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Op-Ed: Fulcher: Elect McCarthy, Move On With Business

By • January 5, 2023

Idaho Congressman Russ Fulcher is a member of the House Freedom Caucus, where some members of tha group are standing in the way of Rep. Kevin McCarthy’s quest for the House speaker’s position. Fulcher is not part of that effort; he strongly supports McCarthy and thinks his fellow Republicans should get on with the business at hand.

“This does not bode well for Republicans,” Fulcher told me. “It makes it look as though we are incapable of governing, and that’s not the impression we want to give.”

Fulcher is in a unique position. He’s a member of the freedom caucus and friends with some of the hardline conservatives who oppose McCarthy. He also has a favorable working relationship with McCarthy and the Republican leadership team. So, Fulcher has been working on both sides of the conference rooms to find a solution.

“And you can see how effective I’ve been,” Fulcher said sarcastically.

One positive for McCarthy is that he wants to be the House speaker.

“I don’t want it and I don’t know anyone else who does,” Fulcher said.

Rep. Jim Jordan of Ohio, a friend of Fulcher’s, has been mentioned as a possibility, but he also has made it clear that he doesn’t want to be speaker and has joined Fulcher in supporting McCarthy.

“Kevin McCarthy has more support than any single member (on the Republican side),” Fulcher says. “In terms of me, personally, I have not asked him for anything and I don’t plan to ask him for anything, but we have a good working relationship. I have never seen evidence, with me personally or anyone else I’ve worked closely with, where he has been unfair.”

But, for whatever the reason, some members do not want McCarthy as speaker. Fulcher says that some fellow Republicans are critical of McCarthy and Senate GOP Leader Mitch McConnell for working with Democrats to allow massive omnibus spending bills on the floors. Others are concerned about how McCarthy has spent money in primary races – funneling money to some of the wrong places. More than likely, Republicans would not be holding a majority in the House without McCarthy’s fund-raising help.

“The guy raised a half a billion dollars in this last cycle,” Fulcher said. “He’s a money-raising machine.”

Fulcher is not surprised with the political logjam. It has been a focus for him since the midterms. The first battle was over House rules and Republicans have made progress in that area.

“That’s something that needed to happen,” Fulcher said. “(Nancy) Pelosi, with the help of her conference, put a lot of control – inordinate control – in the speaker’s gavel. It included giving no notice for major bills and other things that sway the power to the speaker and away from individual members. The rules package that we’ve tentatively agreed upon, and if we ever can get a vote on it, is very good.”

The second part of the negotiations – plum committee assignments for obstructionists – is more sticky. McCarthy has said “no” to some of those demands, and Fulcher sides with the GOP leader’s call.

“Basically, the rules changes have been satisfied and the committee assignments have not,” Fulcher said. “My thought is that we should take our victory on the rules, then win on the second part – which is governing.”

Breaking the logjam can’t happen soon enough for Fulcher. He said there could be dire consequences if the stalemate continues through Jan. 13.

“As we understand it, if the House is not organized by Jan. 13, there is no authority to process payroll for members or staff (of 435 offices),” Fulcher said. “That’s the next point I’m going to make. If you keep messing around with this, get ready to have a conversation with your staff – Sorry about the January pay, or the February pay.”

In any case, this was not the kind of “progress” Fulcher and other Republicans had in mind when they gained control in the House of Representatives.

This Op-Ed was submitted by Chuck Malloy. Op-Eds do not necessarily reflect the views and opinions of those at the Idaho Dispatch.

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33 thoughts on “Op-Ed: Fulcher: Elect McCarthy, Move On With Business

  1. Very disappointed in Fulcher’s support of McCarthy. Idahoans are not impressed by the fact that he is a “money-raising machine.” Meaning CCP front organizations like Sequoia Capital… does anyone really believe his allegiance will be to the American people? This RINO swamp creature needs to go. Get in line with the Freedom Caucus, Rep Fulcher. Trump for Speaker of the House!

  2. These are the “dire consequences”?

    “As we understand it, if the House is not organized by Jan. 13, there is no authority to process payroll for members or staff (of 435 offices).”?

    Sorry, not sorry. Everyday Americans have watched the likes of McCartney destroy our country for too long.

    1. We just witnesses the incumbents being again reelected last November. Either the elections are corrupt or the voters are idiots,

  3. Fulcher is rapidly destroying his political capital in District 1. Nobody likes McCarthy and most are puzzled by Fulcher’s continuing votes for the biggest swamp rat in the house. Up until now i have been a strong Fulcher supporter but I am reevaluating . His explanations so far sound much more like a RINO than a conservative.

    1. Better think twice. Fulcher is the best representative in the entire state. Initially I opposed McCarthy until I learned that his capitulations were to the strong conservative republicans that have been elected. He makes us stronger with those changes.

