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Op-Ed: Former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin Set to Speak Against Ranked-Choice Voting in Idaho Falls

By • August 13, 2023

Get ready for an electrifying event that’s bound to shake up the Idaho political landscape. The Idaho Republican Party is excited as we prepare to welcome the charismatic former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin to Idaho Falls on August 19th! A powerhouse in conservative politics, Palin’s visit promises to ignite discussions that touch the very heart of Idaho Republicans. One of the hot topics she’s set to address is ranked-choice voting, a contentious issue that brings confusion wherever implemented and decreases voter turnout.

Sarah Palin has a personal experience with the many pitfalls of ranked-choice voting. In a closely contested election, Palin fell victim to the complexities of ranked-choice voting, which contributed to an outcome that seemed out of sync with the electorate’s true preferences. Palin’s firsthand account of how ranked-choice voting impacted her election will serve as a powerful reminder why Idaho should steer clear of this dangerous election scheme. Attendees will have the opportunity to hear a real-life example of the impact ranked-choice voting had on a prominent political figure.

Ranked-choice voting, while touted by the Left as a solution to enhance elections, is actually a confusing and chaotic reform being pushed by liberal activists to fundamentally change our elections. Instead of the straightforward act of selecting a single candidate, ranked-choice voting demands that voters rank candidates in order of preference, conjuring a convoluted dance of preferences that can easily lead to unintended outcomes.

The political atmosphere in Idaho is charged with a sense of urgency surrounding this latest hot-button topic. Despite the Idaho legislature passing a law that prohibits the use of ranked-choice voting, Idaho has become a battleground for this issue. Debates have sparked across Idaho media with the recent proposal of an initiative that would institute ranked-choice voting in Idaho, pushed by Democrats and leftist group Reclaim Idaho. Citizens are grappling with the potential ramifications of adopting such a system, and Palin’s visit couldn’t come at a better time. She can give a comprehensive understanding of the implications of ranked-choice voting, enabling voters to make informed decisions about the future of Idaho’s electoral process.

For over 240 years, the United States has thrived on the foundational principle of one person, one vote, a concept that has effectively guided our Republic. The attempt to introduce ranked-choice voting, an ill-advised and complicated election plot that confuses voters and has the potential to dilute the significance of a single vote, could result in outcomes that don’t accurately represent the will of the People. The voice of the people must remain clear and unambiguous.

So, mark your calendars and get ready to come hear the one and only Sarah Palin. Don’t miss your chance to be a part of this momentous occasion! Join us at the Melaleuca Conference and Event Center on Saturday, August 19th at 6:30pm. Be sure to purchase your tickets soon at

5 thoughts on “Op-Ed: Former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin Set to Speak Against Ranked-Choice Voting in Idaho Falls

  1. So-called “ranked choice voting” isn’t really voting at all. Why? Because voters can’t simply choose _one_ person to vote for, they have to specify three. That means that if there are three candidates, say one conservative, one progressive, and one libertarian, you don’t have a choice NOT to mark a vote for the progressive. It gives them points they never should have had in the first place.

    Palin has first-hand experience with ranked-choice voting and that is what allowed Lisa Murkowski to win her Senate seat even after losing in the primaries.

    Idaho needs to put a firm foot down and say NO to ranked-choice voting.

  2. I’d like to know how to help defeat the initiative to bring ranked-choice voting to Idaho. And I’d also like to hear what the legislature is doing to end the ballot initiative in Idaho.

    1. We are a representative republic “if we can keep it”, our elected representatives are the legislators.The ballot initiative is a tool for mob rule which is democracy’s method and it will be our downfall. It needs to be challenged as unconstitutional. Sadly our citizens don’t know this and would be unwilling to give it up. Legislators would be accused of a power grab.

  3. If you like voting for Democrat vs. Democrat… (CA), or

    If you like voting for Republican 1 or Republican 2 only to watch a RINO (Alaska – Murkowski) or a Democrat (Palin’s “loss”) take the election…

    then go for it… ranked choice is what you’re looking for. There are all sorts of examples of this scam in practice to know EXACTLY where it leads. I pray to God Idahoans aren’t that blind and stupid.

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