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Op-Ed: Here’s the Thing About Politics

By • October 25, 2022

When a person is deep in their party loyalty, they stop being deep in their loyalty to God or their fellow man.

Aaron VonEhlinger has been on my mind a lot lately and this is where I’m coming from.

Aaron is a good man. A solid conservative and a true fighter for our rights as citizens of this great state and this country. Aaron was one of the few men taking a stand and putting himself out there to do good and just things. He was very strong and had the ability to make great changes in our Capital. Then the left took him out.

You know and I know that he was set up, and he’s paying the price. He’s unable to speak now or to take a stand for our state. Locked up. He fell into that centuries old trap that men often fall into…a beautiful woman and sexual desire.

I don’t for one second believe that Aaron forced Jasmine to do anything sexual. I will never believe that because I am a woman who has been single my entire life (until two years ago). I know how men work in the world of single minglings and I know how women work too. Women know their power over men. Trust me. Beautiful women know.

So here comes the politically loyal people who put Aaron in his legislative seat. They put him there because he’s powerful with his voice. He’s brave with his voice and he was willing to go take the hits from Boise for those conservatives that just sit on the sidelines. Once Aaron was in trouble…. what did they do? Did they stand by him? Did they have his back? Or did they dump him like he no longer mattered and move on???

The answer is that they dumped him.

The former District 6 (Now 7) Republican Party turned their backs on their fellow Republican. Nobody spoke out for Aaron. Nobody publicly fought for him for the truth to be told, with the exception of Priscilla Giddings and she paid a big price for that.

She was bashed in the news and on social media and blasted as a horrible person for sharing a news link. She stood by Aaron. Publicly.

And this is how it works. This is how the left and the RINOs take over and control our state. Republicans care so much about public persona and give in so much to the left’s threats that basically they let them win. Republicans are so worried about looking ugly in public that they’re willing to turn their backs on their own people. Aaron and Jasmine’s interactions on that fateful day are only truly known to the two of them. The Republican party though has jumped on the liberal bandwagon when it comes to Aaron and have agreed that he’s a criminal rapist and needs to be locked up. Nobody supported him. Nobody had his back. It’s shameful really.

This is the same thing on a smaller scale that has happened with Rick and I. We make too much noise. We take stands where no one else is willing. The same as Aaron, but we’re not politicians… we’re not in a position to make the changes that need to be changed. Our political party doesn’t have our backs either. We aren’t popular within our own Nez Perce County Republican Party. Our party doesn’t do that. Our party doesn’t support party members that stand out and speak the truth.

I believe that they’re afraid to support Aaron because it will make them look bad. Plain and simple. And while looking bad is uncomfortable for some, I believe that’s not what’s taking place here. The Republican party thinks looking bad will make them lose votes. Supporting Aaron will make them lose votes because the liberal news outlets will say that they don’t support women… they support rape. It won’t be true, but the left will say it…loud and everywhere.
So Republicans keep quiet and talk privately about knowing that Aaron didn’t rape anyone. I’ve had conversations myself about him not being smart when it came to dating while he was in Boise. We’ve talked about how it’s not a good idea to send single men to do the political work in the Capital because of this exact thing. The left will do anything to stop a strong conservative, and they did. And it worked.

It hurts my heart to think of Aaron locked up with nobody speaking for him or supporting him. I can imagine it myself because I too am a loud voice against public corruption and organized crime. I too am not accepted by those wanting to make a perfect public image.

It’s the way politics works. They love you until you’re controversial. Then they don’t.

I only speak of red things because this has been my party of choice. This has been where I’ve always put my votes. I have no experience with blue things beyond what I’ve seen happen publically. I can only speak of what I’ve seen blue do.

The Hannah Liedkie debacle, the Lewiston SMART scam and this… the disregard of Aaron as a friend and a good strong conservative has made me see things clearer. It’s not about standing together because if it were a fallen soldier, would still be a fellow soldier. We wouldn’t give a damn about what they called us…we’d stand by our fellow soldier no matter.

You’re only allowed in if you’re going to sit down and be quiet.
You’re only allowed in if you follow the playbook.
You’re only allowed in if you don’t openly support people and things that the left calls BAD.

That. Is. How. They’re. Winning.

The left says Aaron is a rapist. The left says if you speak openly about him in a positive manner, then you are basically a rapist as well. A sexual deviant. A horrible person.

They won that one.

They’re winning because Republicans can’t handle being called names.

A party should stand with and support people and things even when liberals call names and poke fun and make news stories out of it all. Nobody stood by Aaron simply because liberals are mean to those who do. Go figure. That’s what is running our country and that’s what gets us taken over by the enemy.

I stand with VonEhlinger.

I stand with truth.

I stand with loyalty.

This post itself is taking a stand.

They’re winning because you don’t like to be called names. We’ve handed our country over to the enemy. Cancel culture is winning.

This Op-Ed was submitted by Ada Eldridge. Op-Eds do not necessarily reflect the views and opinions of those at the Idaho Dispatch.

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15 thoughts on “Op-Ed: Here’s the Thing About Politics

  1. Great article!! I stand by Aaron and have a vision that true justice will be served with his case in the near future. In the battle, things look darkest before the dawn. We are winning. It may not seem like it now, but there are millions of patriots that want a restoration of our constitutional republic! It’s happening, i see it in the main stream media(FrankSpeech TV, Right Side Broadcasting, One America News, etc.). Never before in my life of 67 years have i watched mainstream tv where they talk about the illegality of the federal reserve, constitutional law, illegality of health mandates, etc. It’s coming. We must keep the pressure on. Articles like this do just that. Thank you Ada for what you do!

  2. I stand by Aaron. The woke left can take a short walk off a long pier. Ditto for the RINO’s. Take a long hard look in the mirror, everyone else. See the log?

  3. Thank you, Ada! You and I definitely agree on how this all came about. Aaron definitely got set up. Nobody can convince me otherwise.
    On another note, I am not voting “party” this election. I’m researching and voting for the candidate that I feel will do the best for our state and country.
    Be blessed!

  4. Susie!
    I’m not voting “party” either.
    I’m voting for the candidates with the most integrity.
    Once a liar always a liar and undeserving of votes.

  5. Idaho’s Blue/Red Uniparty is definitely the problem that is destroying Idaho.
    Vote for the quality of the candidate not their party affiliation.

  6. The true double standard in morals on the left versus right really screams at us from this case: adultery versus pedo. A tough choice? Adultery requires two adults; pedo preys on children. Where the morals are, so are the ethics. Entrapment is obviously alive and well in this case. Too bad it’s ignored by the bought-and-paid-for media.

  7. I do believe that Aaron was set up. Pray for justice for him. Of note there were more than just Pricilla that stood for Aaron. I saw it at the capital. I believe that Pricilla was the target, Aaron was the tool they used. Losing both of them is a huge loss to Liberty.

    1. Thank you for clarifying.
      I’m up north, in VonEhlinger’s district. You would think his own district would’ve stood by him to some degree. Shameful how they just tossed him aside.
      They tried to get a Democrat to replace him too. I was deeply involved in stopping that from seeing fruition.
      We need to stand by each other no matter what words or labels the left throw at us.

    1. There are he-said she-said versions of that night.
      Facts that the left set him up?
      I’m from VonEhlingers district and this district voted on three names to send to the Governor to replace him. Through fraudulent voting they sent a Democrat’s name.
      I was deeply involved with stopping that person from staying on that list. Her name was removed and a republican central committee precinct Chairman was removed from her seat for the fraudulent vote counts.
      That Democrat now is the President of our city council after a city takeover to change the form of city government.
      This are the facts that I have lived.

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