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Op-Ed: GOP Celebrates Trump Convictions

By • June 5, 2024

Forget about Nikki Haley coming out of the woodwork at the Republican National Convention to rescue the party from a bad situation.

Donald Trump is doing fine with his 34 felony convictions, and Republicans couldn’t be happier. They are acting as if Trump were handed his ticket to a second term in the White House, courtesy of President Biden’s judicial department. Of course, there’s no evidence that Biden had anything to do with the New York City trial. But if Republicans say it enough, then people will start believing it.

In the meantime, the former president is heading into the July convention with momentum and galvanized support, with the word “conviction” becoming a drinking game of sorts. Say it 34 times and that brings in about $50 million to his campaign coffers.

Three of the four members of Idaho’s congressional delegation – Sens. Mike Crapo and Jim Risch and Congressman Mike Simpson – wasted little time making comments on social media. They blasted the judge, prosecutors and, yes, Biden’s justice department, for what they viewed as a disgusting spectacle. Historically, this was the first time that a former president received a felony conviction, let alone 34. To Republicans, it might as well be 34 Olympic gold medals.

Dave Leroy, a former Idaho attorney general and longtime politico, had plenty of thoughts about the convictions. What he saw during Trump’s trial was on the level of Keystone Cops, branding the exercise as a farce.

“The mighty has fallen, and I’m not just talking about the defendant (Trump), but the system has taken a mighty blow,” Leroy told me. “The convictions represent a national tragedy and makes the American judicial system a laughingstock. The people of the state of New York suffer greater injury from a single unprosecuted shoplifting case than they did from 34 business entries made seven years ago.”

The idea, Leroy says, was to prove that Trump was involved in election interference. In the end, it was the judge and prosecutors who were doing the interfering.

“They collectively devised this conviction against the leading presidential candidate five months before the November date on which the national leadership will be decided,” Leroy said. “The problem will not go away this week, or in July, but it will be a national scar for at least the next 24 months when these decisions wander through the New York appeals process and maybe to the U.S. Supreme Court.”

For now, put aside issues such as border control, the economy and national security. This election is about whether voters want a president who has 34 felony convictions, or if Trump was a victim in a scam trial. As Leroy sees it, that’s how prosecutors wanted it to play out.

“There can be no good result here for the American public, or for American democracy during this coming election cycle and well into the next presidential period,” he said. “Our system is not broken, but the weakness has been glaringly exposed.”

The next phase comes on July 11 when the judge imposes his sentence – and that’s four days before the start of the GOP convention. Leroy says the trial flaws likely will be exposed during the sentencing.

“There probably is, in the traditional sense, no appropriate sentence that the judge can render that does not further underscore the mockery of this case,” he said. “Technically, when somebody is convicted of 34 felonies, they are headed to a penal facility for a significant period of years. Anything less confirms this case is a farce and a mere exercise of politics.”

As grave as those 34 felony convictions seem, I can think of worse things Trump has done. My list starts with what Trump did, or didn’t do, during every waking moment on Jan. 6. A close second was his call to the Georgia secretary of state, demanding that he flip the election results in that state.

“Your premise is correct,” Leroy says, agreeing there are more serious matters to consider in relation to the former president. Yet, the cast that gets the national spotlight in the one that involves a former porn star.

Gov. Brad Little and others (including Trump) say the voters in this election will be the ultimate jury, and they’re probably right. It’s too bad that the campaign has degraded to court drama, opposed to the issues that people should really care about.

Chuck Malloy is a long-time Idaho journalist and columnist. He may be reached at

This Op-Ed was submitted by Chuck Malloy. Op-Eds do not necessarily reflect the views and opinions of those at the Idaho Dispatch.

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12 thoughts on “Op-Ed: GOP Celebrates Trump Convictions

  1. This democrat troll, if honest, would have titled his op-ed:

    I Celebrates Trump Convictions

    Yawn. Another predictable op-ed from this writer. It’s getting laughable at this point. More anti-conservative nonsense from this gaslighter and troll. I guess he enjoys “stirring things up”. Great job, your masters who taught you in “journalism school” (gaslighting school) to hate yourself and conservatives would be so proud. You’re doing a good job by their standards. This weekly slant would make MSNBC or CNN look “fair and balanced”.

    They teach them in the corrupt “journalist” (aka gas lighting schools/ globalist indoctrination centers) schools in the USA to be as obnoxious and out of touch from the “ordinary” people as possible. The brainwashing has paid off. Your corporate globalist masters would be so proud, as you’ve been trained to see and comment on things exactly as they aren’t.

    No here are some suggestions for your next “op-ed” (more gaslighting)

    1) an “op-ed” on the need to bus in more “migrants” (criminal invaders) to help the economy, or how law abiding the “migrants” are. Or how good for any country more “refugees” are and how they commit so little amount of crime. Remember, use sleight of hand to try to deceive. Remember your “journalist training”. Add some truth and then mix in the “misinformation” / half truths. (lies). It works every time.