  4. McCarthy, the Globalist, is being controlled by bad actors on the international stage. Among their many demands of him is that he raise the Debt Ceiling in order to further destroy the USA.
    Simpson and Fulcher are not protecting The People of Idaho.
    Are Simpson and Fulcher also being compromised and/or threatened into submission???
    We congratulate the 21 Representatives that are standing strong for our freedoms, the true Patriots we appreciate and need.

    1. We’ve lost a few more out of the 21 and sadly Fulcher was never in to start. He has no Clue how late in the hour things are, just another sellout in a dying Empire, Hail Caeser! Ammon Bundy and a final Stand in Idaho is about the last ‘political’ scenario that has any worth, let the DC Romans rot in hell.

    2. The more I learn, the more I’m inclined to agree with you. My very initial thoughts were that he’s a California democrat with an “R” behind his name. I still believe that.

    3. Fulcher is a principled pragmatist, and knows that McCarthy is merely the least obnoxious of a poor lot.

  5. “Whenever you find yourself on the side of the majority, it is time to pause and reflect”.–Mark Twain

    Sometimes a mess has to be made, in order to clean one up…

    Kudos to these 20 individuals for doing what is right, not what is easy. These important votes are not mere ceremonial pomp, as some may have you believe, where the establishment and medias chosen, favorite, obedient houseboy, gets picked. This vote will determine how leadership will respect the voices of the 20 courageous patriots in the minority, as a REPUBLIC was meant to do. I say hold out until as long as it takes for them to either get A: a new speaker, or B: guarantees that if the chosen one gets 218 and does not follow through with promises, then it’s easier to oust said chosen one. In addition, getting a term limit vote, balanced budget amendment to the floor would be amazing.

    Why wouldn’t McCarthy and his minions not want that? (sarc)

    Disappointed in Fulcher.

  6. McCarthy keeps losing votes. Fulcher needs to convince him to drop out or accept the terms the Freedom Caucus is asking for. They aren’t going to vote for him. Find another candidate who can stand up and directly challenge KM and help whip votes to end this stalemate.

    1. Apparently, Freedom, Liberty and PRINCIPLE aren’t as important to Russ as being ‘ a money-raising machine.’ Which is why a hundred years from now Ron Paul’s name will still be spoken and Russ will be a long forgotten RINO buried in the pond scum of the swamp.

  7. “But, for whatever the reason, some members do not want McCarthy as speaker.” ?!?!?!?!?!

    You can’t be serious!

    McCarthy voted for (per libertyscore):
    – same sex marriage
    – vax mandates for military
    – $100B for Ukraine
    – to use Medicare to fund USPS
    – drafting of women
    – J6 committee
    – DC as the 51st state
    – amnesty for DACA

    McCarthy and Republicans in Congress like him are sort of like the person who is just making the ride a little more comfortable by offering to roll up the windows as the car continues in free fall after going over the cliff.

  8. Please ask Congressman Fulcher to list the positives of why he supports Speaker McCarthy so that we constituents can see where he is coming from.
    It’s not fair too support McCarthy without telling us why when the speaker is so controversial. Also, tell us why no other Congressman wants the job. Also, explain why raising money is so important when one man can then support only those candidates that follow him. Isn’ t that a road to corruption?

  9. The Mexican drug cartels would be a better option than the politician thieves we have destroying this state..

  10. McCarthy is a World Economic Forum puppet, just like so many Democrats are. At this point, what is the difference in the two parties? They are both forcing us towards globalism and techno-feudalism.

    Thanks to all of the Republicans who stood up to McCarthy.

  11. “More than likely, Republicans would not be holding a majority in the House without McCarthy’s fund-raising help.”

    BS. McCarthy and Senate Repub Leader McConnell pulled money from several conservatives’ races. They would have a BIGGER majority in the House and a majority in the Senate if it were NOT for these two wind-bags.

    “The first battle was over House rules…”

    And the “obstructionists” were calling for a 72-hour waiting period before a bill could be sent for a vote. No more Pelosi-style “We have to pass the bill to see what’s in it” nonsense. Who exactly is opposed to this? Surprisingly, most Republicans! And remember, McCarthy has supported Pelosi in these efforts!

    “The second part of the negotiations – plum committee assignments for obstructionists – is more sticky.”

    I would suggest the author actually do his homework. The problem is that the House has made it so that all spending bills have to go through the Rules Committee rather than the Finance committee. Conservatives were asking for seats on the Rules Committee so they could scuttle these obscene “omnibus” bills which are killing our country’s economy.

    Seriously. Fulcher should have been one of the people OPPOSING McCarthy – not stumping for him.

  12. I called Fulcher’s DC office the day before the final vote and told his recording line(seems no one answers the phone anymore!), my wife and I have supported Fulcher since he was a Idaho state rep. However, if he votes for McCarthy, No More. We are endlessly tired of voting for the least of the bad!! In my 73 years I cannot remember the last time the republicans held the line against the demon-rats, they always cave! I’m through. We will see how this McCarthy thing plays out. Either Trump is right or since he now owns it, we will see if his very poor judgement of choices fails again.

