out the other end in a uniform and consistent manner. Each and every one of them must conform to a set of preset standards and metrics.

Candidly, this all sounds more like an assembly line at a manufacturing plant than a school. Can any of us act surprised to hear about the many issues plaguing our children when we’ve promoted an education system that emphasizes conformity over curiosity?

Here is a powerful solution; empower parents to choose how and where their children are educated and let their tax dollars follow their children to the school of their choice; public, private, charter, or homeschool. If parents decide how their kids are to be educated, then Idaho will become a shining example of academic achievement.

It may surprise some to learn that kids are different from one another. Not all learn the same way. Not all were gifted with the same talents and strengths. Not all have the same support and parental guidance. So why do we feel they should all be educated the exact same way?

School-choice stimulates the free exchange of ideas rather than the subsidized exchange of pre-approved ideas. A free exchange of ideas fuels scientific achievement and encourages critical thinking.

I know many special interest groups who beat the drum of diversity based on skin color but pay no mind to diversity of thought, perspective, and worldview. If you have a group of people with all different skin colors but who all think the same way, then you have a worthless group. It was once said, “if everyone is thinking the same way then someone isn’t thinking.”

Alternatively, when groups are made up of individuals with differing mindsets and approaches then you have a team which can create immense value and personal growth. Stop standardizing and mechanizing our youth. Stop creating conformists who suck the color out of the world and leave us all feeling gray.

School-choice is the future for Idaho and for our children. The public education system should be supplemented with a robust network of free-thinking schools. It’s okay to think differently!

Ed Humphreys is a Republican gubernatorial candidate.

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7 thoughts on “Op-Ed: Humphreys Calls for School Choice

  1. There Ed goes — leading by taking credit for ideas had by better people years ago. There’s a reason why Ed can’t clear the statistical noise in any real polling data.

      1. What, can’t delete my comment? Lol

        I don’t think making 53 attachments to a flimsy Secretary of State complaint that went nowhere is “getting things done”.

        It should be a big red flag that he had his whole campaign team convinced he had Ada County “locked in” and couldn’t get past even Ammon Bundy in the polls.

        Ed’s past is coming back to bite him. Hard.

        There are ways forward with those ideas, and Ed is none of those.

      2. Hey Gus whoever you are,

        I want to know more about Ed. He did drugs at what age and how did he obtain them? Illegally? He worked in finance so when, how where and what credentials does he hold in that area. Did he work for a company or ??? Supposedly he got his hands dirty in the Midwest oil/gas fields but who did he work for?? Pretty face with a thin resume and lots of women around him. None of them know a thing about him.

  2. I agree with this idea, albeit a rehashed one. However, I would add this thought: How about taxes for schools, public or otherwise, being taken from those who are utilizing them…not those whose children are already grown and receive no further benefit from those same systems? Reminds me a great deal of charging sales tax on a used vehicle…

    Just my two cents worth…

  3. Exactly Ed. Thanks for the Op-Ed.

    This should be so simple, yet the communist school unions, various administrators and many timid/go alongs in the executive, judicial, the legislative branches have been holding these ideas back for years.

    We The People will fully back effort any strong effort to correct and free the education system up from this criminal bureaucracy on many levels.

    If you take this ball and run with it, the majority of citizens would strongly agree with those efforts.

    Best to you.

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