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Op-Ed: Ed Humphreys Presents Bill to Prohibit Teaching of Critical Race Theory

By • April 4, 2021

Have you ever stopped and wondered, “is the world losing its mind or have I lost mine and don’t realize it yet?” Just the other day I was catching up with a friend and he shared with me a surprising experience. He said his daughter is attending law school and one of her professors has been rabidly vocal about how our justice system needs to be reformed to judge individuals on their skin color rather than their crimes. Wherever we look now it seems as if nothing makes sense anymore. What is up is now considered down and what is wrong is now considered right. It usually makes folks ask, “what in the world is going on?”

One possible explanation; a tiny portion of the population wakes up each morning, gets out of bed, and looks out the window to see a land they hate. You’ve probably heard their reasoning (though it’s difficult to see much reason in it). Many of them express contempt for our communities and country because they believe they were victimized at some point. You see, in the mind of a socialist it is up to us to improve their lot in life. Their work becomes forcing us to work to improve their life.

If critical thinking and delaying gratification are skills you find too difficult to cultivate, you can always resort to making a ton of noise to get your way. My 3-year-old son is still cultivating these skills and will be learning it for many years to come (let’s hope potty-training goes quicker). So, when he identifies some “injustice” being carried out in our home then he makes a LOT of noise. To a toddler, there is no greater injustice than being denied ice cream for breakfast. Tyranny is alive and well here in Eagle, Idaho.

Sadly, some of our fellow citizens never outgrew stomping and screaming. And the result is America suffering through a modern-day socialist crusade. Today’s socialists dropped the hammer and sickle and picked up race-baiting and rabies. It’s not uncommon on the nightly news to see someone foaming from the mouth and losing their mind about some common incident which is now ‘racist.’ Soon enough you’ll open the dictionary to see a new definition for racism. It’ll probably have a long list of “micro-aggressions” and a picture of the American flag.

There is no way I will send my son to a school which seeks to teach him “Critical Race Theory” (referred to hereafter by its actual definition: racism). Like many of you, I pay my taxes to fund schools which are slowly but methodically introducing racism. So, instead of stomping and screaming I presented a bill in the Idaho House Education Committee to prohibit “teaching or encouraging students to adopt a racist or sexist concept.” I assumed the social justice warriors would send me a participation trophy for my work toward anti-racism.

Unsurprisingly, the media is distorting the whole thing. They read the bill, set it down, and immediately began foaming from the mouth. Apparently when you have this new type of political rabies, reading is hard. Instead of seeing the bill as prohibiting teaching students to adopt racism, they saw a prohibition on teaching itself. I’m unsure if it’s because socialists don’t know you can teach about racism without encouraging racism, or if it is because they have a dark political agenda. But I can promise you that I want my children to learn about WWII, slavery, and women’s suffrage.

Let me answer the initial question. We haven’t lost our minds; we are just test-subjects for a media campaign to destroy America. I’m proud to stand for the flag, for our country, and for our children. I pray you will do the same. It’s time to stand up and speak out.


Ed Humphreys

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16 thoughts on “Op-Ed: Ed Humphreys Presents Bill to Prohibit Teaching of Critical Race Theory

  1. Thank you thank you thank you. I hope the bill passes. I left the college I worked for because of the indoctrination of CRT, where we were being told we need to stop being ‘so white’. The attack on whites in institutions and universities has hit an insufferable peak. I don’t know why anyone would think being racist against whites ‘fixes’ other race issues, it is beyond idiotic.

    Robin DiAngelo (a white woman) is the author of this nonsense. Evergreen College was destroyed over it, but somehow, that just made other colleges want to adopt it. Insanity on steroids.

  2. What is the Bill #? I would love to support! Thank you for standing up & speaking up. The socialist are in lockstep & we must be diligent as well.

    1. It RS28866. It doesn’t have a number yet since they didn’t assign it before they left. But please write them anyway. You can refer to it by the RS or just call it the CRT Prohibition bill. By now, with all of us writing they all know hat it is.

  3. You know, for a second there I thought somehow I typed up this article and submitted it to ID Dispatch while sleep-typing or something! This is EXACTLY what I’ve been saying for several years now, the leftist, socialistic behavior is akin to a 3-year old’s temper tantrums!

    I truly hope your bill is passed, but I will not hold my breath. This common sense bill is the exact opposite of what liberals want to see in “their” school system.

    Once again, let’s all just remove the negative things that happened in the world because it fosters racism! What a stupid, ignorant idea from those that think this will fix the world of racism!

    Like a 3-year old child, we should learn from our mistakes from the past so we do not make them again. Unfortunately, our new society seems to think if you just erase all that stuff, everyone will be better off and racism will end overnight!

    Ignorance is bliss, I guess….

  4. Thank you for this information, please, share the bill number so that we may write our senators and representatives about this bill. Thank you!

    1. Sorry I just saw the RS# in the above comments! I’m sharing your article link and bill information and asking for others to get involved and will also be writing my representatives!

  5. Is there some reason you can’t mention the instructor’s name?

    People need to be aware of who to avoid.

  6. You Know the media is really behind the shame on us for not encouraging their controlling of the country. Almost all commercials on major stations are mostly Black people. The white % has been erased to force us into skin color equality. I do not judge on skin color but on attitude. I do not like to be blackmailed. I believe in equal rights. Not had-outs. Idaho needs people to use common sense.

  7. This is sad. It could have been possible to actually clarify your intentions with the bill and garner support from both sides, but instead, you’ve gone to dehumanizing absurdity. “Rabies”? “Socialists”? The people you disagree with are not rabid animals, nor extremists. You make it seem as if you’re calling out what’s wrong with this country, but fail to realize that you’re actively exemplifying exactly what you’re speaking out against.

  8. Mr. Humphreys, I hope you see this.

    Why did our legislators kill the bill? They said there were changes. What were the changes?

  9. The ignorance of this man is astounding!! Racism does exist in this country, you can wish it away. It IS a part of our nations history and we should teach it so it doesn’t happen anymore. I’m sorry if that reality is a tough pill to swallow but why are you scared of truth?

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