  13. Isn’t it funny, when it comes to elections, everyone has an opinion? What I find humorous is that in many I speak with about correcting our government, they say the federal government is beyond help and not worth fixing so their solution is “all local,” That is with the exception of elections. It’s like our duty as Americans is to pay attention to elections and then go back to sleep and when bad things happen at any level we cry because deep inside we didn’t do what we were supposed to or we just, for the sake of moving on, we vote whichever way to remove the log jam like somehow it is bad for the people. This honestly tells me more than I need to know about why we are having so many issues. I love Russ. I believe he is a good person but because he may be doesn’t make him always make good decisions. Our job is to help him, which is why he is called a “representative” in that he represents or stands in proxy for you. I feel he is genuine and there are others, but the electorate seems to believe that the extent of what they need to do is vote, wave goodbye and expect the man/woman elected to “do the right thing?” What exactly is that when good people are elected, and they get no support or education to help them make the right choices? The whole issue of accountability is at all levels of government, it is a non-stop commitment that begins far before anyone is even elected and should continue through the time they are elected. I have learned that I was good at telling people what they did wrong but never bothered to commend them when they made good choices. How would it be if you had a child and only scolded them without praising them. If McCarthy is or has made bad choices and has no answers for why he did it or had shady connections, I don’t care who voted for him, he is unworthy of the speakers position and trusting someone that supports someone else because they are colleagues or friends is dangerous as well. I read once that our Founders stated we have the government we deserve. It is so clear to see now, at least for me. Can you see it?

  14. Sadly Russ played this the same way all of our Idaho Federal representatives and senators do, and that is straight up RINO globalist followers of perceived power. They talk and vote like real conservatives only when it does not matter.

    Truely disappointing.

  15. Did y’all know that McCarthy is a member of the WEF?
    Look it up, folks.
    The RINOs are working with the demonrats to take down America,
    and we’re discussing every shiny object their useful-idiots are swinging
    before our eyes. Wake up, Idaho.

  16. Glad to see all the comments. It would be great to have like and dislike buttons for the comments.
    15 tries.
    Brought concessions – so hold him to it.
    America is still flying her flag upside down after the J6 debacle and election stolen from the American people. We will have to endure much pain now because of our indifference during the fleecings and the hoaxes in order to get our flag flying proud again. We are a ship being led by handlers… Nuremberg needs to be an example that is meticulously followed in this hour, this will ensure that history will never repeat itself again. The alternative is to continue to do nothing and hand it all over to the NWO Agenda 2030 demons.

  17. It seems unanimous from this forum that Russ F. is supporting the wrong guy. Everyone is opposed to McCarthy. Did everyone here contact Russ to ask him to not support McCarthy? He pushes on despite the noise from the peasants. No, Russ Fulcher has shown his true loyalties, and it is not to his constituents. As McCarthy is an official WEF lackey, his loyalties are not to America first but to the globalist agenda. Russ was promised an important seat in the agriculture committee so at least this whore didn’t sell for cheap.

  18. Kevin McCarthy is a member of the World Economic Forum, a globalist institution with the goal of destroying the nation state and replacing it with a New World Order global governance. Food production, energy, health freedom, travel freedom, and private property are all under threat by these globalists. Since Russ Fulcher supports the NWO surrogates destroying the USA and plunging us into perpetual wars, I no longer believe Republicans work for WE THE PEOPLE (especially he failures in CA) and their lies are too numerous to list. Until the People remove ALL incumbents from office in mass, we are going to continue down a path to ruin, and Russ Fulcher is not an activist for Idahoans so part of the problem. Don’t be another Mike Simpson, make a name for yourself, do something bold for the People, and move on to private life; that is a real political act.

  19. I am so glad to see so many comments on Fulcher and his support of McCarthy. I did contact his office and let it be known that support of McCarthy was NOT what I, a constituent, wanted. I reminded him that my husband and I met him years ago when he ran for Rep and how back then he professed full support of the Constitution and limited government. I can look back now and see that he is a corporatist — probably always has been. He is on the wrong side of LIBERTY. I have always been an encourager of my Reps and Senators when they do good things and have kept in touch about issues, but over the last several years I’ve watched Fulcher’s voting and it has not been as Constitutional as I would like. I am so disappointed. The D.C. money and power gig is apparently difficult to overcome.

  20. Sorry Chuckee, but Trump and Gaetz et al orchestrated the perfect assault on the Rules Vault that the UniParty has been locking away our freedoms for decades. Now we can get along with the business that’s not the same “business” you think.
    RINOs got punked by a Kayfabe production that would make a WEF writers’ guild proud.


  21. So far Fulcher’s voting record has been solid compared to all our other ID reps; however, we know the house leadership debate resulted in some positive rule changes/action items so it’s clear his judgment failed him this time. Let’s hope he learned a lesson and that the establishment has not finally got to him as well. It is a disheartening that the majority of reps had to be pressured to take action on the important priorities finally agreed upon. Had Fulcher got his way one wonders what naming of a post office would they would be working on right now…disappointed Idahoian.

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