    2) Or how about the “fact” the whole invasion is a “right wing conspiracy” and no one is even coming here. It’s all fear mongering. Nothing to see here. The photos of the border are all fake and no one is being bussed anywhere. Remember the second year of “journo school” where they taught if you ignore something long enough maybe the people (sheeple) will believe it doesn’t exist. Always remember what you learned. Make up the narrative long enough and they’ll believe us. And if that doesn’t work sound outraged, or say “our democracy (which we aren’t- more gaslighting) depends on xyz (some issue so we can get our way). Remember, the more of a victim you can become and the more outraged (“exploited”) the more chance you’ll have to “pull one over on the suckers”.

    3) Or maybe a piece on the J6 “insurrection” (with no guns and no violence other then J6ers getting shot and killed- nothing to see here) and a bunch of infiltrators there trying to get people “riled up” with little success. Remember the “journo” rule there- ignore that long enough and it will be as if it never happened, and if all else fails and the “narrative” is getting lost go with “right wing conspiracy theorist”, “white nationalist”, or “raycisss”. Remember, you’re the professional and they are the peasants. If you “enlighten” (gaslight) them long enough they’ll start believing you. Don’t forget your training. Always remember “there’s a sucker born every minute”.

    4) or how about a “piece” about all the peaceful democrat “protestors” (rioters) like blm and antifa. You can say how they’ve been “mostly peaceful” (only a few billion dollars worth of damage, and a few murders, but nothing to see there)… now let’s get back to the J6 “insurrection”. Stay on message. Remember, ignore what your eyes tell you and believe what the “professionals” are saying.

    It’s exciting, there are so many gaslighting options that you can enlighten us with during your next juicy “op-ed”. We can’t wait to see what’s coming next. My recommendation is a great piece on the bloody “insurrection” and how we almost lost our “democracy”, or something on how “fair minded” mitt Romney or liz Cheney are and how they’re helping to “save our democracy”. Remember, keep saying democracy and eventually they’ll believe we actually are a democracy.

    1. Excellent! Enjoyed reading it way more than chucky-boy’s rhetorical lies. Perhaps I enjoyed your piece more than chucky’s because its far more truthful than any of his previous garbage!

      Why do they keep posting this guy’s garbage? Its not like there’s any real truth to what he writes about, mostly just his and the libtards spin. This ain’t “news”, its a left-winged op-ed to annoy the folks here, plain and simple. And no, its not useful in any way, we here already know what the left wing nuts are thinking, we don’t need to be reminded of their delusional idiocracy.

    2. More leftist/Marxist anti-American “commentary”. All about what “Trump” supposedly did..crickets about what Obama IS doing to the United States with Biden as his puppet. We The People are sick of the DOJ/FBI being weaponized and used to try, convict and imprison Republicans on nonsensical and false “charges”. #Trump2024 or else America fails to Communism/Marxism/Socialism.

    3. Right!? A good phrase. NEOCONS. The old school war mongering, Russia, nation hating power brokers.

      The real issues. The absolute corruption of the old gaurd (GOP/DEMONCRAT UNI-PARTY) that have been allowed to govern against the people and for their own benefit for the last 35 years having a cow they are being reigned in, put in check and kicked out.

      To little to late but is sure is fun watching them all pitch a fit.

  2. Another fake GOP submission by a sad and disgusting flunkie for Globalism Inc. Trump severely threatens the corrupt and criminal operations of our government and its incestuous relationship with big business. They are all very afraid of a serious purging that is coming. This putz is one of them.


  3. If this were 1 or 5 charges that could be verified, maybe. But 34- at once? For the front-runner in a race to dethrone Jo, And if I read correctly, the judge told jury “it’s ok if you don’t understand the charges, just “…put a guilty on one….” lawyers and 10 others who swore to reelect Biden. And they tried.
    Trump and defenders did not even know the charges before trial… Such a keystone cops trial. Laughable, really if it weren’t so incredibly bad.
    I think the dims have rooms full of people sitting around saying:…how about ..:”this… do you think we could get him on this?”
    Dims are saying: …A felon. Convicted felon. Should we elect a convicted felon?
    We are saying a dirty party taking our country back to the never before-seen third world justice system. Should
    we leave a *president in office who orchastrated this then grinned because it was funny to him* in office. He grinned!
    In answer, NO. JOE MUST GO!
    Joe, it is NOT FUNNY! Our country is at stake.

    1. Wild Bill, Yes, Mittens did as did Lil Adam Kinsinger. Both are hateful RINO’s who fear the purge once President Trump is rightfully back in the WH.

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